B.sc Nursing 2nd Year Sociology Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc nursing 2nd year sociology important questions are being given for 2024. 

Write these questions in sequence in your notebook and prepare accurate answers to them. 

Some of these questions may be asked in the upcoming BSc nursing sociology question paper. 

It is not that only similar questions will be asked, they can also be asked in a twisted manner. 

Therefore, your preparation should be such that you can understand and answer those twisted questions. 

It has been seen many times that questions are taken from previous question papers also. 

Therefore, prepare well for these and score good marks in the examination. 

You can use your textbook or advanced sociology book to write accurate answers to the BSc nursing sociology important questions given here. 

If there are still any problems then contact your professor and get them resolved. 

Ensure that your concepts are clear on this topic and write the answers to these questions in your own words. 

With this, you can easily remember the answers of b.sc nursing 2nd year sociology question paper given below and they will remain in your mind for a long time. 

All the questions of this set given here have been selected based on the BSc Nursing Sociology previous year question paper. So that students can help in understanding the pattern of questions. 

On receiving the question paper in the examination hall, first of all, check the entire question paper. 

In case of any error, contact the invigilator and get the problem resolved. 

Answer the questions as per the instructions given on the first page of the question paper.

Use only as many words as have been asked to write the answers. 

This will save you time. 

Let us solve the questions given here.

Important Questions Of Sociology In Nursing

Sociology Important Questions For B.sc Nursing 2nd Year

  • Explain the difference between society and community.
  • "Culture plays an important role in an individual's health". Discuss.
  • Explain family as a basic unit of society.
  • Describe the process of socialization.
  • Explain the role of family in health and disease. 
  • Explain culture and describe the influence of culture on health and disease. 
  • Describe the nature and scope of sociology.
  • Describe the institution of family and marriage in India.
  • Discuss the health effects of alcoholism.
  • Discuss the functions of the family in detail.
  • Explain the role of family on an individual's health.
  • Explain the Malthusian theory of population. 
  • Discuss the salient features of an Indian village.
  • Write down in short-marriage Acts in India.
  • Explain the meaning and types of social systems.
  • Classify social groups.
  • Explain the class system.
  • Distinguish between cooperation and competition.
  • What do you mean by cooperation competition and conflict?. 
  • What do you mean by social mobility?.
  • Explain social welfare performance in India.
  • Describe the trans culture society.
  • What is meant by de-addiction? 
  • Discuss the availability of health facilities in rural areas in detail.
  • Define 'Caste'. Explain the influence of the caste system on health and health practices.
  • Describe the role of the nurse as a change agent.
  • Write down a short note on the panchayat system.
  • Write briefly on the following:- (a) Cultural lag (b) Personal disorganization (c) Child labour (d) HIV/AIDS (e) Role of nurses in social control (f) Rights of women.
  • Distinguish between Primary groups and Secondary groups.
  • Explain the theories of social change.
  • Describe the remedial measures to tackle social problems.
  • Describe the role of a woman in the traditional and modern family.
  • What is social control? Mention the types of social control?.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Cooperation and Co-ordination (b) Conditions of Marriage (c) Fraternal polyandry (d) Vertical mobility (e) Who has given the theory "Circulation of Elites"? (f) Ascribed status.
  • Write briefly on the following:- (a) Process of socialization (b) Write any four differences between rural and urban communities (c) Impact of population explosion in India (d) Discuss ill effects of illiteracy (e) Write a short note on child abuse (f) Causes and remedies of prostitution.
  • Explain the advantages of a joint family.
  • Write any two specific beliefs of Indian culture that have beneficial health effects. 
  • Discuss accommodations as a social process.
  • What is Social Isolation, enlist the causes of social isolation and discuss the role of a nurse in the social rehabilitation of a person suffering from Leprosy.
  • What is Medical Sociology?.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Ill effects of Slum (b) Poverty (c) Importance of education of girl child (d) Contribution of August Comte to the development of Sociology (e) Social Stratification (f) Care of Geriatric Population.
  • What is a Clan?.
  • Explain Juvenile Delinquency. Describe the factors causing Juvenile Delinquency & explain the remedial measures for prevention.
  • Mention the types of childhood.
  • Define the social problems and explain the types of social problems. Explain the factors causing social problems.

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