B.sc Nursing 1st Year Computers Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc nursing 1st year computers important questions are given for 2024. 

By writing these questions in your notebook and preparing their answers, you can score good marks in the upcoming examination. 

These questions have been selected based on a previous BSc nursing 1st year computer paper. 

Many questions from the set given below have been asked in the exam question paper in the past and are being asked again and again. 

Therefore take these questions seriously. 

You can also use an advanced computer book for accurate answers to these questions on the computer question paper. 

You have to keep in mind that the answers to these questions should be to the point. 

Before writing the answers to the questions in the examination hall, it is necessary to follow the guidelines given in the question. 

With this, you will be able to give equal time to all the questions. 

In the examination hall, write those questions which you know well to answer first. 

This will increase your confidence level. 

All questions are compulsory. 

Draw diagrams wherever necessary for the questions. 

The questions given below have been prepared based on nursing 1st year computer previous year questions so that you do not face any problem in understanding the pattern of questions. 

Try to write the answers to all the questions given here in your own words, so that you can remember them easily. 

If the questions given here are completely different from your syllabus, then you can also use it as a BSc nursing 1st year computer sample paper or model paper. 

This is suitable for your practice and will help you a lot in understanding the questions. 

Let us solve them.

Computer Questions For Nurses

Introduction To Computer Questions Of B.sc Nursing 1st Year

  • Explain the various uses of Computers?.
  • What is the Role of E-Commerce?
  • What is meant by Multi-Media?.
  • Describe the Application of Computers in Nursing?.
  • What is meant by PACS?
  • What is the difference between primary and secondary storage memory?.
  • What is meant by telemedicine?
  • What do you understand by Hospital Management System?.
  • Which program is used to access the internet?
  • Describe the following terms:- (a) Hard Disk (b) C.D.
  • Write the full form of the PDF?.
  • Write down the Salient Features of the Hospital Management System?.
  • What is the role of Antivirus software in computers?.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Web Browsers (b) Uses of E-mail and E-mail through the browser (c) Procedure to download the documents from websites.
  • What is print layout view in MS Word?.
  • Explain the uses of the Internet.
  • Explain the normal view in MS Word?.
  • How to do wallpaper and screensaver settings on the computer?
  • Discuss the standard Toolbar in M.S. Word.
  • Define the Data Processing.
  • What are the browsing buttons?.
  • Define WordPad.
  • What is M.S. PowerPoint? What can you do in PowerPoint?.
  • What is a computer virus?
  • What is a slide master? How it can be used to Customize your Slides?.
  • Explain Input devices and Output Devices.
  • What is a Web Search Sign? How it works.
  • How to create slides in MS PowerPoint?.
  • What is www.? How it is different than the internet.
  • How to create a new E-mail account.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) What are IP Address and Domain Names? (b) Explain Cut, Copy, and Paste Commands?.
  • Write in detail about the basic components of the computer.
  • How can you insert a chart to a Slide in M.S.Power Point?.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) List five formatting tools in MS Word and explain (b) Write short notes on Software.
  • What is the autofill feature in M.S. Excel? Explain with the help of an example.
  • What is meant by DOS and explain four DOS commands?
  • What is IMAP and MIME?.
  • Write short notes and explain "Mail Merge".

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