BA 3rd Year Political Science Important Questions 2024

Today you will get the ba 3rd year political science important questions 2024

These questions are the collection taken from the question bank. 

These questions have already been asked in past examinations and guesses of the upcoming examination.

You know, this subject is very interesting, but few students take an interest in studying this subject. 

They are afraid about their career and think that they will not get any job if continue with this subject.

But this is not true, every subject has its own career aspect. 

Now come to the point. 

To prepare these questions for your upcoming examination. 

Write it first in your notebook. Then read the related chapter from the textbook. 

Understand the concept of the chapter or lesson. 

Start to write the answer to b.a. 3rd year political science important questions in your own wards. 

This process will help you to memorize the answer in a short span of time.

The other best process to memorize the answer is to write it on another copy two to three times from your memory. 

These questions pattern is based on the b.a 3rd year political science important questions 2023.

So, focus on solving ba final year political science question paper with the help of your university textbook.

Let's start to write the answer.

BA 3rd Year Political Science Model Paper

B.A. 3rd Year Political Science 1st Paper Questions

Paper-1 (Principles Of Public Administration)

  • Explain the importance of Auditing.
  • Explain the principles of promotion.
  • What is POSDCORB?
  • Discuss the role of Public Administration in the Welfare State.
  • Discuss the merits of the Scalar System.
  • Describe the notable types of Line Agencies.
  • Write about the main tools of Legislative control over Public Administration.
  • Write a short note on bureaucracy.
  • Define Public Administration and explain its importance.
  • What is the organization? Explain the difference between Formal and Informal organization.
  • Discuss the main characteristics of the Chief Executive in the Parliamentary System.
  • What is the budget? Explain the function and importance of the Budget.
  • What is the meaning of Public Relations and why is it necessary?

B.A 3rd Year Political Science 2nd Paper Questions

Paper 2 (Public Administration)

  • Write an essay on Decision Making.
  • Define Public Administration and examine its nature.
  • Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between Public Administration and Private Administration.
  • What are the approaches to the study of Public Administration? Describe the system approach.
  • Describe the goals and evolution of the New Public Administration.
  • What do you mean by communication? Describe its importance in Public Administration.
  • Describe the types, functions and roles of Bureaucracy.
  • Discuss the changing form of Public Administration in the era of globalization and liberalization.
  • Discuss the legislative control over Public Administration.
  • Write an essay on 'Judicial control over Public Administration.

B.A 3rd Year Political Science 3rd Paper Questions

Paper 3 (Western Political Thought)

  • Explain the thoughts of freedom of Hegel.
  • Discuss war-related views of Hegel.
  • Explain Plato's Education Theory.
  • State Aristotle's views on wealth.
  • Give the definition of citizenship propounded by Aristotle.
  • "Machiavelli was of God of Nationality". Discuss this statement.
  • What are the reasons for Hobbes' social contract?
  • Write Locke's views on human nature.
  • Explain Bentham's views on punishment. 
  • Explain the importance of Bentham's utilitarianism.
  • According to Aristotle, what are the main causes of revolution?
  • Explain the characteristics of the theory of slavery of Aristotle.
  • Discuss the view of Machiavelli on religion and morality.
  • Clarify the class struggle theory of Marx.
  • Examine Marx's view on the state.
  • Give Plato's conception of the Ideal State.
  • Explain the basic principles of Bentham's utilitarianism.
  • Explain critically Rousseau's theory of social contract.
  • Explain critically the views of Marx on class struggle.

International Politics Question Paper

  • Write a short note on SAARC.
  • Explain the instrument of foreign policy.
  • Write short notes on - (a) the Cold War (2) Decision Making (c) Collective Security (d) Foreign Policy (e) War (f) Third World (g) Disarmament (h) Multipolar System.
  • What is International Politics?
  • How far is international politics a science?
  • What do you mean by Decision making examine it?
  • What is communication? Examine.
  • Write an essay on 'Third World'.
  • What is Disarmament? why it is necessary.
  • Write a short note on 'Post-Cold War Politics.
  • Explain the relation and difference between national politics and international politics.
  • Examine the functions and role of SAARC.
  • Write an essay on system theory.
  • What do you mean by Foreign Policy? Explain the determinants of foreign policy.
  • Write an essay on the relevance of Non-aligned movement.

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