B.A. 1st Year Sociology Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

Through this post, I am presenting b.a. 1st year sociology syllabus 2023-2024. 

As you know, all universities have their own sociology syllabus. 

Therefore, a common syllabus is given through this post. 

Which lessons are included in the BA sociology 1st year subjects? 

You need to have this information. 

Both paper 1 and paper 2 have been included in this post for your convenience. 

First of all focus on the university issue syllabus. 

If your university has not released the syllabus. 

Then you can use it as the model syllabus of sociology.

In this ba first year sociology syllabus, all the chapters have been included. 

Efforts have been made to present ba 1st year sociology syllabus in full detail. 

You can prepare your notes based on this syllabus. 

The main focus of this syllabus is to guide for the upcoming examinations. 

Seriously, you should be focused on preparing the sociology notes genuinely with the help of the syllabus and textbook. 

The main point is that this ba 1st year sociology syllabus is trusted and authentic. 

Some sociology book details are also given here. 

Let's start.

BA First Year Sociology Syllabus

B.A. 1st Year Sociology Syllabus 2023-2024

B.A 1st Year Sociology Syllabus 1st Paper


1-Nature of Sociology

  • Meaning and Definition of Sociology
  • Origin of Sociology
  • Development of sociology
  • Field of sociology
  • The subject area of sociology
  • Nature of Sociology
  • Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences
2-Basic Concepts
  • Community
  • Community committees and institutions
  • Social group
  • Human and Animal Society
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Religion
4-Individuals and Society
  • Individual and society
5-Social Stratification
  • Social stratification
  • Status and role
  • Caste and class

B.A. 1st Year Sociology Syllabus 2nd Paper

Paper - 2

1-Structure and Structure of Indian Society

  • Religion
  • Doctrine of karma
  • Efforts
  • Sacrament
  • Ashram system
  • Village Towns and Towns, Rural-Urban Relations
  • Tribes
  • Weaker Section: Dalit
  • Other Backward Classes
  • Woman
  • Minority
  • Population Structure and Related Issues
2-Indian Culture
  • Unity in Diversity: Cultural and Ethnic Diversity
  • Community, Committee, and Institution
  • Language, ethnicity, and caste
  • Regional and Religious Beliefs, Behaviors, and Culture Patterns
3-Basic Institutions of Indian Society
  • Caste
  • Hindu marriage
  • joint family
4-Marriage and family
  • Tribal Muslim and Christian Marriage
  • Tribal Muslim and Christian Families

I am going to put a sociology book for ba 1st year in front of you. 

With these Sociology Books, you can prepare for your exams. 

These textbooks are the best sociology books for ba 1st year.

BA 1st Year Sociology Book

B.A 1st Year Sociology Books 2023-2024

Sociology Book BA 1st Year In English
  • Sociology - Prof. M.L. Gupta and Dr. D.D.Sharma
  • Elementary Concept of Sociology - Dr.G.K.Agarwal
  • Indian Society - - Dr.G.K.Agarwal
  • Introduction to Sociology - Dr.G.K.Agarwal
  • Social Structure and Change in India - Hirendra Pratap Singh and Naveen Kumar
  • Rural and Urban Sociology - Dr.G.K.Agarwal
  • An Introduction to Sociology - Mustafa Hussain
  • Sociology - CN Shankar Rao
  • Sociology - Parimal.B.Kar
  • Sociology - JP Singh
  • Sociology - Gopi Raman Singh

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