BA 1st Year Sociology Important Questions 2023-2024

You will get ba 1st year sociology important questions 2023-2024. 

The question is related to sociology ba 1st year. 

As you know sociology is a discipline in the literal sense. Sociology means – the science of society. 

The English word sociology is made up of two words. 

That is the Latin language and logos of the Greek language. 

The meaning is the science of society. 

This is the pattern of b.a first year sociology 1st paper important question. Included, b.a. 1st year sociology 2nd paper important questions too. 

These questions are based on the previous year's question pattern. 

To prepare these questions for the exam, first, you write them in the ba 1st year sociology Notebook. 

Then open the chapter of your Sociology Book to which this question is related. 

Read and understand chapters thoroughly and write down the answers to your questions. 

The actual meaning is that the question-answer should be written in your words. 

This type of practice reduces the stress of memorizing the answer again and again. 

Another benefit is, that this will help to save your time. 

You can easily remember the answers to b.a. 1st year sociology model paper questions for a long time. 

The most important thing is that at the time of the examination, you will have a readymade note in advance. 

This will save you time and energy and you will be able to use that time for revision of other subjects. 

We have mentioned b.a first year sociology 1st paper important question as well as b.a. 1st year sociology 2nd paper important question both for you.

Let's start to write the answer.

Sociology BA 1st Year Important Questions 2023-2024

B.A First Year Sociology 1st Paper Important Question

Paper-1 (Introduction to Sociology)

  • What is the basis of caste?
  • What is social stratification? Discuss its types
  • What is social structure? Discuss its elements
  • Define Sociology. Discuss its relationships with psychology. and Anthropology. 
  • Discuss the technological factor of social change.
  • What do you mean by community? Describe its Characteristics. 
  • Define family. Discuss its important functions.
  • Define socialization. Discuss its process
  • Define culture. Discuss the concept of cultural Lag
  • Discuss the relationship between status and role. 
  • Write short notes on the following:-  (a) Social Central, (b) Social Mobility, (c) Association, (d) Types of family
  • What is Social Control? Discuss its importance for society.
  • What is social change? Discuss various factors of it.
  • Define cast and differentiate it from class.
  • Who has propounded the theory of the evolution of society?
  • Who has given the 'functional theory of social stratification?
  • What name was proposed by J.S.Mill for Comte's new science (Sociology)?

B.A. 1st Year Sociology 2nd Paper Important Questions

Paper-2 (Foundation of Sociological Thought)

  • Who propounded the theory of monogamy?
  • Who propounded the 'Racial theory of caste'?
  • What is the main basis of Indian Society?
  • What is Purusharth? Explain briefly various Purusharth.
  • Discuss the impact of the Renaissance on Sociology.
  • Explain the factors of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Discuss the theory of suicide given by Durkheim.
  • Discuss Max Weber’s theory of Social Action.
  • Analyze Marxian theory of Dialectical Materialism.
  • Critically Discuss Spencer’s theory of social evolution. 
  • Describe the sociological contribution of Talcott Parsons.
  • Discuss the concept of functionalism.
  • Examine the conflict theory of Lewis A. Coser.
  • Write short notes on any two of the following:- (a) Circulation of Elites (b) Class struggle (c) Ideal Type (d) Division of labor 
  • In which country the word 'Sociology' was coined?
  • What is marriage? Discuss the main type of Hindu marriage.
  • Discuss the types and characteristics of Muslim marriage?
  • What is the rural community? Describe its nature and characteristics.
  • What is Panchayati Raj? Discuss the objectives of Panchayati Raj. 
  • Who imagined the establishment of a classless Society?
  • In which year 'The Dowry Prevention Act' was passed?

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