B.sc Nursing 2nd Year Pharmacology Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc nursing 2nd year pharmacology important questions are given for 2024. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the previous exam question papers and are being asked again and again. 

For this reason, those questions have been included here. 

This does not mean that similar questions will be asked in the same format. 

These questions can also be asked in the upcoming exam by twisting them. 

Therefore take these questions seriously. 

This set of B.sc nursing 2nd year pharmacology question papers will act as a guide for you and you will be able to know how questions can be asked. 

Write down these possible questions in your notebook in sequence and read the chapter related to this topic 2 to 3 times. 

Understand the concept of the topic and then try to write correct answers to these questions. 

By writing answers to all the questions in this set of Pharmacology important questions for b.sc nursing, you can prepare excellent notes for your exam, which will also be necessary for revision before the exam. 

Use your own words to write the answers to these questions, so that you can remember them easily and for a long time. 

When you get the question paper of this subject in the examination hall, first of all, check the question paper carefully. 

If there is any discrepancy, contact the invigilator to solve the problem.

No guidelines are given to solve the Free Pharmacology test bank questions given here, but you have to read the guidelines before attempting the questions in the examination hall. 

The question set given here has been prepared based on B.Sc Nursing previous year question papers so that you can be prepared to face the exact questions. 

The set given here is the best example of pharmacology practice questions for nursing students, which will increase your confidence. 

Let us solve these questions.

Pharmacology For Nurses Exam Questions

Bsc Nursing 2nd Year Pharmacology Important Questions

  • Classify anaesthetics. Write the action and adverse effects of any one general anesthetic.
  • Write the indication and mechanism of propranolol.
  • Name two broad-spectrum antibiotics. Write their uses and contraindications.
  • Write a long essay on:- Classification of Anti-malarial drugs. 
  • Classify anti-anginal drugs. Explain the actions and side effects of Nitroglycerine.
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) H2 Blockers (b) Uses of aspirin (c) Classify antitubercular drugs (d) Emergency drugs and drugs used in CPR.
  • What are the pharmacological effects and side effects of anabolic steroids?.
  • Define Drug. 
  • Enlist the sources of Unani Medicines with examples. 
  • Write the list of two actions and two side effects of Potassium.
  • Answer in short - List two drugs named under bronchodilator. 
  • Write a short answer - (a) List any four indications of Amlodipine (b) List down the two indications of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH).
  • List the principles of drug administration. 
  • What are the mydriatics? Write the side effects of atropine.
  • Name four uses of morphine. 
  • Name two each of the disinfectant Alcohols and Oxidizing agents. 
  • Define Antibiotics.
  • Mention any four adverse effects of Digoxin.
  • List the types of Bronchodilators. 
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) Proton Pump Inhibitor (b) Anti Asthmatics (c) Drug used in angina pectoris (d) Describe Inj. Noradrenaline.
  • List any four mineral preparations.
  • Name two anti-diarrhoeal drugs. 
  • Who is the originator of Homeopathy?
  • Define Chemotherapy.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Antidotes for OPP (b) List any two indications of Gentian Violate (c) Two examples of plasma expanders (d) Immunosuppressants (e) Demulcents (f) Two examples of Uterine stimulants (g) Hypoglycemic agents.
  • Answer in short - List the antiviral drugs. 
  • Define Sera. 
  • Describe the action, adverse effects, and Nursing responsibility of the Drug Chloroquine. 
  • Answer in short - List the first-line drug in the treatment of Tuberculosis.
  • Define Diuretics and write a classification of Diuretics with examples. 
  • Define Pharmacovigilance. 
  • Explain the Action, Indication, Adverse effects and Nursing responsibility of the Drug Furosemide.
  • Write an indication of adrenalin.
  • Define Bioavailability.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Teratogenicity (b) Cardiotonic (c) Write the meaning of pharmacokinetics (d) Full form of BBB (e) Idiosyncrasy.
  • Write the name of the drug used in hypertension.
  • Name two oral anti-diabetic agents.
  • Name any two anti-motility drugs and mention two side effects of anyone.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Rifampicin (b) Routes of drugs administration (c) Suppository (d) Phenytoin sodium (e) Insulin Preparation (f) Gentamycin.
  • Classify the CNS stimulants. Write the action and side effects of anyone.
  • Define Antidotes.
  • Write the pharmacological name, mode of action, and contraindication for Metrogyl.
  • Classify non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and write the mechanism of action adverse reaction of aspirin.
  • What is Streptomycin?.
  • Enlist the adverse conditions that lead to poor absorption of drugs from the gut.
  • Classify anti-diabetic agents, mechanism of action, and uses of insulin.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Beta-lecture antibiotics (b) Discuss anticonvulsant drugs.
  • Write and mention the drug used in the management of arrhythmia.
  • List four anticoagulants. Explain the side effects of anticoagulants. 
  • Classify antineoplastic agents. Describe the mechanism of action, adverse effects, and therapeutic use of alkaline agents. 
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) NSAIDS (b) Therapeutic uses of Bronchodilators (c) Albendazole (d) Therapeutic uses and adverse effect of Atropine. 
  • List four drugs prepared from Plant sources.
  • Classify Insulin, mention the mechanism of action, therapeutic uses and adverse effects, and Nursing consideration of Lupinsiline R.
  • Explain the types of Penicillins and their actions. 
  • Classify cephalosporins, and mention the mechanism of action, antibacterial spectrum, therapeutic uses, and adverse effects of cefotaxime.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Classify hypnotics and sedatives (b) Explain mood stabilizers. Write about therapeutic use and the role of the nurse.
  • Classify tranquilizers. What are the pharmacological actions and side effects of monoamine oxidase inhibitors?
  • What is the action of Disulfiram?
  • Write the indications and side effects of Vitamin K.
  • Write the name of any four disinfectants.
  • What are the regulators of Calcium in the body? Name any two calcium preparations with side effects. 
  • What are the Hematinics? Mention two Iron preparations and list their toxic effects. 
  • Name the Alternative systems of medicine. Explain the branches of Ayurvedic Medicine. 
  • Make a list of extrapyramidal symptoms.
  • Write the indication and any two side effects of Antidiuretic Hormone. 
  • Enlist the sources of Unani Medicines with examples. 
  • List two skin protective agents. Write the action of anyone. 
  • Write the name of any Urinary antiseptic with its two side effects.

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