B.A. LLB 2nd Semester Law Of Crimes 1 Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a. llb 2nd semester law of crimes 1 important question is given for 2024. 

Use your textbook to answer these questions. 

Many of these questions have been taken from the question paper of the previous examination. 

These can also be asked again in the upcoming examination. 

These questions don't need to be asked, they can also be asked in a twisted manner. 

Therefore, write correct answers to all these questions. 

By writing answers to these questions, you will also prepare excellent notes on the Law of Crime for yourself. 

All questions are included in B.A LLB Second Semester Law of Crimes Question Paper. 

Before writing the answers to these, be sure to match them with the syllabus of your university. 

Try to write answers to short questions asked here in 200 words and long answers in 500 words. 

You will see these types of instructions on the first page of the question paper given in the examination hall. 

You have to write answers according to those instructions only. 

This will save you time and you will be able to give equal time to all the questions. 

Try to write the questions whose answers you remember well first. 

This will increase your confidence level. 

Preparation of B.A LLB 2ND SEM LAW OF CRIMES PAPER-1 is easy, you just need to get the right guide. 

The number of questions is slightly more here. 

You can also use this set as a practice set. 

You will find more such practice sets on the internet for exam preparation. 

You can also download and use them.

Law Of Crimes Paper I (Penal Code) Questions

B.A. LLB Second Semester Law Of Crimes Important Questions

  • Define bail. Explain its types with conditions related to it.
  • Define and Explain the ‘Contract of indemnity’?
  • Explain the essential ingredients of the offence of kidnapping.
  • Explain in detail the necessity of the existence of mens rea in offences relating to the state with decided cases.
  • Define/Explain the following:- (a) Complaint to the magistrate (b) Confirmation of death sentence (c) Session trial.
  • Explain the offence of Robbery and state the circumstances under which theft will become Robbery.
  • In the Indian penal code, under what circumstances the right of private defence against body and property can extend to cause the death of another person.
  • Define Charge. In which cases court alter the charge?
  • What is criminal conspiracy? Discuss the essentials of criminal conspiracy under the Indian Penal Code with decided case laws.
  • Define the following:- (a) Judgement (b) Appeals.
  • Define defamation. What are the defences available against the charge of defamation?.
  • Distinguish between Condition and Warranty.
  • Explain the provisions governing joint and constructive liability under the Indian Penal Code.
  • Who is an ‘unpaid seller’? Explain.
  • Discuss the circumstances under which theft will become robbery and dacoity.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Plea Bargaining (b) Juvenile Delinquency.
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) Accident (b) Abduction (c) Grievous hurt (d) Unnatural offence (e) Bigamy (f) Criminal breach of Trust (g) Culpable homicide.
  • Define/Explain the following:- (a) Summons (b) Hierarchy of criminal courts (c) Revision (d) Review (e) Proclamation offender.
  • Explain and illustrate the terms ‘Condition’ and ‘Warranty’.
  • Explain the offences relating to elections under the Indian Penal Code.
  • Define arrest. How was the arrest of the accused made? Explain the provisions related to the arrest of women under Cr.P.C.
  • What are the various modes of creation of ‘agency relationship’.
  • Differentiate between:- (a) Bailable and non-bailable offences (b) compoundable and non-compoundable.
  • A, a soldier, fires on a mob by the order of his superior officer, in conformity with the commands of the law. Whether ‘A’ committed any offence?
  • Define the term ‘Pledge’. What are its essential elements? Who can pledge?.
  • Define Maintenance. What are the provisions related to the alteration of maintenance under Cr. P.C? Which court may order for maintenance of wives, children and parents under Cr. P.C 1973.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Abettor (b) Bribery (c) Criminal Intimidation.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Voluntary intoxication (b) Giving False Evidence (c) Sedition (d) Criminal misappropriation (e) Enhanced Punishment (f) Riot.
  • Define Probation. Explain the provisions related to probation given under POA, 1958. 
  • Define "Cheating".
  • Define the terms ‘Bailor’ and Bailee’. Discuss the duties and rights of a ‘Bailor’ and Bailee’. 
  • What is capital punishment?. Explain it with the principle of "rarest of rare cases".
  • Can a minor’ become a partner in a partnership firm? Describe the position of a minor in partnership.
  • A magistrate exercising jurisdiction in respect of a charge on which he has power only to commit for trial to another court, whether he is a judge? decide.
  • Define a contract of guarantee. Who is a surety? Discuss the circumstances in which a surety is discharged from his liabilities.
  • Examine "All murders are culpable homicides, but all culpable homicides are not murders".

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