B.A. LLB Second Sem Special Contract Important Questions 2024

In this post b.a. llb second sem special contract important questions given for 2024. 

This question set has been prepared by compiling the questions of previous question papers. 

Many of these questions are being asked again and again in the examination and are likely to be asked in the future too. 

Therefore, take these questions seriously and try to solve all the questions in order. 

For those questions whose answers are very difficult, contact your professor and try to solve them. 

All questions of b.a llb 2nd semester special contract questions paper are very important. 

Be careful while writing these answers. 

First of all, write these questions in your law notebook. 

After that, read the chapter related to the question from your textbook and try to write the answers in your own words. 

You will remember these answers easily and will remain in your mind for a long time. 

On receiving the question paper in the examination hall, it is necessary to read the guidelines given on the first page. 

From it, you will get information about how many questions you have to attempt and what type of questions you have to answer in how many words. 

By following the guidelines, you will be able to give equal time to all the questions. 

You will also get these instructions to solve Law of Contract questions - Before answering the questions, candidates should ensure that they have been supplied with the correct and complete question paper. No complaint in this regard will be entertained after examination. 

You have to take care of these also. 

Let's solve questions of ba llb 2nd semester special contract.

Special Contract LLB Sem 2

B.A. Law Special Contract Important Questions For Semester 2

  • Differentiate between specific guarantees and continuing guarantees. 
  • What is a Contingent Contract?.
  • Explain the right of the Indemnity holder.
  • Explain the mutual rights and liabilities of partners. 
  • Can a minor be lawfully appointed as an agent? Explain.
  • Explain the following with the help of relevant sections and cases decided by our courts:- (a) Document of title (b) Delivery of goods and payment of price are concurrent conditions.
  • Explain the advantages of Registration of a firm.
  • Who is a surety? How and in what circumstances the surety is discharged from his liability? Discuss.
  • Differentiate between sale and agreement to sale.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Cheque (b) Endorsement (c) Holder in due course.
  • Explain the Goodwill of a firm.
  • "Risk prime facie passes with the property". Discuss the statement and point out the exceptions if any.
  • Explain the Implied Authority of a partner. 
  • “All insurance Contracts are contracts of indemnity except Life Insurance Contract”. Discuss.
  • Differentiate between Partnership and Firm.
  • Explain the effect of a contract made by an agent with a third party (a) Where the agent discloses the existence and the name of the principal (b) Where the agent discloses the existence but not the name of the principal (c) Where the existence of the principal is not disclosed.
  • Explain the sale by description.
  • What is a contract of Bailment? Explain the duties of Bailee.
  • What do you understand by Contract of Guarantee? Discuss the rights and duties of surety.
  • What are the rights and duties of partners interested in a partnership firm?
  • Explain with the relevant case law of "Ratification relates back to the date of original contract".
  • Explain the consequences of the dissolution of a partnership firm.
  • What is meant by the dissolution of a firm?. Explain the grounds on which a firm can be dissolved by the Court.
  • Discuss the general rule that "no one can give a better title than he has". Also, explain and illustrate the exceptions under this rule.
  • Define "Pledge".
  • What do you mean by "Conditions" and "Warranties"?. Explain in detail.
  • Explain the doctrine of 'Holding Out' with reference to the relation of a partner with a Third Party. Also, discuss its exceptions. 
  • Explain the following:- (a) Substituted Agent (b) Particular Lien (c) Minor's Right of Election (d) Delivery (e) Caveat Emptor.  
  • Critically examine the provisions of passing of property in the contract of sale of goods.
  • Explain various rights of unpaid sellers.
  • "Sharing of profits is not conclusive proof of Partnership". Discuss with the help of decided case law.
  • Explain the terms "Nemo dat quad non habet" and "Ascertained Goods".
  • Define the contract of Indemnity. What damages, the promisee in the contract of Indemnity acting within the scope of his authority is entitled to recover from the promisor?.
  • Explain it in detail "Stoppages in transit".

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