B.A L.L.B 2nd Sem English-ii Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a l.l.b 2nd sem English-ii important questions are given for 2024. 

These questions can be asked again in the upcoming examination. 

Therefore you should take them seriously. 

Write these questions in sequence in your notebook and try to answer them with the help of the textbook issued by your university. 

Clear your concepts by reading the concerned chapter 2 to 3 times and write the answers in your own words. 

You will be able to assimilate the answers written in this way for a long time and easily. 

Like this ba l.l.b 2nd sem question papers English, many sets of questions can be easily found on the internet. 

These questions are being placed before you so that by looking at them you can know what type of format the questions are. 

Some similar questions can be asked in the examination. 

The possibility of these questions being asked again is very less because these are questions from English Literature. 

Yes, by twisting them they can certainly be given a place in the question paper. 

To solve the grammar given here, you can use Wren and Martin's book as a reference. 

It is necessary to follow the guidelines given on the question paper in the examination hall. 

Therefore, you should take time and read them as necessary. 

Here, try to write a long answer within 500 words and a short answer within 200 words. 

Study the grammar book in such a way that all the questions given here can be solved easily. 

Let's solve ba llb important questions.

English Paper 2 Questions

English-2 Important Questions For LLB BA 1st Year 2nd Semester

  • Write a note on summarizing a Judgement.
  • Write the meaning of the following idioms and phrases and write a sentence- (a) Make a Name (b) Hard & Fast (c) Keep an Eye on (d) Ex-parte.
  • Explain the following terms in English- (a) Ante (b) Bonafide (c) Prima Facie. 
  • Write a note on Tenses.
  • Write the meaning of the following idioms and phrases and write a sentence- (a) Res-Judicata (b) Habeas-Corpus (c) Charge-sheet.
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given in the bracket:- (a) He is _____ a letter [Write] (b) I have ___ my work [finish] (c) We are _____ to watch a movie [go] (d) They are ______ on stage [act].
  • Draft a report on sanitation and cleanliness in your locality.
  • Write an essay on any one of the following:- (a) Fundamental Rights (b) Secularism in India (c) Dowry System (d) Saving the Environment.
  • Write a one-word substitute for the followings:- (a) Study of Laws (b) Law-making body (c) The highest court of the country (d) Serious crime like rape & murder.
  • Explain the following Latin words:- (a) Amicus (b) Dictum.
  • Point out errors in the following sentences:- (a) He work hard (b) She is sing a song (c) I am feel good (d) He is a honest man.
  • Write a one-word substitute of the following:- (a) Highest rank of Indian executive (b) Government by officials (c) A body of delegates (d) Hundred years.
  • Change the following sentences into the indirect form of narration:- (a) The teacher said, "Why are you late?" (b) My father said, "Take your books". (c) He said, "I am doing the exercise". (d) Suresh said, "I was going to Jaipur". 
  • Write the meaning of the following foreign words and use them in a sentence- (a) Ab-into (b) De-facto (c) Ex-post-facto (d) Ex-parte (e) In-camera.
  • Change the following sentences into passive voice:- (a) I write a letter (b) He bought a car (c) He buys a camera (d) She drinks water.
  • Write the meaning of the following foreign words and use them in a sentence- (a) Immobile (b) Nusiame (c) Indomino.
  • Change the following sentences into negative without changing the sense:- (a) He found him dishonest (b) She is a kind girl (c) They are sleeping (d) He is sad.
  • Illustrate the difference in meaning in the following pair of words:- (a) Affect/Effect (b) Desert/dessert (c) Principal/Principle.
  • Write the antonyms of the following- (a) Slavery (b) Wealthy (c) Wreck (d) Past (e) Lawful (f) Independent (g) Being (h) Accept.
  • Transform the following sentences as directed:- (a) A letter was written by me [Active] (b) I will go to the market [Negative] (c) This is your jacket [Interrogative] (d) It was a very horrible sight [Exclamatory].
  • Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs- (a) He ____ speaks French (b) I _____ like to see him (c) _____ I use you Towel (d) Work hard least you ___ fail.
  • Explain the meaning of the following words:- (a) Unconstitutional (b) Tax (c) Bail (d) Government Advocate.
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition:- (a) Mr. Rao is coming _____ train (b) We read ____ the morning. (c) This is a book ____ poems (d) This train goes _____ Delhi.
  • Distinguish between the meaning of the following words- (a) Expire-Inspire (b) Accident-Incident (c) Emigrant-Immigrant (d) Ignorant-Illiterate (e) Letter-Latter.
  • Write a note on common errors in English.
  • Write a notice on the following topics- (a) For inviting students to participate in "Inter-college, Moot Court Competition" (b) For inviting/informating students to join the "Green Club of the college" for plantation of trees in the college campus.
  • Translate the following into Hindi:- Man is gifted by god with the power of time. One who uses this power properly enjoys physical and spiritual bliss.
  • Write a classroom speech on the following topic- (a) The role of media in the development of society (b) the Importance of fundamental rights (c) Women's empowerment.

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