Important Questions Of Economics-2 B.A. LLB Second Semester 2024

In this post, important questions of economics-2 b.a. llb second semester have been given for 2024. 

By writing these questions in sequence and preparing accurate answers, you can prepare decent notes for yourself. 

Many of these questions have been asked in previous exams and are also possible questions in the upcoming exam. 

This set of Business Economics 2nd Sem important questions is the perfect medium for you to get information about the format of questions. 

By reading and solving these questions, you can know what types of questions are asked in the Economics exam. 

Apart from your textbook, you can also use advanced economics books to solve these questions. 

After getting the question paper in the examination hall, first of all, read the instructions given on the first page carefully. 

It is given in those instructions how many words the answers to the questions have to be written. 

By following these instructions you can attempt all the questions. 

Write the questions whose answers you know well first. 

After that solve the remaining questions of B.a llb 2nd sem economics-2 question paper. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the past, but it does not mean that they will be asked again in the same manner. 

These can also be twisted and included in the question paper. 

You will find more such sets of b.a LLB second semester business economics imp questions available on the internet, you can download and use them for your practice. 

In the question given here, use 200 words for a short answer and 500 words for a long answer. 

You should try to write the answers in your own words and to the point. 

Let's solve the questions of this set.

Economics-II (Business Economics) Questions

B.A. LLB 2nd Sem Business Economics Important Questions

  • Distinguished between partnership and company.
  • Differentiate between liberalization and privatization.
  • Discuss the major problems of Indian agriculture.
  • What do you mean by import substitution?.
  • Discuss in brief the impact of globalization on the Indian Economy.
  • What is a co-operative society?.
  • Explain the role of trade unions in protecting labor interests.
  • Meaning of low productivity in agriculture and suggest your views to improve it.
  • What do you mean by Land Reforms? What steps have been taken place by the government of India in this regard? Discuss.
  • Write a note on the New International Economic Order (NIEO).
  • What do you understand by Industrial sickness? Explain its causes and remedial measures.
  • Examine the objectives and importance of the Integrated Rural Development Programme. 
  • Discuss the main features of India's new export-import (EXIM) policy and critically evaluate it.
  • Write an essay on the Indian Economy since independence and India's economic growth in recent times? Examine the government's role in economic growth?.
  • Critically discuss the structural changes in the Indian economy in the post-1991 period.
  • Highlight the basic elements and background of the Green Revolution In India? List out the positive and negative impacts of the Green Revolution.
  • Discuss the role of Multinational Corporations in the flow of Foreign direct investment in India multinational corporations are desirable for the Indian Economy in the present scenario.
  • What is a population explosion? Explain its inverse effects in the process of economic development.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) White Revolution (b) Small scale and employment generation (c) Indicators of economic development.
  • What does industrial relations include? and specify the laws related to industrial relations.
  • Write the three features of Indian agriculture. 
  • What are the merits and demerits of a Mixed Economy?
  • Write the five names of Trade Unions in India. 
  • Point out the various dimensions of "Poverty"?. Has the economic reforms package reduced the incidence of poverty in India?.
  • What is the difference between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI)?
  • Write a note on the role of small-scale and large-scale industries in economic development?.
  • What do you mean by single proprietorship and partnership?.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Forms of Industrial Disputes (b) Consequences of 'Black Money' (c) Significance of the study of National Income.
  • Write an essay on the achievements of Economic Planning in India.
  • What are the problems of agricultural marketing in India? Suggest measures for improving the agricultural marketing system.
  • Explain the economic vicious circle.
  • What are multinational corporations? Critically examine their impact on the expansion of the Indian economy.
  • What is meant by "Below the Poverty Line"?.
  • What are the functions of the World Bank? Discuss the role of the World Bank in the economic development of India.
  • What is meant by Scarcity of Capital?.
  • Critically evaluate the role of Industrial financing institutions in the industrial development of India.
  • What do you mean by Economic Planning?.

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