B.sc Nursing 1st Year English Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc nursing 1st year English important questions are being given for 2024. 

It is not that these same questions will be asked in the upcoming examination, these questions will help you in understanding the pattern of the question paper. 

These questions have been collected from B.Sc Nursing previous year question papers and question banks. 

These questions definitely include those which are repeatedly asked in the examination. 

By solving these questions you can score good marks in the examination. 

This question set is most suitable for your practice and can help you in practicing grammar questions. 

You will find many such b.sc nursing 1st year English question papers or model papers available on the internet. 

By downloading these you can practice as much as possible. 

First of all, write these questions in your notebook, then solve them. 

If you have more difficulty in solving grammar questions then get help from your professor or Rain and Martin English grammar book. 

When you get the question paper in the examination hall, first of all, read the instructions given on the first page. 

In case of any error in B.sc nursing English question paper, contact the invigilator and request to change the question paper. 

Before writing the answers to the questions, read the instructions and use only as many words as are recommended to write the answers. 

Let us solve these questions.

B.sc Nursing Important Questions

B.sc Nursing 1st Year General English Important Questions

  • Write an essay on any one of the following in about 200 to 250 words- (a) Smoking in public places has to be banned (b) To be a politician-Art or a born talent (c) pollution in India- Is Delhi safe to breathe?.
  • Write an application to the Controller of Examinations of your University to postpone your Examinations, and give reasons.
  • Write a letter to your friend and describe your duties as a nurse.
  • Give the Antonyms of the following:- (a) Permanent (b) Success (c) Long (d) Ugly (e) Illiterate.
  • Write an application to the Medical Superintendent complaining about the lack of facilities in Government Hospitals. 
  • Correct the following sentences:- (a) Hard work is always leading to success (b) I am much interested to listen to western music (c) My mother is a lovable person (d) The police has been investigating the matter for some time (e) I am feeling terribly cold in this room.
  • Do as directed in brackets:- (a) ________ laughed at the begger (They/Them) (b) Give ________ the document (me/I) (c) She drew the picture _______ (Her/Herself/himself) (d) The ward boy was arrested (Correct into active voice) (e) Rita is ________ than Abdul (Richer/richest) (f) Suffering/is/Sushila/dangue/from/fever (Arrange the jumbled word into a proper and meaningful sentence) (g) Neither may father nor my mother _____ well (is/are) (h) _________ shall complain to the commissioner (We/Us) (i) _______ will go for shopping (Who/Whom) (j) The camel looked at ________ reflection in the pool (Turn Over) (k) Please close the door (Change into passive voice) (l) It was ____ honourable deal (Correct with suitable article) (m) Postman/house/delivered/parcel/the/Susan's/a (Arrange the jumbled word into a proper and meaningful sentence) (n) We started _____ six ___ the morning (at/on/in/about).
  • What are the various points that a nurse should keep in mind while writing a nurse's note?.
  • Write a report on overweight and obesity. 
  • Translate the following into Phonetic symbols:- (a) More (b) Antibody (c) Eggs (d) Desert (e) Produce.
  • Write a report about an accident that you have witnessed. 
  • Use the following Idioms/Phrases in sentences:- (a) Get through (b) Took to his heels (c) Out of the way (d) Stood his ground (e) Above all.
  • How is the Nurse a savior of the life of the soldiers?
  • Write an essay in about 300 words on any one of the following:- (a) Environmental Hygiene (b) the Importance of water in our life (c) the Uses and Abuses of Games (d) My idea of a happy world. 
  • Answer any ONE of the following essay questions:- (a) Describe the relationship between nature and human life in "The Last Leaf". (b) Describe the humor in the story "The Cop and the Anthem".
  • Fill in the blanks with the correct Preposition:- (a) The crowd prevented the police _____ moving ahead (b) Ram does nothing ____ watch T.V. all the time (c) He is fond ___ tea (d) There is an animal _____ the field (e) He jumped ______ the river.
  • Explain the role of Clara Barton in the nursing field.
  • Substitute One word for each of the following:- (a) Process of damaging the air (b) Inflammation of intestines (c) Who studies and writes about history (d) Of cancerous growth (e) Study of mind and mental process. 
  • Explain the outstanding character and uniqueness of Mother Theresa.
  • Rewrite the following sentences with suitable words given in the brackets:- (a) I selected the suit _______ wear to the interview (to/too) (b) We had _________ to time to complete the revision (a lot/allot) (c) I had to make up for _______ time (lost/last) (d) He ______ the test (past/passed) (e) The stress on this project will ________ my health (affect/effect).
  • Correct these spellings:- (a) Dyarea (b) Dabictie.
  • What do people do on Thanksgiving day?
  • Use the following sentences of your own:- (a) In order to (b) In spite of (c) On account of.
  • Write an essay in about 300 words on the topic:- "Nursing -A great profession".
  • Write a letter to the Apollo Hospital Nursing Superintendent asking for a Job.
  • Write a letter to the district educational officer requesting him to preside over the inauguration of your college library.
  • Write a paragraph on the following:- (a) the Role of Nurses in taking care of Covid Patients (b) Vaccination and Covid.
  • Do as directed:- (a) My friend has been living in Canada ____ two years (use a preposition) (b) Someone is repairing that fence (into active voice) (c) 'I love you,' he told me (into indirect) (d) He never goes out with his dog __________? (Question tag).
  • Write a paragraph on the following:- (a) Health and regular exercise (b) Global warming.
  • Write essays on:- (a) Clinical experience (b) Nursing rounds.
  • Correct the following sentences:- (a) I am living here for three years (b) I suggest you to meet his father (c) I did not hear from you for a month (d) Please give me some information (e) This scooter is belonging to me.
  • Do as directed:- (a) Rita gets the highest marks in the class (change the degree) (b) Who told you this? (Change the voice) (c) Give plurals of: news, fish, leaf, baby (d) Our teacher told us, "February is the shortest month of the year" (Change into indirect speech) (e) Give the opposite of: optimistic, ugly, honest (f) Asia is the biggest continent (Change into negative) (g) This is my own house (Make the sentence interrogative) (h) I ____ (work) in this office since six years (use correct tense).
  • Rewrite as directed:- (a) The woodcutter has cut the tree (change the voice) (b) My dad could not visit me. He connected me on telephone (make it a compound sentence) (c) Chinni drinks coffee (make it a negative sentence) (d) The class teacher finished the revision (add a question tag) (e) Joe told that he had met his brother (change into direct speech).
  • Write the antonyms of the following:- (a) Preserve (b) Divide.

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