B.A LLB Ninth Sem Conflict Of Laws Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a llb ninth sem conflict of laws important questions are given for 2024. 

Many of these questions have been included many times in the question paper of the previous examination. 

There is also a possibility of these being asked in the upcoming examination. 

But let us make one thing clear here the same questions don't need to be asked, they can also be asked in a twisted manner. 

It has been observed that the meaning of the questions remains the same, but the questions are asked differently. 

Therefore, all the questions of B.A LLB 9th semester conflict of laws questions paper is important, so do not skip even a single question. 

Write down these questions in sequence in your law copy and read this lesson carefully 2 to 3 times in your textbook. 

After that try to write your answers. 

Write the answers in your own words, so you can remember them easily. 

Let us inform you that in compiling all the questions of B.A LLB conflict of laws important questions given here, question bank and previous law question paper has been made the basis. 

An attempt has been made here to include those questions which have been asked many times. 

When you get the question papers in the examination hall, take some time to check them first. 

If there is any kind of error, contact the invigilator and request to provide another question paper. 

The second important thing is that on the first page of the question paper, some instructions are given for writing the answers, like in how many words the answer has to be written and from which units how many questions have to be answered. 

Therefore, first of all, take some time to read these instructions and write the answers accordingly. 

In the questions given below in B.A llb important questions of conflict of laws, the questions whose answers are to be written in short, write them in 200 words and the questions whose answers are to be written in long, write them in 500 words. 

You will find more such conflict of laws exam question papers available online on the internet, you can download them and use them. 

Let us solve these questions.

Conflict Of Laws Practice Questions

B.A LLB 9th Semester Important Questions Of Conflict Of Laws

  • What is meant by civil death?
  • What are the essential features of a void marriage?.
  • What do you mean by Private international law?.
  • What are remedies available to parties for breach of contract?.
  • Who is an appointed guardian?.
  • What is the law of a country?.
  • What is Lex situs?
  • What is Muta Marriage?. Explain it.
  • What is action in personam? Give examples.
  • Explain- what is adoption?.
  • What is Status?.
  • Who is considered as Testamentary Guardians?.
  • What is Zihar under Muslim personal law?.
  • State the theories of characterization.
  • What are matrimonial causes?.
  • What do you mean by domicile of dependency?.
  • What is a foreign judgment?.
  • How to classify the foreign element cases for choice of law?.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Rome Convention (b) Foreign court theory (c) Proper law of contract (d) Legal Effects of Divorce (e) Assignment of Intangibles (f) Restitution of conjugal rights.
  • Discuss the validity of contracts bringing out the formal and essential validity.
  • Discuss the traditional theories relating to the fort under the conflict of laws. 
  • What is Action in Personam? Give Examples. 
  • Explain the history nature and meaning of conflict of laws.
  • State the different kinds of divorce under Muslim Law?.
  • What do you understand by Domicile? Explain the various kinds of Domicile.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Recognition of foreign judgment (b) Capacity to marriage.
  • Explain the classification of the foreign element cases for choice of law.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Kinds of Jurisdiction (b) Capacity of contract (c) Adoption by Foreign Parents.
  • Discuss custody of a minor child.
  • What do you mean by Khula?

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