B.A 9th Sem LLB Moot Court Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.a 9th sem llb moot court exercise and internship important questions are given for 2024. 

There are many questions in these questions that have been asked in the previous examination and are being asked again and again. 

These questions can be possible questions in the upcoming exam. 

Therefore, do not ignore these questions and try to write accurate answers to them. 

If you are facing difficulty in writing the answer to any question, then read the lesson related to the question from your textbook 2 to 3 times clear your concepts, and try to write them. 

If you still have difficulty in solving these questions on the Moot Court question paper, then contact your professor or get the help of an advanced law book. 

Do not assume that these questions will not be asked again or will be asked in the same format. 

These can be asked again and perhaps in a twisted way. 

Therefore, if the concept of the respective lesson is clear, then apart from these, you will be able to answer many other questions easily. 

Therefore, you have to find solutions to all these b.a llb 9th semester sample moot court problems and prepare excellent notes for yourself. 

In examining these subjects, you must read the instructions on the first page of the question paper found in the examination hall. 

Try to write the correct answer in as many words as it is recommended to write the answer. 

By following this process you can save your time and attempt many more questions. 

More such sample practice sets of moot court questions are available on the internet, you can download them and use them. 

Let's solve these moot court important questions.

Moot Court Exercise And Internship Questions 

B.A 9th Semester LLB Moot Court Exercise And Internship Important Questions

  • Explain that the Advocate is always the student. 
  • "Lawyering is a science as well as an Art. "Explain this statement because of the practical training of lawyering. 
  • Explain the provision of maintenance under the Cr.P.C.
  • What information is necessary to prepare an application for bail on behalf of any accused? State Draft an application on behalf of the accused for release on bail.
  • State the main merit of the Advocate.
  • Explain and distinguish between Moot Courts and Ordinary Courts at the District level.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Maintenance application u/s 125 of Cr.P.C. (b) Memorandum of appeals (c) Bail application (d) Dishonor of cheque (e) Revision and review application.
  • State when the court can presumption as to dowry death. 
  • Draft a petition for getting maintenance and expenses of litigation in divorce petition.
  • State the importance of Lok Adalat. 
  • Where a complaint for the attempt to murder is lodged? Draft a suitable complaint for the attempt to murder.
  • Write on State Bar Council.
  • "The advocate must prepare themselves fully before the trial starts". Comment on the statement.
  • What is Moot Court and its objective?.
  • When is an advocate held guilty of misconduct? Explain the procedure of professional misconduct. 
  • What is Mock Trial and key content of Moot Court File? 
  • What do you understand by pleadings? Discuss fully the fundamental rules of pleadings. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Money Suit (b) Suit for rent and possession (c) Suit for redemption or mortgage of property (d) Suit for foreclosure or sale.
  • What do you understand by Affidavit? What are the rules regarding the production of an Affidavit?.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Declaratory suits (b) Suits for damages of defamation (c) Petition for alimony under the Hindu Marriage Act (d) Suit relating to an easement or its violation.
  • Discuss briefly the importance of Public Interest Litigation in Public Welfare. 
  • Prepare a complaint with the chief of cross-examination of witnesses and argument for the complaint of the accused.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Suit for breach of contract (b) Suit for partition  (c) Petition for restitution of conjugal right.

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