B.sc Ag 6th Sem Post Harvest Management And Value Addition Of Fruits And Vegetables Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc agriculture 6th semester post harvest management and value addition of fruits and vegetables important questions are given for 2024. 

By solving these questions, you can prepare excellent notes for yourself, which will be better for the exam. 

Generally, it is seen that many questions from the previous question paper are asked again in the examination. 

Therefore these questions may be important for you. 

To write accurate answers to these questions of Post harvest management of fruits and vegetables b.sc 6th semester question paper, your concept should be clear on this topic. 

For this, you can read the lessons related to agriculture book directed by your university 2 to 3 times. 

First of all, write down these questions in sequence in a separate copy, then try to answer them in your own words. 

If there is any problem in understanding the questions or writing answers, then contact your professor and get the solution.

All these questions of post harvest management and value addition of fruits and vegetable question papers are mandatory. 

It is not that these questions will be asked in the question paper in this mode. 

These can also be asked by twisting them. 

When you are given a question paper in the examination hall, there will be some instructions given on the first page. 

You will be guided in them as to how many words the answer to each question has to be written. 

You have to follow those instructions. 

With this, you will be able to give a fixed time to all the questions and attempt all the questions. 

You will find more such practice sets available on the internet, you can use them also. 

Let us solve these questions.

Harvest Management And Value Addition Of Fruits And Vegetables Questions 

Post Harvest Management And Value Addition B.sc Ag 6th Sem

  • What is ripening?.
  • Define post-harvest management. Mention its importance or need.
  • What is RTS?.
  • Enlist various factors that influence post-harvest losses.
  • Write a comment on canning.
  • Explain post-harvest losses. State the possible measures to minimize these losses.
  • Write a note on Blanching.
  • Define processing. Enlist any five processed products in horticultural crops.
  • What are climacteric fruits?.
  • Interpret types of post-harvest technologies used to preserve fruits and vegetables.
  • Define the following term- (a) Brushing (b) Ripening (c) Senescence (d) Firmness (e) Blanching (f) Syruping.
  • How does fruit nectar help the jam and jelly industries?.
  • Define the term freezing. Write in detail about the process of freezing.
  • Define processing. Analyze the status of the food processing industry in India.
  • Define the term drying. Write in detail about the process of drying.
  • Write the drying process of fruits.
  • Write in detail about marmalades. Write the method of marmalades making and their problem in the preparation of marmalades. 
  • Differentiate between drying and dehydration. Explain various types of methods used for drying horticultural produce.
  • Write in detail about principles and methods of preservation.
  • Describe transpiration. How we can reduce the transpiration rate in fruits and vegetables?
  • Define the term waxing. Write the type of waxing and method of wax application.
  • How does the value addition concept improve the quality of the end product?.
  • Explain the changes during ripening. Enlist different chemicals that delay ripening and senescence.
  • Define the term packaging. Write the qualities of ideal packaging and the type of packaging materials. 
  • Describe pre-harvest factors affecting the post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables. 
  • Describe intermediate moisture food (IMF). Enlist any five IMF foods.
  • Describe the process of jelly making and its essential consideration.
  • Summarize ZECC with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Discuss the concept and standard of packaging products.
  • Define storage. Describe different types of storage (ZECC, CA, MA, cold storage, hypobaric). 
  • Write in detail about controlled Atmospheric storage. 
  • What are the concepts and standards of fermented and non-fermented beverages? Explain with examples.
  • Write in detail about controlled Atmospheric storage. 
  • Discuss briefly why maximum value-added products are made up of tomatoes.
  • What are post-harvested diseases and disorders of fruits and vegetables? Discuss with suitable examples.
  • Define canning. Explain its principle and the steps involved in canning.
  • Write in detail about the control of spoilage during storage. 
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Commercial Maturity (b) Preservation (c) Fermented Beverages (d) Curing (e) Heat Units (f) Pre-cooling.
  • Write in detail about the method of preparation of Aonla murabba. What point should be kept in mind at the time of preparation of Aonal murabba?
  • Define the term Irradiation. How irradiation inhibits the sprouting process in fruits and vegetables. What are the factors affecting the inhibition of sprouting?

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