Watershed And Wasteland Management Imp Questions For B.sc Agriculture 6th Semester 2024

In this post b.sc ag 6th sem watershed and wasteland management important questions are given for 2024. 

By solving these questions you can get good marks. 

These questions have been taken from the previous question paper on this topic. 

Watershed and wasteland management important questions include those questions that are being asked repeatedly in the examination and can be asked in the future. 

Therefore, take them seriously and write the correct answer. 

First, write these questions in your notebook, then read the lessons related to this topic from your textbook or advanced agriculture book. 

Clear your concepts on this topic and try to answer the questions of this B.Sc Agriculture Sixth Semester Watershed and Wasteland Management Question Paper in your own words. 

Write the exact answer in this way and you will be able to easily remember it in less time. 

Revising these before the exam will also save you time. 

You will easily find more such practice sets on the internet, which will be useful for you. 

Watershed Management Question Bank has also been used in the selection of these questions and an attempt has been made to include those questions in this set which are being asked again and again in the question paper of the examination. 

In the examination, you must follow the instructions given on the first page of the question paper. 

By following those guidelines, you will be able to attempt all the questions equally. 

Let's solve this set of BSC watershed management agriculture important questions.

Watershed And Wasteland Management Questions

Watershed And Wasteland Management Important Questions For B.sc Agriculture 6th Semester 2024

  • What is a watershed?. Explain it with the help of a diagram.
  • How are Land classified?.
  • Write a short note on acid soils and salt-affected soils.
  • How does Wasteland cause Land Degradation?.
  • Define the term Wasteland. What are the main causes of the formation of wastelands?.
  • Where is CAZRI situated?.
  • Explain the following- (a) Horti-Agro-system (b) Agri-Silviculture system (c) Agro-Pastoral system (d) Agri-Silvi-Pastoral system.
  • Discuss the term integrated watershed management. 
  • Explain the following- (a) Accelerated erosion (b) Geological Erosion (c) Faulty agricultural practices.
  • What factor is responsible for soil erosion.
  • Discuss in brief the concepts of watershed management.
  • Explain the role of people's participation in planning watershed programs.
  • What are the principles of watershed management?.
  • What are the main factors affecting runoff in a Watershed?.
  • Write a short note on types of degraded and wastelands. 
  • What are the permanent measures of soil and water conservation?
  • Write a short note on the need for watersheds in today's changing climate scenario.
  • What are the properties of watersheds which affect runoff and hydrological processes? 
  • Where is the Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI) situated?
  • Discuss in detail the factors responsible for land degradation. 
  • Write the major benefits from the participation of the people in Watershed development.
  • Discuss in detail the management of runoff and soil loss in a watershed. 
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Deforestation (b) Overgrazing (c) Shifting cultivation.
  • What is watershed management? Discuss the objectives of watershed management.
  • The watershed development program influences the socio-economic condition of people. Explain.
  • Explain the following- (a) Hedge row intercropping (b) Mixed cropping (c) Alley cropping (d) Ley cropping (e) Multiple cropping.
  • Discuss in detail techniques for the management of different types of degraded wastelands.
  • What are the different types of degradation and wasteland problems in the U.P. and what factors are responsible for land degradation? 
  • Discuss in detail the socio-economic concept of watershed and policy approaches and management plans in watershed development and management.
  • Explain how runoff will be affected in the following cases? - (a) In a circular watershed (b) In an elongated or elliptical watershed.

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