B.sc Nursing 1st Year Psychology Imp Questions 2024

In this Post b.sc nursing 1st year psychology important questions are given for 2024. 

By writing the answers to these questions, you can make notes and also prepare a revision set for the exam. 

Write these questions in sequence in your notebook and prepare their answers with the help of your textbook. 

If there is any problem in writing answers or understanding the questions, then contact your professor or try to solve them with the help of an advanced psychology book. 

In this b.sc nursing 1st year psychology question paper, all those questions have been included, which were being asked repeatedly in the previous examination and there was a possibility of them being asked again. 

Before writing answers to the questions of the B.Sc Nursing Psychology question paper given in the examination hall, read the instructions given on the first page of the question paper and try to write the answers as per the instructions. 

There is a guideline as to how many words the answer has to be written, write your answer accordingly. 

All questions given here are compulsory. 

Draw diagrams wherever necessary. 

Use a common answer book for all sections. 

It will be even better if you write the answers to the bsc nursing psychology important questions given below in your own words. 

It will take you less time to memorize them and you will be able to revise them easily before the exam.

The set given here is a b.sc nursing model paper and guess questions, which will help you to practice this subject. 

You can download more sets of such questions from the internet and practice as much as you can. 

Let us solve these questions.

Psychology Important Questions Bsc Nursing

Psychology B.Sc Nursing 1st Year Question Paper

  • What is Self Actualization?.
  • Explain the introvert type of personality.
  • What are the characteristics of Emotion?.
  • What is the importance of psychology for nurses?
  • Explain conflict Resolution.
  • Define Hallucination and its types. 
  • What is Hereditary and Environment?.
  • Discuss various methods to improve memory.
  • What are anxiety disorders?.
  • Write the causes of Mental Retardation. 
  • Define Memory and explain types of memory. Explain Memory Training.
  • Write the psychological needs of an infant. 
  • Define perception.
  • Explain the Observational method.
  • Enlist the principles of Perception. 
  • Write short answers to the following:- (a) Projective Tests in Psychology (b) Nurse-Patient Relationship (c) Factors affecting Learning (d) Characteristics of Mentally Healthy Person (e) Explain concepts of Id, Ego, and Super-ego with examples (f) Clinical Method in Psychology.
  • What are the Factors Affecting Perception?.
  • Write the phases of counseling. 
  • Define Learning & Explain the types of learning.
  • Write the note on Stress Adaptation. 
  • Explain any one theory of Learning.
  • Explain the external changes that occur during emotional reactions. 
  • Explain Maslow's theory.
  • Explain any five Mental Mechanisms and write the advantages of mental mechanisms. 
  • Explain how to develop listening skills.
  • Explain the Psychoanalytical theory given by Sigmund Freud.
  • Explain Mental age and IQ.
  • Enlist projective tests and explain the Rorschach ink Blot Test.
  • Enlist and explain 2 Branches of Psychology.
  • What do you mean by individual differences and what are the types of individual differences?.
  • Explain the type theories of Personality.
  • Define thinking. Explain the steps of creative thinking and the characteristics of a creative person?.
  • Write the significance of understanding individual differences in patient care for nurses.
  • Define Attitude & Explain factors affecting Attitude. Explain the Relevance of attitude to Nurses.
  • Explain the theory of trial and error with an experiment/example. 
  • Define stress and stressors. Explain the cycle of stress and its effect on health.
  • Explain psycho-sexual stages according to Sigmund Freud.
  • Write theories of forgetting.
  • Explain how a nurse has to cope with stress.
  • Define motivation and write the types of motives. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Intelligent Quotient (b) Body-mind relationship. 
  • Explain the General Adaptation Syndrome by Hans Selye with one example.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) the Psychological problems of women (b) the Influence of culture to shape the personality.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) WAIS (b) Types of Attention (c) Adolescence (d) Sensation (e) Operant conditioning (f) Coping.

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