B.A LLB Sixth Sem Intellectual Property Rights Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.a llb sixth sem intellectual property rights imp questions are given for 2024. 

Prepare answers by writing these questions in sequence in your notebook. 

This way, you will get an excellent notebook for the upcoming exam. 

These questions have been selected with the help of previous exam question papers and question banks.

Those questions have also been included, which have been asked many times in the examination and are possible questions for the upcoming examination. 

Intellectual property Rights question paper will give you the correct information about the type and format of questions. 

With this, you will be able to understand what type of questions can be asked in the upcoming examination. 

In selecting all these questions, b.a llb 6th semester intellectual property rights previous question papers have been made the basis so that the question paper looks similar to the exam question paper. 

In the question paper given in the examination hall, some instructions are given on the first page and answers have to be written following the same guidelines. 

A short answer is asked to be written in 200 words and a long answer is asked to be written in 500 words. 

Follow the same instructions here also. 

If you face difficulty in writing answers to questions, contact your professor or take the help of an advanced law book. 

Try to ensure the answer is accurate and write it in your own words. 

Write the answer in this way, you can easily remember it and keep it in your mind for a long time. 

Write to the point and revision the answer is also easy. 

Let's solve intellectual property rights important questions for ba llb.

Intellectual Property Rights Question Bank

B.A LLB Sixth Semester Intellectual Property Rights Important Questions 2024

  • Write the main characteristics of Intellectual Property Rights. 
  • Describe the importance of international organization? 
  • Write the chief characteristics of the TRIPS agreement.
  • Explain the copyright notice and when it is issued?
  • What is Copyright? What can be the subject matter of Copyright?.
  • Explain the assignability and maintainability of registered and non-registered trademarks.
  • Write the chief characteristics of the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012 and explain the new developments in copyright and recent developments in Copyright law?
  • Discuss the rights of reproduction?
  • What is a mark? What are the benefits of Registration of Trade Mark?.
  • Discuss in detail crimes fine and crime of false trademarks.
  • Write a detailed note on the doctrine of "Passing Off Action" in India.
  • Discuss about the rights under the 1976 copyright act?
  • What is a Patent? How Patent is obtained? Write a short note on the benefits of the patent.
  • Explain copyright in the electronic age?
  • Discuss the objectives and nature of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Trademark register and its office (b) Classification of Goods and Services (c) Limitation in Subject to color (d) Absolute grounds for the non-acceptance of registration.
  • Enumerate the main provisions of the Geographical Indication Act. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Registration (b) Advertisement of application (c) Opposition of registration (d) Improvements and amendments (e) Joint ownership trademark.
  • Write a detailed note on the New Plant Culture and Breed Act. 
  • Explain trade secret law? & Discuss the right of publicity? Explain?
  • Discuss in detail the procedure for registration of the design.
  • Explain the agencies and treaties of intellectual property?
  • Which special provisions have been made for joint marks? And explain the regulations governing the use of applications joint marks.
  • Describe about IPR? Do you think this is useful right for us? Explain the role of WIPO in IPR.
  • Discuss in detail, the tenure, constitution, establishment, and powers of the appellate council. 
  • Discuss new developments in Trademark Law? How do you avoid cyberspace Trademark issues?
  • Explain the procedure for the disposal of applications presented for re-establishment for lapse designs.
  • Explain Infringement of Trademarks?
  • When and how a design is obliged by the government? Explain.
  • Describe the procedure for transferring the ownership of the trademark?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Registration of design (b) Certification of registration (c) Copyrights on registration (d) Observation of registered design (e) Cancellation of registration.
  • Give an overview of the Patent Act, of 1970, and state how it protects the Patentee.

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