B.A LLB 9th Sem Pleading & Conveyance Imp Questions 2024

In this post, B.A LLB 9th sem pleading & conveyance imp questions are given for 2024. 

By solving these questions, you can make the best preparation for the upcoming exam. 

It happens many times that questions are asked from previous year's question papers also, hence in this set you will find questions from many drafting pleading and conveyancing question papers included.

Therefore, prepare well for these. 

First, write the questions in sequence in your law notebook, then read the chapter 2 to 3 times from your textbook. 

Now focus on what to write and how to answer these questions. 

If your concept is clear on this topic then you will be able to easily write accurate answers to these questions. 

If the concepts are not clear, take the help of your professor or advanced law book. 

Try to answer these questions of drafting a pleading and conveyancing LLB question paper easily and write in your own words. 

With this, you will be able to easily remember your written answer. 

When you get the question paper in the examination hall, read the instructions on the first page. 

Also, it is necessary to check the entire question paper once. 

If there is any type of error in the question paper then contact the invigilator to solve the problem. 

Write answers to the questions following the guidelines given in the question paper. 

If the questions given here do not match the syllabus of your university, then use these drafting pleading and conveyancing sample questions for practice. 

You will find more sets of this type on the internet, you have to search on Google for important questions of drafting pleading and conveyancing pdf. 

You can download these and use them for practice. 

Let's solve them.

Drafting: Pleading & Conveyancing Questions

Questions On Drafting Pleading And Conveyancing In Law 9th Semester

  • Define Pleadings. What are the fundamental rules of pleadings? 
  • What is a representative suit?.
  • Discuss the essential particulars of a Plaint. 
  • What is redemption?
  • What is a written statement? Discuss the essentials of it. 
  • What is 'Cause of Action'?.
  • Explain the components of a deed.
  • Draft an application for bail on behalf of Mr. P, Who was arrested for keeping stolen goods. 
  • Draft a partnership deed between Mr. A and Mr. B for starting a new leather goods business. 
  • Write the essentials of a gift.
  • Draft an application to see as an indigent person under order 33 CPC.
  • Write an FIR of the theft of your cycle. 
  • Draft a petition for a grant of probate. 
  • What is a Plaint?.
  • Sushma was deserted by her husband Mr. Ramesh. Draft and application under sec. Cr.P.C. on behalf of Sushma claiming maintenance from Ramesh. 
  • Differentiate between 'Set Off' and 'Counter Claim'.
  • Draft a write of Habeas corpus regarding M/s Y, wife of Mr. Nilesh Ram. As she is confined by her parents for marrying with a different cast of men.
  • Draft the following:- (a) Application for appointment of Receiver (b) Application under section 5 of limitation Act for condonation of delay.
  • Define 'conveyancing'. Write different modes of conveyancing. 
  • Draft the following:- (a) Notice for specific performance of the contract (b) General power of attorney on behalf of Mr. D.
  • What do you understand by Affidavit?. Write the characteristics of an Affidavit.
  • What are the kinds of mortgages? Draft a simple mortgage deed.
  • Draft and appeal from the original decree under order 41 of CPC in favor of Mr. X's agent the decision of the District Court.
  • Write a Bail application for a Bailable offense.
  • Write an essay on C.G. High Court Rules and Orders (Civil).
  • Write a plaint for the specific performance of a contract.
  • Write essentials of Will.
  • What do you understand by "revision"? On what grounds a revision can be made? 
  • Write a gift deed in favor of your loved one.
  • Draft a divorce petition for a Hindu wife on the ground of 'Cruelty'.
  • Draft an application for appointment of Guardian.
  • Drat a petition U/Art. 226 of the Indian Constitution for the issue of a writ of mandamus.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Non-Joinder (b) Foreclosure.
  • Draft a notice U/sec 80 of CPC.
  • Explain the following:- (a) Complaint (criminal) (b) Interlocutory application.
  • Draft a petition under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution for the writ of 'Habeas Corpus'.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Native (b) Exchange Deed.
  • Draft a lease deed of a house for 3 years with Rs. 20,000 as monthly rent. 
  • Draft an Adoption deed for a married Hindu male, who wants to adopt a girl child of age 14yrs. 
  • Write a sale deed for the sale of a house situated in Mangal Pandey Nagar.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Lease (b) Promissory Note.
  • Draft a sale deed for a plot measuring 100 yards in Mumbai.
  • Draft an Anticipatory Bail application, regarding an offense of theft.

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