LLB Entrance Exam Practice Paper 2024

L.L.B entrance exam practice paper 2024 is given in this post.

These questions have been collected from previous question papers and question banks. 

It is not that these same questions will be asked in the exam. 

This set is designed to help you understand the pattern of questions. 

More such L L B entrance exam model question papers are available on the internet, you can also use them for practice. 

Sometimes previous questions are also asked again, in that case, these questions may be relevant to you. 

Therefore, take them seriously and do not neglect their preparation. 

Most of these questions are from General Knowledge, use the best GS book to prepare for their answers. 

All the questions given here can also be asked in different state exams like - the LLB entrance exam Bhu, kuk, cu, hpu, du, amu, up, etc. 

Apart from this, you can add questions based on the LLB entrance exam's previous year's question papers to further strengthen your preparation. 

First, write these questions in your notebook, then write their answers. 

Use your own words to answer descriptive questions. 

So that you can remember them easily. 

The Bachelor of Law entrance exam's important questions are given here in English. 

You can use Google Translate for its simple Hindi translation. 

Let us solve these questions.

What Type Of Questions Are Asked In LLB Entrance Exam?

l l b Entrance Exam Model Question Paper

  • Who was the first chief justice of independent India?
  • On which date 'Law Day' is celebrated in India?
  • Which article of our constitution deals with untouchability?
  • Why Eco-mark is given to an Indian product?
  • What is the age of retirement of the Judges of the high court?
  • How long time does light take to reach the Earth from the Sun?
  • Who is known as the first law officer of the Govt. of India?
  • For which field Prof. Amartiya Sen was awarded Nobel Prize.
  • Who was the first female judge of the Supreme Court of India?
  • What is the meaning of the term "Doab"?
  • Who is the Law minister of India?.
  • Who formulates monetary policy in India?
  • Who is the Chief Justice of India?
  • What is the chemical name of common salt?.
  • When was the Constitution of India enforced?
  • Whose sign in one rupee note?.
  • Which state of India does not have a High Court?
  • Who is the ex-officio Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha?.
  • Who has the power to increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court?
  • Between whom was the second battle of Panipat fought?.
  • Write the full form of the following- (a) NATO (b) FBI (c) ABVP (d) ISRO (e) NSDL (f) SAARC (g) PAN.
  • Who was the political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?.
  • Write the full form of the following- (a) UPSC (b) BSNL (c) ONGC.
  • Who was given the slogan "Save Himalaya, Save Country".
  • Write an essay on any one of the following- (a) Digital India (b) Article 370 (c) Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Which movement started from Dandi March?.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper for improving recreational amenities in the city.
  • By which name/names is our country mentioned in the constitution?.
  • Write a letter to your younger brother explaining the importance of tree plantation in our life.
  • Which planet is nearest to the Earth?.
  • Define the following terminology- (a) Appeal (b) Custody (c) Plaintiff (d) Bail (e) Petition.
  • What is the full form of computer terminology 'RAM'?.
  • Who has founded the 'Brahmo Samaj'?.
  • If ALL=25 and NOW=52, then NONE=?.
  • Which wood is used to make a cricket bat?.
  • 8 is related to 128. Similarly, 6 will be related to what?.
  • What was the name of Mahatma Gandhi's mother?.
  • If P means 'plus' Q means 'minus' R means 'divided by' and S means 'multiplied by'.Then 18P12R6S2Q5 equals.
  • How many members can be nominated to Rajya Sabha by the president?.
  • Find the wrong number in the given series- 3,7,15,31,64,127.
  • Who is the present speaker of Lok Sabha?
  • Find the missing term of the sequence- 3,7,15,31,63,?
  • In which of the places was "Anasabti Yoga' was written by Mahatma Gandhi?.
  • Write the next term of the following series BDF, CFI, DHL,?.
  • Ram is taller than Shyam. Rahim is taller than Ram. Karim is taller than shokat but smaller than shyam. Who is the tallest?.
  • In a certain code language "BORROW" is written as 769965 and "BOMB" is written as 7647. How will "WOMB" be written in a similar code language?.
  • If Rita says "Sudhir, father of Sumit is the only son of Ranjit, my father-in-law" then what is the relation of Sumit with Ranjit?.
  • Fill in the proper number in place of question mark 7:36::9:?.
  • "Soldier" is related to "Army" in the same way as "Pupil" is related to which?.
  • Fill in the blanks 4,16,36,64,100,-------.
  • Showing a portrait of a man to her friend, a woman said, "his mother is the only daughter of my mother". What is the relation of the woman to the man?
  • What is the meaning of the word "Illicit"?.
  • If "PILOT" is coded as "MFILQ", how will "TRAIN" be coded.
  • In the school examinations, Devesh has lower marks than Dhiraj but more than Suraj. However, Karan also has more marks than Devesh. Who has the lowest marks?.
  • What is the meaning of "Once in a blue moon"?.
  • Who was known as the Iron Man of India?.
  • Who among the following was the author of 'Hind Swaraj'?.
  • Which was the first digital wallet company in India?.
  • The value of (1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-100-101+102-103+104) is?.
  • A missile is launched with a velocity less than the escape velocity. What is the sum of its kinetic energy and potential energy?.
  • Lavani, a folk dance form belongs to which state?.
  • How many triangles can be formed by joining the vertices of a hexagon?.
  • Where is the National Institute of Virology situated?.
  • Ceylon is the former name of which country?.
  • How many States and Union Territories are there in the country?.
  • When did the Quit India movement begin?.
  • Which planet is closest to the Sun?.
  • In which state is Kanha National Park located?.
  • What is the meaning of 'By hook or by crook'.
  • What is the meaning of 'Apple pie order'?.
  • Write the Synonym of the word 'Enormous'.
  • What you will say is 'The act of murder of a human being'.
  • Name the Indian city which is also known as 'Garden City Of India'?
  • Which is the highest amount of gas in the atmosphere?.
  • Who is the National Security Advisor of India?.
  • What is 'Tsunami'?
  • How long does the Sun's ray take to reach the ground?.
  • On which river Bhakra Nangal Dam is situated?.
  • In which state, Periyar National Park is situated?.
  • Where is the Headquarters of the World Health Organization located?.
  • When is the 'International Yoga Day' Celebrated?.
  • Who has been appointed as India's First Lokpal?.
  • On which river the Gandhi Sagar Dam is constructed?.
  • Where is the Konark temple situated?.
  • Where is Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre located?.
  • Which is India's first atomic reactor?.
  • Which state/union territory launched "Operation SHIELD" to control the COVID-19 spread?.
  • Where is the Great Victoria Desert located?.
  • Who was the first Chief Justice of India?.
  • If A=40, B=10, and C=5, then what will be the value of (A+B)C.
  • What is the next number in the pattern 2,3,5,7,11,13,---------?.
  • Who introduced the Zamindari System for the first time in India?
  • Which part of the constitution of India contains the "Fundamental Rights"?.
  • In which state "Namaste Orchha" festival is celebrated?.
  • Name the central Government's 1st comprehensive COVID-19 tracking App.
  • In which year, through an amendment, 'Fundamental Duties' were added to the constitution of India?.
  • When did India become a 'Republic'?.
  • Which article of the constitution of India guarantees the fundamental right to 'freedom of speech and expression'?.
  • Fill in blanks with an appropriate pronoun:- 'Reena's father was beside __________ with anger when he heard that she had failed her exams.
  • 'A storm in a tea-cup'-What does the above statement mean?.
  • What is the opposite of the word "Belittle"?.
  • Which article of the constitution of India abolishes 'Untouchability'?.
  • What does the abbreviation 'I.P.C' mean?.
  • Who can issue an Ordinance in India?.
  • In a certain code language COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How will MEDICINE be written in the code language?.
  • Since the commencement of the Constitution of India, how many persons have occupied the august office of the President of India?.
  • 'Habeas Corpus' writ is issued by the High Court under which article?.
  • The first Indian talkie film was?.
  • When the 'World Population Day' is celebrated?.
  • Which Cyclone hit India in 2019?.
  • Write the suitable word for "This is a practice of having several wives"?.
  • Where did the prime minister dedicate the National Samar Smarak (National War Memorial) to the nation on February 25.2019?.
  • Which country has become the largest and fastest growing mark of 'YouTube'?.
  • Who is the author of the book "Crime and Punishment"?.
  • Which is India's first visually challenged friendly railway station?.
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