B.A LLB 1st Semester Law And Language Important Questions 2024

In this post, b.a llb 1st semester law and language important questions are given for 2024. 

These questions have been included in this set because they were asked many times in the previous examination. 

But you should use this set as a practice set. 

These questions are related to the English language and there is no repetition of these questions. 

Therefore, it can prove to be a stepping stone for your exam practice. 

You will not find the answers to these in any textbook. 

You can solve these questions of B.A LLB 1st semester law and language question paper with your mind. 

Before solving grammar questions, practice from Rain and Martin's grammar book. 

When your concept is clear on the topic, you will be able to solve the questions here easily. 

You can also reference this book for essay writing. 

You will find more such b.a llb 1st sem general English question papers available on the internet, which you can use for your practice. 

First of all, write these questions in your English notebook, and after that prepare the answers for Ba llb 1st semester English question paper. 

You can use the question-answer set prepared in this way for revision before the exam. 

Secondly, the purpose of providing such sets here is to make you understand the pattern of questions and not to provide guess questions. 

Let's solve B.A LLB 1st year law and language question paper.

General English 1 Legal Language

B.A LLB 1st Semester Law And Language Question Paper

  • Rewrite the following sentences, as directed:- (a) Money is very important in life (into an interrogative sentence) (b) He has done better than other man (into a Negative sentence) (c) The thieves have stolen a lot of valuables (into passive voice) (d) The house is the only property I have (Into negative sentence).
  • What do you understand by the 'Importance of Language for Law'?.
  • Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:- (a) The cat appears to have originated ________ Egypt (b) He was accused _________ theft (c) He sailed _________ the water (d) He fell a victim __________ his own avarice.
  • What is Private Defence? Explain briefly.
  • Change the narration of the following sentences: (a) He tells me that he goes there daily (b) He says to me, "Where are you going?" (c) He prayed that God might pardon him his sins (d) He said to me, "My friend is coming to day".
  • Write an essay on 'Public Interest Litigation'.
  • Change the voice of the following sentences:- (a) Rules should be obeyed by you (b) Sita gave her wrist watch to Renu (c) Heat turns milk soar (d) He will have finished his work.
  • Write a critical note on the official language vs the national language.
  • Correct the following sentences:- (a) He went to Delhi by the train (b) I have mind to go to Kashmir (c) Please answer to my question (d) I went to Kolkata when you called.
  • What is a sentence? How many kinds of sentences are there? Explain in English.
  • Write a note on the plot construction of the play JUSTICE.
  • Explain the role of law schools in a changing world. 
  • Write a note on John Galsworthy as a dramatist.
  • Construct sentences of your own words in Hindi or English using the following:- (a) Legal Rights (b) Secular. 
  • Draw a character sketch of Ruth Honeywill.
  • Write the meaning of the following words:- (a) Estoppel (b) Kidnapping (c) Liberty (d) Public Documents.
  • Give one-word substitutes for the following:- (a) One who champions the cause of women (b) Animals of a particular region (c) The original inhabitants of a place (d) That which cannot be conquered (e) Retributive Justice (f) Having several husbands at the same time (g) One who never touches strong drink.
  • Write the full form of the following abbreviations:- (a) A.I.R (b) S.C.C (c) D.I.T (d) Cr.P.C.
  • Form words by using the following prefixes and suffixes:- (a) ex (b) multi (c) post (d) trans (e) ment (f) tion (g) sion.
  • Make one word from the words given below:- (a) One who does not believe in God (b) One who eats only vegetables (c) One who knows everything.
  • Rewrite as directed the following:- (a) The Government has announced lockdown (Add a question tag) (b) The driver stopped the bus abruptly (change the voice) (c) "I am going to buy groceries" father told mother (into an indirect sentence) (d) The mangoes is sweet (correct the error).
  • Correct the following sentences:- (a) Delhi is hot than Simala (b) He is best player (c) He made a lecturer (d) Do not make noise.
  • Explain the following maxims in English or Hindi:- (a) Damnum sine injuria (b) Ignorantia Juris non excusat (c) Nemo Judex in causa sua.
  • Write a complaint letter to the senior superintendent of Police of your district in which non-registering of the First Information Report in the police station concerned is mentioned.

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