B.sc Ag 6th Sem Manures Fertilizers And Soil Fertility Management Imp questions 2024

In this post b.sc agriculture 6th semester manures fertilizers and soil fertility management important questions are given for 2024. 

By solving these questions, you can make notes on this subject. 

BSc ag sixth semester manures fertilizers and soil fertility management question paper has been prepared by compiling these questions from many previous years' question papers. 

Therefore it is necessary to solve these questions. 

Generally, it is seen that some questions are asked again and again in the examination. 

For this reason, you leave them or ignore them. 

But this should not be done. 

You will find many more practice sets like this question paper on the internet, you can also use them for knowledge enhancement and practice. 

For this you have to type Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management b.sc agriculture 6th semester question papers pdf in the search box. 

You can put them to your use. 

Write these questions in sequence in your notebook on this subject. 

Now read the relevant chapter of the textbook issued or recommended by the university and write the answers. 

Answers to attempted questions should be written in your own words. 

With this, you will assimilate them easily and in less time. 

All these questions are mandatory. 

Before writing answers to the questions in the examination hall, you have to follow the guidelines given on the first paper. 

This will help you in attempting all the questions in time. 

Keep your time in as many words as you are asked to answer. 

Let us solve these questions.

Manures Fertilizers And Soil Fertility Management Questions

Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management Bsc Agriculture 6th Semester Important Questions

  • How urea is manufactured? Give the reaction when it is applied in the soil.
  • Which nutrient is the main constituent of the cell wall in plants?.
  • Which leaf is used as the sample for plant tissue in wheat?
  • What is the primary source of nitrogen?.
  • Write the short notes on the following- (a) Lower leaf (b) Flag leaf (c) Matured leaf (d) Filler (e) Conditioner.
  • Which enzyme is involved in the transformation of Urea?.
  • Which form plants up take nutrient elements.
  • In which oil cakes, the highest nitrogen content is found?. 
  • Which crop is not used as green manuring?.
  • Who gave Indore the method of composting?.
  • For the preparation of mixed fertilizers, which material is used?.
  • Write the full form of I.N.M. and explain it.
  • Write down the criteria for the essentiality of nutrients.
  • Who discovered the essentiality of Iron in plants?. 
  • Difference between active and passive absorption of ions.
  • Give the nature and properties of Neem oil. 
  • Explain Zn deficiency symptoms. 
  • How much sulfur is present in Gypsum? (write in percentage)
  • What are the forms of elements used by plants from soil?.
  • Give the nature and properties of Metacid.
  • What is the disadvantage of Excess nitrogen?.
  • In plant stomata movement is controlled by which nutrient?.
  • Explain phosphorus fixation in soil.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) L.N.Acharya (b) Sorenson (c) N.D.Pandhari.
  • Write the steps of absorption of nutrients by plants from the soil.
  • Deficiency of calcium occurs in which parts of the plants?.
  • What is DRTS (Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System)?. Explain in detail.
  • According to fertilizer control order how much blurt is present in urea?
  • What are the toxic effects of urea? Explain with an example.
  • How much percent nitrogen is found in mahua cake?.
  • Classification of phosphatic fertilizers in detail.
  • Briefly describe the NADEP method of composting.
  • Write the advantages and disadvantages of mixed fertilizers. 
  • What factors influence the growth of bacteria.
  • How much percentage of potash is present in muriate of potash fertilizer?.
  • Classify the N fertilizers with characteristics and also explain soil fertility evaluation.
  • Movement of nutrient ions takes place from soil to plant root by which process?.
  • Differentiate between soil fertility and soil productivity. Enlist different methods of soil fertility evaluation. Describe any one method in detail.
  • Briefly describe the method of vermicomposting.
  • What is INM? Necessity of INM and what are objectives of INM. Explain the components of integrated Nutrient Management.
  • Describe in detail the movement of loans in roots and factors affecting the absorption of plant nutrients from soil.

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