B.sc Ag 3rd Sem Farm Machinery And Power Imp Questions 2024

In this post, b.sc ag 3rd sem farm machinery and power imp questions are given for 2024. 

You can score good marks in the upcoming examination by solving the questions of agricultural farm machinery and power question paper. 

For this, correct answers will have to be written. 

Many answers to these questions have been asked in previous years. 

These are hot questions for you and preparation for them is also necessary. 

There is a possibility that they will be asked again in the examination. 

Those who prepare question papers for the examination must also have a question bank, which helps them in selecting questions. 

Similarly, you also have this set of farm machinery and power BSc agriculture 3rd semester questions. 

Which will help you in understanding the pattern of exam questions. 

Don't assume that these questions will come. 

These can also be twisted and asked in the question paper. 

Therefore take them seriously.

Agriculture farm machinery and power important questions bsc will be necessary for students of all streams. 

You write these questions sequentially in your notebook.

After that read the relevant lesson from the textbook prescribed by your university. 

Clear your concepts, and in case of any difficulty, seek help from your teacher.

Once the concept is clear, you will feel comfortable writing answers to the questions. 

You will be able to make excellent notes from important questions about farm machinery and power for BSc agriculture. 

Answers written in your own words will make it easier for you to remember and will be remembered for a long time. 

There will also be convenience in timely revision in the examination and time will be saved.

Agricultural Farm Machinery And Power Question Paper

Agriculture Farm Machinery And Power Important Questions Bsc Third Semester 2024

  • Write down the differences between a disc harrow and a disc plough.
  • Explain primary and secondary tillage equipment.
  • What are the differences between the Tilt angle and Disc angle? 
  • What are the Zero and conservation tillage equipment
  • Explain the 'Methods of Ploughing'.
  • What are the Objectives of Farm Mechanization?
  • What is a Value timing diagram?
  • What are the principles of operation and selection of machines used for the production of crops?
  • What is the list of primary and secondary tillage implements? 
  • What are the sowing, planting & transplanting equipment?
  • Explain and answer the following- (a) Functions of connecting rod (b) Name the common type seed dropping mechanism (c) Classification of I.C engines.
  • Calculate the clearance volume of an engine having swept volume 1104cc and compression ratio 8:1.
  • A 2.5m cutter bar mower travels at a speed of 4.5 km/hr. at a field efficiency of 75%. calculate the time required to cut 7.5 hectares of land.
  • Write the constructional difference between a two-stroke and four-stroke engine.
  • What are the sources of farm power in India?. Briefly describe any one important source of farm power.
  • What is thermal efficiency?
  • Calculate the compression ratio and clearance volume of an engine whose dimensions are 100x120mm and the length of clearance space above the top dead centre is 1.0cm only.
  • Calculate the piston speed of the engine of size 10x12cm running at a speed of 1200rpm.
  • Differentiate between Diesel engine and Petrol engine.
  • What is the function of differential in tractors?.
  • Calculate the hourly cost of operation of a tractor whose initial cost is Rs. 6.5 lacs, the life of the tractor is 12 years and working hours in a year is 1500 hours. Tractors consume 2.75 litres of diesel per hour. Assume necessary data.
  • Differentiate between reaper and mower/
  • What is the purpose of cooling in an I.C. engine? What are the different methods of water cooling? Describe any one of them with a neat sketch.
  • Calculate the thermal efficiency of an 8hp diesel engine consuming 1.6 litres of fuel per hour. The heat value of diesel is 9000 kcal/lit.
  • Explain the different farm powers used on agricultural farms and describe their advantages and disadvantages.
  • A 3-bottom 20cm M.B. plough is operated by a tractor having a 3.5kmph speed. If the soil resistance offered during the operation is 0.7 kg/cm2, Calculate the drawbar horsepower needed for a 15cm depth of ploughing.
  • Name the different parts of a seed drill.
  • What are the different types of sprayers? Describe the working of a knapsack-type sprayer with the help of a neat sketch.
  • What safety precautions should be taken during working with a power thresher?
  • Differentiate between disc plough and disc har row.5.
  • Derive the formula for the indicated horsepower of a four-stroke cycle engine. If the bore of a four-stroke cycle engine is reduced by 10% then what will be the effect on its indicated horsepower?.
  • Describe the working of a combined harvester with the help of a neat sketch.

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