M.com First Year Important Questions 2024

In this post m.com first year important questions are being given for 2024. 

With these questions, you will be able to know the pattern of the exam. 

Treat all the questions as compulsory. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the exam. 

These come under the category of probable questions for the upcoming examination. 

Therefore, try to prepare by writing answers to all the questions. 

If the questions in this question set do not match your syllabus, then use it as an m.com question paper for practice. 

This set has been prepared based on the pattern of "m.com previous year question paper". 

To prepare answers to these questions, read the relevant chapter in your textbook. 

Understand the concept of the lesson completely. 

Now note down these questions in a separate copy. 

Try to write their answers in your own words. 

With the question answers prepared in this way, you will also prepare a good note. 

You will have to work less hard to remember these answers. 

Because it is written in your own words. 

Let us inform you that many job opportunities can be found in the m.com course. 

That's why read this topic with full attention.

Here you need to know what is the full form of m.com. 

Let us tell you that M.Com full form is "Master of Commerce".

Let's start to write the answer. 

Some great FAQs

How many subjects are in m.com 1st year?

There are 8 subjects in this subject - Management Concepts, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics And Business Environment, Statistical Analysis And Data Processing, Accounting For Managerial Decisions, Financial Management, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management.

Best Career Options After M.com Courses?

You will have many opportunities after this course like - Become a chartered accountant, Enroll in MBA, Go for an ACCA course and digital marketing, Pursue CS or CFA course, Get CMA Credential & CPA license, FRM certified professional, Go for a CFP exam Go into teaching and research. 

That's why it can be said that m.com is the best subject to get jobs.

Important Questions For M.com Part 1

M.com 1st Year Question Paper

M.com Part 1 Important Questions For Management Concepts

  • Describe the functions of management.
  • Explain the meaning and scope of Management.
  • Discuss the Scientific management theory of Taylor.
  • Discuss the Contributions of Taylor in the field of Scientific Management.
  • Describe the objectives and functions of the Organisation.
  • Discuss the various types of Organisations.
  • What is Leadership? Explain its characteristics.
  • What is meant by the formal and informal organization? What are the differences between the two?
  • What are the duties of a successful manager? Explain.
  • What is Conflict? Explain its causes and remedies.
  • What is Coordination? Explain its essential elements.
  • What is Planning? Throw light on its objectives.
  • What do you mean by decision-making? Explain the decision-making process.
  • Explain the meaning and scope of Management.
  • Describe the functions of management.
  • Distinguish between Administration, Organization, and Management.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Motivation (b) Decision Making (c) Conflict

M.com Part 1 Important Questions For Organizational Behavior

  • What do you mean by personality? Describe the factors impacting the development of personality.
  • Evaluate interviews as tools for measuring personality.
  • Define organizational Conflict and describe its Characteristics.
  • Describe various stages of Organizational Development.
  • What is Organisation? Describe its Characteristics.
  • Write an essay on the development of organizational behavior.
  • Describe the meaning and nature of Organizational development.
  • What is the group? Describe its main types. How it is structured? Explain.
  • Describe Bandura's Theory of Personality.
  • Write short notes on the - "Fields of Organizational Behaviour".
  • Discuss theory X and theory Y of organization.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Personality and Culture (b) Informal organization (c) Organizational change
  • Define Organizational behavior and describe its characteristics.
  • Discuss the classical theory of organization.

M.com Part 1 Important Questions Managerial Economics And Business Environment

(Managerial Economics And Business Environment)

  • Explain the law of demand. What are its exceptions?
  • What do you mean by "Elasticity of Demand"? What are the types of Elasticity of demand?
  • Explain the law of demand. What are its exceptions?
  • Describe the Characteristics of managerial economics.
  • Describe the various methods of measuring the elasticity of demand.
  • What is a monopoly? How prices are determined under monopoly?
  • Discuss the nature and scope of managerial economics.
  • What is a perfect competition market? Describe its features. How does it differ from an imperfect competition market?
  • Discuss the impact of the time element on the determination of price.
  • Discuss the Risk and uncertainly bearing theory of profit.
  • Critically examine the demand and supply Theory of profit.
  • Critically discuss the marginal cost pricing method.
  • What is Privatisation? Discuss its merits and demerits.
  • What is a Business Environment? Discuss its Nature and Importance.
  • What is meant by disinvestment? Discuss the merits and demerits of disinvestment in the Indian Context.
  • Explain the main features of the Consumer Protection Act, of 1986.
  • Write an essay on the business environment.
  • What is meant by Globalization? Describe its advantages and disadvantages with reference to India.
  • Explain the effects of liberalization policy on India's foreign investment and foreign trade.
  • Write briefly an essay on economic systems.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Demand Forecasting (b) Discriminating Monopoly (c) Traditional Economics 

M.com Part 1 Important Questions Data Processing And Statistical Analysis

  • Explain the scope, importance, and limitations of Statistics.
  • Explain the meaning of statistics and give light on the importance of Statistics.
  • What do you understand by frequency distribution? Explain related terms of frequency distribution with examples.
  • Define Data and Explain with examples.
  • Define the Dispersion and explain its measurement.
  • Define the kurtosis of frequency distribution and also explain its measurements.
  • Define Moment and explain its method of measurement
  • What is the aim of random sampling and explain the method of random sampling.
  • Explain the rule of Addition and the rule of Multiplication of probability.
  • What do you mean by Regression? How it is different from correlation.
  • Define the Binomial and Poisson Distribution, and also find its mean and variance.
  • Explain the merits and demerits of census and sample surveys.
  • What do you understand by Poisson Distribution? Write its mean and variance.

M.com Part 1 Important Questions Accounting And Managerial Decision Making

  • What is managerial accounting?
  • What are the differences between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting? Explain.
  • What do you mean by Break-even analysis? Throw light on its application and importance.
  • What is Marginal Costing? How is it computed? Give example.
  • What is budgetary control? Discuss the importance and limitations of budgetary control.
  • Define Ratio Analysis and explain its objectives.
  • What is Cash Flow Statement? How is it prepared? Give example.
  • What is a fund flow statement? What are its objectives? How does it differ from the Cash flow Statement?
  • Describe the functions of a management accountant. How does it differ from Cost accounting?
  • Calculate the following ratios with the help of imaginary figures - (a) Current Ratio (b) Quick Ratio (c) Inventory Turnover Ratio (d) Debt-Equity Ratio (e) Debtors Turnover Ratio (f) Operating Ratio (g) Proprietary Funds Ratio (h) Net Profit Ratio 
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Standard Costing (b) Break-even Analysis (c) Financial Statements (d) Marginal Costing (e) Debt-Equity Ratio (f) Capital Employed

M.com Part 1 Important Questions On Finance Management

  • Describe the functions of Financial Management.
  • What do you mean by Capitalization? Explain its various principles.
  • What is Business Finance? What are its sources? Throw light on the importance of business finance.
  • What is meant by 'Leverage'? What are its types? Explain.
  • Describe various sources of short-term finance.
  • Explain various concepts of Cost of Capital.
  • What is capital budgeting? Explain the process of capital budgeting.
  • What is meant by retained earnings? Discuss its importance as a source of Capital.
  • What is meant by Financial Control? Discuss its organization and importance.
  • What is dividend policy? Throw light on the factors affecting dividend policy.
  • What do you understand by over-capitalization and under-capitalization? Describe their relative effects.
  • Describe the sources of long-term finance.
  • What is Working Capital? Describe its sources.
  • Describe the scope of financial management.
  • Discuss the nature and causes of business failure.
  • Explain the methods of financial control.
  • What is meant by dividend? Discuss the different forms of dividends.
  • What is Financial Planning? Discuss its objects and advantages
  • Explain the nature of business financial decisions. What are the important aspects of financial decisions?

M.com Part 1 Important Questions On Marketing Management

  • Define Marketing. Distinguish between marketing and selling.
  • What do you mean by marketing management? Explain its salient features.
  • What is a Brand? What is its importance in marketing? Distinguish Trade Mark from Brand.
  • What is meant by advertisement? Describe various modes of advertising.
  • Define personal selling and discuss its main features.
  • Review the modern trends in marketing.
  • What do you mean by 'Product Mix'? Describe the factors affecting change in product mix.
  • Define Consumer Behaviour and discuss its characteristics.
  • What is meant by market segmentation? Describe its objectives.
  • Throw light on the factors affecting the pricing of a product.
  • Describe the methods of pricing.
  • What is strategic marketing planning? Explain its features.
  • Explain the distribution channels and their functions.
  • Define 'Marketing Mix' and explain the concept of 'Four Ps'.
  • Describe the main principles of consumer behavior.
  • What is meant by marketing communication? Throw light on its importance and function.
  • What is meant by buying decisions? Explain its effects on the marketing system.
  • Write an essay on Marketing Research.
  • Discuss the good and the bad aspects of an advertisement.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Sales Promotion (b) Publicity and Advertisement (c) Product life cycle.

Human Resources Management Imp Questions M.com Part 1

  • What is Human Resource Management? Discuss its objectives.
  • What are the objectives of the Interview? What are its types? Explain.
  • What do you understand by recruitment? Explain the process of recruitment.
  • Discuss various methods of Job analysis.
  • Define training and discuss its various types.
  • What is Motivation? What are its Objectives? Explain monetary and non-monetary motivation.
  • What is Compensation? Discuss the different types of Compensation.
  • Write a short essay on the trade union movement in India.
  • What is moral? What are the factors (determinants) which influenced morale?
  • Define 'manpower planning'. What is its importance in India?
  • What is performance appraisal? Explain its objectives and importance.
  • "Collective bargaining is the best way to industrial peace." Discuss.
  • Discuss the meaning and scope of Industrial Relations.
  • Explain the process of Selection. What points should be taken into consideration in the selection of employees?
  • What is meant by industrial dispute? Discuss its causes and effects.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Compensation (b) Human Resource Planning (c) Morale
  • What do you understand by Workers' Participation in Management? What are its objectives?
  • What do you mean by 'Social Security'? Discuss its method.

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