M.com Second Year Important Questions 2024

In this post m.com second year important questions 2024. 

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These questions have been asked many times in the m.com part 2 previous year question paper.

The pattern of these questions has been prepared in such a way that they are relevant for m.com question paper 2023.

That's why keep them in the category of important questions. 

Try to answer the questions in your own words. 

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If the concept of the content is not clear, then it will have to be read again and again. 

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These m.com question papers will also be important for the entrance exam. 

You should take all the questions of m.com part 2 most important questions given below seriously and prepare excellent notes for yourself by writing accurate answers to them. 

These m.com second year exam preparation questions will help you understand the current question pattern.

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After M.com Which Course Is Best?

Some courses in this subject can be best for you, such as - If you do M.com In Accounting, then you can do these - Certified Public Accountant (CPA Course), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA Course), Certified Management Accountant (CMA Course). If you do M.com in Finance, then Chartered Financial Analyst (CFAA Course), and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) can be considered for you.

Jobs After M.com And Salary

You can do these jobs - Data Science Jobs, Jobs in Investment Banking, Cyber Security, and Digital Marketing. Salary will depend on your caliber and knowledge. Person to person can vary.

M com Important Questions For Second Year

M.com Part 2 Corporate Legal Framework Important Questions

  • Define a Joint Stock Company and describe its characteristics.
  • Mention the classification of companies and describe each of them in brief.
  • Describe the procedure of Incorporation of a Company.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of debentures.
  • What is a Memorandum of Association? Describe its Contents.
  • Define a Private Company. What are its features? How does it differ from a Public Company?
  • Define Share. What are the different types of preference shares?
  • Explain the rights and duties of a Company Auditor.
  • What is Debenture? Describe different types of debentures. How does it differ from share?
  • What do you understand by the Articles of Association of a Company? What are its contents?
  • What do you mean by Managing Director? What are his functions? Distinguish between a 'Managing Director and a Manager.'
  • Describe the different ways in which 'Directors' can be appointed.
  • Under What circumstances the court can pass an order for the Compulsory winding up of the company? Explain.
  • Write the meaning of the meeting and describe its characteristics.
  • What is the annual general meeting of a Company? Describe the nature of the proceedings of this meeting.
  • Explain in brief the levels of management in a company.
  • Describe the powers of an Auditor.
  • 'Company is an artificial person created by Law.' Discuss.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Prospectus (b) Public Company and private company (c) Kinds of Company (d) Holding and Subsidiary Company (e) Promoters (f) Transfer of Share.

M.com Part 2 Questions On Corporate Tax Planning And Management

  • Throw light on the need and importance of tax planning. Explain various types of tax planning.
  • Draw a distinction between tax planning and tax management.
  • Discuss tax planning in respect of the Sale, Replacement, and Renovation of assets.
  • Write an essay on tax planning and financial management decisions.
  • What is a special tax provision? Describe tax benefits given to exporters.
  • Explain the repair, replacement, and renovation stages of an asset.
  • What is meant by tax management? Explain its various elements.
  • What is a special tax provision? Discuss the profitability of tax for exporters.
  • What do you understand by advance payment of tax? Explain income tax provisions in this regard.
  • What do you mean by deduction at source? Explain the provisions of the Income-tax Act about it.
  • What are the Payments on which tax is deducted at source?
  • Define dividend. How planning of tax is made in respect of dividends?
  • Mention the conditions to be fulfilled for claiming tax exemption under section 10B.
  • Describe briefly the provision of Sec 206C regarding the collection of tax.
  • What should be the type of 'Capital Structure' for minimizing tax liability? Describe.
  • What is meant by Bonus Share? Explain tax planning with regard to bonus share.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Dividend Tax (b) Tax Avoidance (c) Cancellation of Deduction (d) Corporate Tax (e) Income tax (f) Forms of Business Organization.

M.com Part 2 Imp Questions On Research Methodology

  • Describe the main components of research.
  • What is meant by Research? Describe its objectives.
  • Describe the different types of research problems.
  • What is a Survey? Explain its various methods or tools.
  • What is a Research Project? Describe its different constituents.
  • What is meant by Thesis-Writing? Throw light on its sources.
  • What do you mean by thesis report? Describe the characteristics of a good report.
  • What is Secondary Data? Throw light on the main methods of collecting secondary data.
  • Define the hypothesis and throw light on its sources.
  • Define Questionnaire? Prepare a questionnaire in a particular context of research.
  • Define primary data and discuss the merits and demerits of interviews as a method.
  • Describe the methods of selecting the random sample.
  • What is a Schedule? Describe the characteristics of a good schedule.
  • What is the historical method of research? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Evaluate observation as a technique of Data Collection.
  • What is a Sample? Explain the features of a scientific sample.
  • What is meant by Median and Mode? Throw light on the importance of Median and Mode in data analysis.
  • What do you understand by thesis? Explain its components.
  • Define research and describe its characteristics and importance.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Median and Mode (b) Research Methodology (c) Standard Deviation.

Strategic Management Important Questions M.com Part 2

  • What is Strategy? Explain its characteristics.
  • Define Strategic management and describe its advantages. Explain its nature and scope.
  • What is global strategic management? Throw light on its characteristics.
  • What is Environment? Discuss the Components of the environment.
  • Describe the latest forms of organization.
  • Discuss the factors affecting strategic choice.
  • What is Leadership? Discuss the role and functions of leadership in strategic management.
  • What is Personnel Policy? Discuss its types.
  • Discuss the various techniques of organizational appraisal.
  • What is Strategy Implementation? Discuss its different aspects.
  • What do you understand by strategic decision-making? Make a comparative analysis of conventional and strategic decision-making.
  • Describe the process of Strategic Evaluation.
  • What is a Social Audit? What are its types? Describe.
  • Write an essay on Global Strategic decisions.
  • Discuss the different aspects of SWOT Analysis with examples.
  • 'Leaders are born not made'. Discuss.
  • What is Benchmarking? Discuss its characteristics and procedure.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Strategic Decision-making (b) Social Audit (c) Functional Strategy (d) Strategic Evaluation (e) Personnel Policy.

M.com Part 2 Questions On International Marketing Management

  • What do you understand by International Marketing? Explain.
  • Explain the nature and scope of International Marketing.
  • What do you mean by foreign market selection? Explain.
  • Write an essay on the International Marketing of Services.
  • What is personal selling? Explain its procedures.
  • Throw light on the methods of International marketing planning.
  • What is the concept of pricing? Explain the objective of pricing.
  • Discuss the Concept of 'Product Line' and 'Product Mix'.
  • What is the role of Fashion Style and product Innovation in promoting International Marketing?
  • What is International Advertising? Throw light on the important matters to be considered in this connection.
  • What is the International Marketing Environment? Throw light on its importance.
  • Describe the Product life cycle.
  • What is meant by branding? Describe its objectives and advantages.
  • Describe the process of International Marketing Research.
  • What is Contract manufacturing? Throw light on its merits and demerits.
  • What are the differences between Domestic and International Marketing?
  • What is International Market Segmentation? Describe the basis of Segmentation.
  • What is direct exporting? What are its advantages? How does it differ from indirect exporting?
  • What is the meaning of 'Product'? Explain its characteristics and importance.
  • Discuss in brief the objectives, advantages, and importance of International Marketing.

Foreign Trade Policy Procedure Questions For M.com Part 2

  • Describe the present foreign trade policy of India.
  • Discuss the different Concepts (Or types) of terms of Trade.
  • Discuss the need and subject matter of marine insurance.
  • Write an essay on Special Economic Zones.
  • Discuss various types of documents used in export trade.
  • Give a short sketch of the import procedure.
  • Describe briefly the procedures of import.
  • Describe the effects of terms of trade on underdeveloped countries.
  • Write an essay on Foreign Trade Multiplier.
  • Distinguish between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment. What are the causes of adverse BOP?
  • What do you mean by Terms of Trade? How do these terms of trade affect international trade?
  • Discuss the process of Customs Clearance in India.
  • Explain various methods of payment in Foreign Trade.
  • Discuss the composition and directions of India's Foreign Trade.
  • Describe the main instruments of Commercial Policy.
  • Describe various marketing assistance measures and schemes to promote export.
  • What do you mean by Quota? Describe its different types.
  • What do you mean by tariff? Discuss various types of tariffs.
  • Discuss the Opportunity Cost Theory of International Trade.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Devaluation (b) Dumpling (c) Marine Insurance.

M.com Part 2 International Business Environment Important Questions

  • What is the Business environment? Explain the components of the International Business Environment.
  • Discuss the economic environment of International Business.
  • Discuss the relationship between International Trade and Environment.
  • Describe the organizational objectives and functions of the World Bank.
  • Write an essay on the Legal Environment of International Trade.
  • Discuss the modern theory of International Trade.
  • Describe the different methods of Settlement of International trade disputes.
  • Describe the development of the International Monetary System after the Second World War.
  • Throw light on the objectives and functions of the International Monetary Fund.
  • Discuss the Opportunity Cost Doctrine of International Trade.
  • What is Globalization? Explain the Chief features of Globalization.
  • What is E-commerce? Describe its different types in brief.
  • Write a brief essay on the Balance of Payment.
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  • Throw light on recent development in the theory of International trade.
  • Discuss the objectives and functions of WTO.
  • What do you mean by the risk of the exchange rate? Explain the Strategies for managing exchange-rate risk.
  • Describe the following- (a) the Social and Cultural Environment of International Business (b) the Technological Environment of International Business 
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Exchange Control (b) European Union (c) Foreign Exchange market.

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management M.com Part 2

  • Define investment and describe its objectives. How does it differ from speculation?
  • Define Security and explain security analysis. Explain different kinds of security investors.
  • Define portfolio management and describe its objectives. How a portfolio is Constructed?
  • Explain the concepts of primary market and secondary market.
  • What is an investment decision? On which factors does it depend? Explain.
  • Describe the non-financial and financial factors of company analysis.
  • Explain the various sources of risk in a portfolio.
  • What is the meaning of Debenture? What are its different types? Explain its merits and demerits.
  • What is Bond? What are its different types?
  • What is the meaning of Capital Market? Explain its functions.
  • What do you understand by Capital Market and Money Market? What is the difference between the two?
  • Can future market prices be predicted?
  • What is Economy Analysis? Explain its features.
  • What is the investment? What elements are considered by an investor while making the investment?
  • What do you mean by Stock Exchange? Describe its functions.
  • What do you mean by preference share? Give its classification. Mention its merits and demerits.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) Listing of Securities (b) Investment and Gambling (c) Life Insurance and General Insurance (d) Industry Analysis (e) Index Number (f) Equity Share.

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