B.sc Nursing 4th Year Community Health Nursing 2 Imp Questions 2024

In this post b.sc nursing 4th year community health nursing 2 important questions are given for 2024. 

These questions have been collected from question banks and previous exam papers. 

Many of these questions have been randomly selected and collected from question papers from different universities. 

An attempt has been made to cover this topic and keep different formats of questions. 

Many of these questions have been asked repeatedly in the Community Health Nursing 2 question paper and can be included in the question paper in the upcoming examination. 

This does not mean that similar questions will be asked.

These community health nursing 2 exam questions can also be asked in different formats. 

Therefore, your concept needs to be clear on this topic. 

For this, before writing the answers, also read the textbook and advanced book recommended by the university. 

Try to understand the meaning of the lesson. 

Once your concept is clear, you will be able to write the answer to any question easily and conveniently. 

Write their answers in your own words, so that you can remember them easily and in less time. 

All questions of Community health nursing 4th year important questions are compulsory. 

Therefore, write these answers with concentration and accuracy. 

By following this process, you can prepare excellent notes on this topic from CHN 2 important questions, which will help in revision before the exam. 

When you get the CHN 2 question paper in the examination hall, the first thing you have to do is to ensure that the question paper is error-free and, that no page or question is missing. 

In case of any error, inform your invigilator and request another question paper. 

In the examination hall, read the instructions given on the first page of b.sc nursing 4th year community health nursing question paper carefully and follow the guidelines given for writing the answers. 

Write an accurate and informative answer using the number of words in which you have been asked to answer. 

This will save time and you will be able to give equal time to other questions also. 

Let us solve these questions.

CHN 2 Questions

Community Health Nursing 2 Important Questions B.sc Nursing 4th Year

  • Define Bag technique. Explain the principles of the Bag technique.
  • Define standing order. 
  • Explain about the qualities of a Community Health Nurse. 
  • Define Home visit. Write in detail about the principles and advantages of Home visits.
  • Define Health. Explain about various National Health Committees. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Surveillance (b) 20 points program (c) ESI (d) Women Empowerment & its impact on health (d) India Red Cross Society (IRC) (e) Primary health care. 
  • Write any two health problems of the elderly.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Ayushman Bharath (b) Food legislation laws (c) National Mental Health program (d) Mosquito control measures.
  • What is primary prevention?
  • Write short answers on the following:- (a) List down the preventive measures of AIDS (b) Enlist any four Community Nutritional programs.
  • Define community health nursing. Discuss the scope of community health nursing practice. 
  • Write any two functions of UNICEF.
  • Write the sources of vital statistics.
  • Write any four principles of Community Health Nursing.
  • Enumerate the objectives of school health. Discuss the various problems faced by school children. 
  • Write the warning signs of cancer.
  • What is a farmer's lung?
  • Write any four high-risk conditions during pregnancy.
  • Differentiate between community health nursing and hospital nursing practice.
  • Define Malnutrition.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Indian System of Medicine (b) Referral System (c) Problem-solving approach (d) Care of the handicapped (e) Rashtriya Bal Suraksha Karyakram (RBSK) (f) Universal health coverage.
  • Define Community Health.
  • Enumerate the role of voluntary health agencies in the delivery of health care services. Describe in detail about UNICEF and its functions in India.
  • Write the aims of the Food and Agriculture Organization.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Mention four records maintained in the sub-center (b) Enlist any four reasons for female infanticide (c) List components of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) (d) List out any two permanent methods of family planning.
  • Write the recommendation of the Jungalwalla Committee.
  • Discuss rural health infrastructure in India.
  • Discuss National Health Policy 2002 with a special reference to nursing. Explain the key points in National Health Policy 2002 which were not addressed in National Health Policy 1983.
  • Define family welfare. Write in detail about the aims and objectives of family welfare programs and explain temporary contraception methods.
  • Describe the Government of India's initiatives for improving adolescents.
  • Define Health hazards. 
  • Briefly describe the epidemiological approaches.
  • Discuss your role as a Community Health Nurse in providing school health services.
  • List the common occupational hazards in urban populations. Explain the role of occupational health nurses in promoting occupational health. 
  • Describe the strategies of the National Rural Health mission.
  • List the major health problems in India & Explain the organization, staffing, and functions of a community health center (CHC).
  • Discuss briefly of the following:- (a) Assessment of breast self-examination (b) Minimum need program.
  • Explain the Malaria Control Programme.
  • Discuss the Bhore and Mudaliar committee. 
  • Detail the role of District Public Health Nurse in Organizing Awareness Programme for Dengue prevention. List down four signs and symptoms of dengue fever.
  • What is the Vande Mataram scheme?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Child adoption act (b) Waste Management (c) Indian System of Medicine (d) Information, education communication (IEC).
  • Write the objectives of RNTCP.
  • Define female foeticide.
  • Define Active case detection.
  • State any four objectives of the ICDS program.
  • Write down the four functions of a Male health worker.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Mention any four aspects of the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (b) Formula to calculate crude death rate (c) Draw the Epidemiological triad. 
  • Explain the 'Mid-day meal program' in short.
  • Explain - GOBBIF.
  • Write short essays on the following:- (a) M.T.P Act (b) Enlist the high-risk mothers and discuss the role and responsibilities of the CHN in preventive services for the mother (c) Components of RCH-2.
  • Write any four functions of PHC.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Components of ORS (b) Source of vital statistics (c) DOTS (d) Quarantine.
  • Define evidence-based approach. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Orphanage (b) DANIDA (c) Four functions of WHO (d) List down three uses of the growth chart (e) List four points for prevention of anemia (f) List down four causes of blindness in India (g) NRHM (h) Pulse Polio Immunization Programme (i) Maternal mortality.
  • Write four importance of maintaining records and reports. 
  • Define cold chain.
  • Write four roles and responsibilities of ASHA.
  • Define eligible couples.
  • Write down the functions of DPHNO.
  • Write any four benefits of the ESI Act.

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