Bsc Nursing 2nd Year Genetics Imp Questions 2024

In this post BSc nursing 2nd year genetics important questions are given for 2024. 

Many of these questions have been asked in the examination before and can be asked again. 

Therefore, these questions are being compiled and presented before you keeping the upcoming examination in mind.

It is not that these questions will be asked similarly. 

By making some changes or twisting these, they can be included in the upcoming BSC nursing 2nd year genetics question paper. 

Therefore, take these questions seriously. 

The pattern of questions of the set given here has been determined based on the B.Sc Nursing Genetics previous year question paper so that you can understand the format of the questions and be comfortable with the question paper. 

It has been seen many times that previously asked questions are asked again and again in the examination and some new questions are also included. 

In those circumstances, this set can become a medium for you to get good marks. 

First, write these questions in your genetics copy. 

After that, clear your concept by reading the related chapter in the textbook. 

Now try to write their answers in your own words, because written in this way you will easily be able to remember them for a long time. 

When you get the question paper of 2nd year BSC nursing genetics questions in the examination hall, first check it. In case of any error, complain to the invigilator and request to change the question paper. 

To get more such nursing genetics practice questions, you can take the help of the internet, you will find many such practice sets there. 

You can download them and use them. 

Let us solve the questions on the topic of Genetics of nursing 2nd year important questions.

BSc Nursing Genetics Question Paper

Genetics Important Questions 2nd Year

  • Define Mitosis and name the four phases of Mitosis.
  • Define Meiosis.
  • Write short answers to the following:- (a) Cytogenetics (b) Genetic counseling (c) Karyotyping.
  • Write the name of the four nitrogen bases in genes. 
  • List the types of chromosomal aberrations. Write in short.
  • Write the name of the principles of inheritance stated by Mendel.
  • Name four prenatal diagnostic measures.
  • Define Teratogen.
  • Write the names of four diseases caused by a gene mutation.
  • Define consanguinity. 
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) Fetal Blood Sampling (b) Dawn Syndrome (c) Mendelian's inheritance theory.
  • Define spontaneous abortion.
  • Define Down's syndrome.
  • Define Spina Bifida.
  • Enlist four impacts of genetic disorders on families.
  • List the areas of assessment for developmental delay.
  • Describe Down syndrome and name five autosomal dominant disorders.
  • Define Dysmorphism.
  • Define necrosis. Classify necrosis and discuss each of them with suitable examples.
  • Define Proto-oncogene.
  • Name any one inherited cancer and the respective gene responsible for it.
  • Write the name of anyone who inherited cancer and the respective gene responsible for it.
  • List four roles of Nurses in Genetics. 
  • Describe Turner syndrome and list the benefits of genetic counseling.
  • Write the name of any two inborn disorders of- (a) Carbohydrate metabolism (b) Lipid metabolism (c) Amino acid metabolism (d) Hematological disorders.
  • Write the names of four maternal infections affecting the fetus.
  • Write the name of two genetic disorders of the Nervous System.
  • Name any two methods of Somatic Gene therapy.
  • Write the list of four congenital disorders.
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) Prenatal genetic testing (b) Role of nurse in genetics (c) X-linked chromosomal Disorder.
  • Define Eugenics or Define Positive Eugenics. 
  • List two maternal and pediatric risk factors requiring genetic testing.
  • Define Apoptosis.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) CSF sample collection method (b) Ethical issues related to genetic counseling (c) Vascular event in acute inflammation.
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) List down four genetic congenital abnormalities in newborns (b) Define Mutation.
  • Define oncogene.
  • Write the structure of the chromosome.
  • Discuss the steps of Wound Healing.
  • Define Genome.
  • What is Trisomy? Give two examples.
  • Write the name of four drugs having harmful effects on Foetus. 
  • What is Infertility?
  • Write the list of four assessments done for motor development.
  • Write the Goals of the Human genome project. 
  • Define spina bifida.
  • Write the name of any three clinical features of Huntington's disease.
  • Write the name of any two vectors used in gene therapy.
  • Define genetic counseling and two steps taken during the process. 
  • Write the short answer to the following:- (a) Mention any four trisomies (b) Name any four inborn errors of metabolism (c) Mention any four clinical manifestations of Turner's syndrome.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Allele and haplotype (b) Micro-array (c) Incomplete dominance.
  • What is the difference between benign and malignant tumors?

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