Bsc Nursing 2nd Year CET Important Questions 2024

In this post, nursing 2nd year communication and education technology important questions are given for 2024.

These questions have already been asked in the examination, and many of them are being asked again and again. 

Therefore, do not be careless in writing accurate answers to these questions. 

You can take the help of your professor, university textbook, and CET Advanced book to write accurate answers. 

Many of these questions can be asked again in the upcoming BSc nursing 2nd year CET question paper. 

These will not be asked similarly, these questions can also be asked by twisting them. 

Therefore, before writing their answers, clear your concept on this topic, so that you can write the questions given below in your own words. 

In the set of B.Sc nursing 2nd year important questions given below, in the questions related to CET, if any question is mentioned again, then skip it and proceed further. 

After getting the question paper on this subject in the examination hall, the first thing you have to do is to ensure that the question paper is error-free and you have read the instructions given on the first page. 

You have to write your answers in the examination only by following the guidelines given in the question paper on Communication and educational technology in nursing. 

This will save you time and you will be able to give equal time to other questions also. 

Write the questions that you can write well first. 

This will increase your confidence level on other questions. 

All the questions of the B.Sc nursing CET question paper given here are compulsory, so do not leave any questions. 

Let us solve these questions.

Nursing Education Communication Technology

BSc Nursing 2nd Year CET Important Questions

  • List any four clinical teaching methods and write the Demonstration method in detail.
  • Define Communication. Describe the elements, principles, and theories. Explain the Models of Communication. 
  • How would you organize an exhibition on Human Anatomy in your college?
  • Define the Lesson Plan. Describe the Prerequisites and Steps of Lesson Plan & Prepare a Lesson Plan for I year B.Sc. Nursing Students on Hand Washing.
  • Explain the different roles taken by the members of a group.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Motivation (b) Barriers of Interpersonal Relationships (c) Principles and approaches of Counseling (d) Microteaching (d) Simulation.
  • Describe the need for Vocational Guidance. 
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) List out the types of Rating Scale (b) Enlist the Phases of Crisis Development (c) List out the Phases of Self Instructional Module. 
  • Describe the qualities of the counselor. 
  • What is meant by portfolios and list out their types? 
  • Describe the Phases of Process Recording.
  • Define Standardized and Non-Standardized tests. 
  • Explain the principles of poster preparation.
  • What are the advantages of Objective Questions?
  • Explain the scope of the evaluation.
  • Write any two differences between Guidance and Counseling. 
  • Describe formative evaluation with an example.
  • Differentiate Philosophy and Education.
  • Write and mention any four Channels of Communication.
  • Define Group dynamics.
  • List any two methods to overcome physical barriers to communication.
  • What is Proactive and Reactive Learning?
  • List two needs for interpersonal relationships in nursing.
  • Define Health Behavior. Describe the process of Behavior Change. Explain the methods and media for Communicating Health Messages. 
  • List any two outcomes of an ineffective interpersonal relationship.
  • Define clinical teaching and list the different clinical teaching methods. Explain in detail any one method. 
  • As a Nursing teacher, what criteria will you remember while selecting assessment techniques and methods?
  • Define Teaching. Describe the elements of the Teaching Learning Process. Explain the principles and qualities of Good Teaching. 
  • Write any four purposes of guidance and counseling.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Lesson plan (b) Roles and Responsibilities of an Individual and Group (c) Problem-based learning (d) Techniques of communication.
  • List any four functions of education. 
  • Write any two advantages of the Nursing Care Plan.
  • Write any four principles of teaching.
  • What is meant by Logical Error?
  • List andy four Roles of Moderator in the Seminar.
  • Write four purposes of the Workshop and how will you organize a workshop as organizing secretary?.
  • List any four prerequisites for health education.
  • Justify the need for practical examination in nursing.
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) Mention any four elements of the Unit Plan (b) the Difference between Curriculum and Syllabus (c) Point out the basic principles of Microteaching (d) List out the types of Slides.
  • Write and mention any four levels of health education.
  • Write the importance of Teamwork in Nursing.
  • What is Philosophy and explain its relationship with education?. Describe the Philosophy of nursing education. Explain the qualities of good educational objectives. 
  • What are the contents of the Cumulative Record?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Master rotation plan (b) Naturalism (c) Symposium.
  • Define social attitude. Stages of group development. Discuss the Team and Group development process. 
  • Write a short answer to the following:- (a) List down four purposes of bedside clinic (b) Mention four principles of learning (c) List any four principles of health education.
  • Define Johari window.
  • Write two objective statements for the cognitive domain. 
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Mass media (b) Cognitive domain (c) OSCE/OSPE (d) Mention 4 types of charts (e) Enlist projected AV aids. 
  • List any Six methods of classroom teaching. Explain the lecture method in detail.
  • State 4 principles of Idealism.
  • List the graphic aids. Describe any one graphic aid in detail.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Essentials of IEC (b) Types of Programming and Educational Objectives (c) Essential media for communicating health issues (d) Peer learning.
  • Write the name of 4 three dimensional aids. Explain to anyone in detail.
  • Write the Principles and uses of the Bulletin Board.
  • Discuss the use of modern technology such as computers and the internet as effective media for teaching.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Pragmatism (b) Bloom's taxonomy of objectives.
  • Explain in detail about the principles, advantages, and disadvantages of OHP. 
  • Write the advantages and disadvantages of the Lecture Method.

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