B Pharm 8th Sem Social And Preventive Pharmacy Imp Questions 2024

In this post b pharm 8th sem Social and Preventive Pharmacy important questions are given for 2024. 

Write down all these questions in your pharmacy notebook. 

By writing accurate and informative answers, you can score good marks on the exam and also prepare excellent notes for yourself. 

Write the answers to all the questions of social and preventive pharmacy 8th sem question paper given here in your own words. 

For this, you will have to keep your concept clear on this topic. 

For your clear concept, you can take the help of a university textbook as well as an advanced pharma book. 

Try to understand the meaning by reading the lesson related to this topic 2 to 3 times. 

If you still have difficulty understanding and writing answers to the social and preventive pharmacy important questions 8th sem given here, then contact your university professor and solve the problem. 

All the questions given here are very important and are given to practice writing answers to the questions. 

By solving these you can improve your confidence level. 

Therefore do not skip any of these questions. 

The help of the previous year question paper of social and preventive pharmacy 8th sem and question bank has been taken in the selection from many questions given below. 

Those questions have been included here, which have been asked repeatedly in the past and are likely to be asked in the upcoming examination also. 

You will find many sets of this type available online on the internet. 

You can also continue your practice by downloading them. 

The compilation and format of all the questions given here have been made keeping in mind the social and preventive pharmacy exam questions for pharmacy students. 

With this, you will get to know the pattern of questions and what types of questions can be asked. 

Whenever you get the social and preventive pharmacy question paper in the examination hall, first of all, check the entire question set once and ensure that it is error-free. 

In case of any type of error, inform your invigilator and request to provide error-free paper. 

Start writing your answers keeping in mind the important instructions given on the first page. 

Write accurate and informative answers only in the number of words asked in the exam question paper. 

After writing all the answers, do a revision to ensure that no question has been missed. 

Let us solve these questions given here on social and preventive pharmacy 8th sem.

Social And Preventive Pharmacy Questions

Important Questions On Social And Preventive Pharmacy 8th Sem

  • Explain about the term Nutritional Deficiencies.
  • What are indicators of health? Explain different indicators and their use.
  • Write a short answer on Control of Acute Respiratory Infection.
  • What are the objectives of the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme? 
  • Write a brief note on Drug addiction and abuse.
  • How are tuberculosis diagnosis, categorization and treatment done according to the Revised National TB Control Program (RNTCP)?
  • Explain the food to nutrition & health.
  • Write in detail about the objectives, strategy, and components of the National Programme for Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment.
  • Discuss the National Health Intervention Programme for Mothers.
  • What are nutritional deficiency diseases? 
  • Write a short note on the following:- (a) Diabetes mellitus (b) Pneumonia.
  • Name some common nutritional deficiency diseases in India and explain how they are controlled.
  • Write short notes on the Control of deafness.
  • Write a short note on the following:- (a) Personal hygiene and avoidable habits (b) Prevention and control of chikungunya and dengue.
  • Discuss vertical transmission of HIV infection. What are the various modalities for the prevention of vertical transmission of HIV under the National AIDS Control Programme?
  • Write a short answer on the Pulse Polio Programme in India.
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Lymphatic filariasis (b) Poverty and health (c) National Urban Health Mission.
  • Explain the salient features of the National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly.
  • Elaborate on the National Tobacco Control Programme.
  • Write the aim and objectives of the National Malarial Control Programme.
  • Write about the Integrated disease surveillance programme.
  • Define cancer. 
  • Define drug dependency.
  • What are the causes of cancer? 
  • Explain about the Malnutrition and its Prevention.
  • Discuss clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Describe briefly the Universal Immunization Programme and its implementation at the primary care level.
  • Briefly discuss the concept of health and the evaluation of public health.
  • Write about the various health problems of school children. Discuss in detail the objectives and the aspects of school health services.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Pentavalent Vaccines (b) Vitamin deficiencies (c) Hypertension (d) Community Health services (e) Community Services.
  • Write in detail about the functions of the Primary Health Centre (PHC).
  • Explain the warning signals of poor mental health.
  • What is the germ theory of health?
  • Explain briefly about the National Leprosy Eradication Programme. 
  • Define a balanced diet.
  • What is the role of WHO in the Indian National Programme?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Sullivan’s Index (b) Mode of transmission of the Ebola Virus (c) Impact of urbanization on health. 
  • Write about the prevention and control of Cholera.
  • Write the causative organism and control of SARS.
  • Define sewage. write the various methods of disposal of sewage in un-severed areas.
  • What are psychoactive substances?
  • What is the role of sanitation in human health?
  • What are DOTS and DOTS plus?
  • Explain the causative agents, mode of transmission and treatment of influenza.
  • What is the immunization schedule during pregnancy?
  • Write a short note on the following:- (a) Mention Social causes of disease (b) Iceberg of disease (c) No-scalpel Vasectomy.
  • Write about the role of ASHA workers and the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).
  • Explain primordial prevention and explain its importance in the prevention of disease.

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