B Pharm 8 Sem Marketing Management Imp Questions 2024

In this post b pharm 8 semester marketing management important questions are given for 2024. 

You have to write the answers to all these questions in your own words while clearing the concept. 

For better and more informative concepts, read the lessons given in your university textbook 2 to 3 times. 

If you still have difficulty understanding marketing management topics, then take the help of your professor or an advanced marketing book. 

Here it is mandatory to write correct answers to all the eight sem pharma marketing management important questions given below. 

Many of these questions are likely to be asked in the same format in the upcoming examination. 

Some questions can also be twisted and included in the pharma marketing management question paper and placed before you to solve. 

Therefore, take all the questions given here seriously and prepare your informative answers in such a way that an excellent note is prepared for your examination. 

Those notes can be used for revision before the exam. 

For the selection of these questions, the help of pharma marketing management previous year question paper and a question bank of marketing management have been taken. 

After receiving the question paper on this subject in the examination hall, first of all, check the entire question paper. 

In case of any error, request another question paper from the invigilator. 

After receiving the question paper, read the instructions given on the first page carefully and then start writing your answers. 

Start writing the answer only after understanding the meaning of the question. 

Use only as many words as are recommended to write the answer in the instructions for the question paper of pharma marketing management 8th sem.

After writing all the answers, do the necessary revision once and confirm whether the answer to any question is left unanswered. 

In the set of pharma marketing management important questions given here, try to write long answers in 500 words and short answers in 200 words. 

This set can also be used as a practice set and if you want more such sets then you can use the question sets available on the internet by downloading them. 

Practicing more will improve your confidence level and your fear of exams will reduce. 

Let us solve these questions.

Questions Of Marketing Management B Pharmacy

8th Sem B Pharma Marketing Management Important Questions

  • Describe the various functions and scope of marketing.
  • Explain about Channel Conflict Management.
  • What do you mean by NPD and PLC? 
  • Write in detail about the prescribing habits of physicians.
  • Define communication and explain the process of communication.
  • Define direct mail and describe about Types, forms, advantages, and disadvantages of direct mail.
  • Define Promoting. Explain the different types of banding with suitable examples.
  • Write a note on methods determining the total Promotion budget.
  • Explain the stages involved in market research.
  • Differentiate between wholesalers and retailers. Define the formation of retailers.
  • Discuss the primary role of product management in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Write an account of Product Portfolio analysis.
  • Differentiate “Marketing” and “Market”.
  • Write a short answer on the Nature of the Product and its life cycle stages.
  • Define promotions. What are the objectives and needs and sales promotion?
  • What is Market Segmentation? How do you Segment Pharmaceutical Market targeting? Explain the advantages of Market segmentation.
  • Explain strategies used during the introductory stage of PLC.
  • Write a short note on the Product Mix decision. Differentiate between product line and product mix.
  • Write the difference between marketing and selling.
  • Write about Rural and Industrial Marketing. What is the problem in rural marketing?
  • What are the factors to be considered in pricing of pharmaceutical products?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Give an account of Effective detailing (b) Note on Packaging and Labeling Decisions (c) Demographic.
  • Discuss the role of retailers in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.
  • Define Consumers. What is consumer behavior?
  • Write the advantages and disadvantages of a wholesaler in the distribution of Pharmaceutical products.
  • Define primary data.
  • What is NPPA? Explain the various functions of NPPA.
  • Explain the behavioral Segmentation.
  • Define needs and wants.
  • What is lifestyle?
  • Write a short note on the following:- (a) Window display promotion (b) Function of wholesaler (c) List out methods of pricing approaches.
  • What are the Booklet and leaflet? Explain.
  • What is detailing? 
  • What is a Sales account?
  • Write a note on the Patient's choice of Retail Pharmacist.
  • Define Mail order selling.
  • Discuss and explain the stages involved in New Product Development.
  • Define distribution channels and What an is Indirect Channel? What is the basis for the selection of channels of distribution? Explain about types of distribution Channels.
  • Define Consumerism.
  • Write a short answer on the cost of production.
  • What are me-too products?
  • Explain the overview of size, qualitative and quantitative aspects, and composition of the Indian pharmaceutical market.
  • Discuss briefly the Socio-psychological characteristics of the consumer.
  • Explain how companies complete through R&D and product quality?
  • Write the duties of Professional Sales Representatives.
  • What do you mean by product differentiation?
  • Explain the purpose of detailing, duties, selection, training Compensation, and prospectus of PSR.
  • What is the advantage of hospital pharma as a retail outlet?
  • Differentiate between Advertising and Personal Selling.
  • Define rate contract.
  • What are the non-pricing strategies approved by pharmaceutical industries?
  • Write a note on Demographic descriptions.
  • Discuss the various promotional techniques for OTC products.
  • Write an account of Product line Strategies.
  • Discuss the public relations in pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Write the functions of the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.
  • What is DPCO?
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Types of Retailing (b) New Product Decisions.
  • Write a short note on Vertical marketing.
  • Define Motivation.
  • Define advertisement.
  • Define Market Environment.
  • Explain the importance of the medical exhibition.
  • What is a Journal?
  • What do you mean by tender pricing?
  • What is the brand?
  • What are the 4P’s of marketing?
  • Define Negotiation.

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