B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology 6th Sem Imp Questions 2024

In this post, important questions of herbal drug technology sixth semester pharmacy are given for 2024. 

It is mandatory to write answers to all the questions given on this topic. 

The reason for this is that any questions from the Herbal Drug Technology question paper given below can also be asked in the examination. 

By writing accurate and informative answers to these questions, your chances of scoring good marks in the exam increase. 

Therefore do not skip any of these questions. 

Before writing answers to these herbal drug technology 6th semester important questions, clear your concept on this topic. 

For this, read the lesson related to this topic in your textbook 2 to 3 times and understand the meaning implicit in the lesson. 

Apart from the help of the Advanced Pharma book, you can also get help from your professor to write descriptive and informative answers. 

Here, in compiling the questions given in this set, the help of herbal drug technology previous year question papers and HDT question bank has been taken. 

Frequently asked questions have been included in this set. 

It is not that the same questions will be asked in the same format, they can also be twisted and included in the herbal drug technology 6th semester question paper of the upcoming examination. 

You should try to answer the questions given below in your own words. 

With this, you will be able to remember them easily, for a long time and in a short time. 

When you receive HDT question papers in the examination hall, first of all, ensure that they are error-free. 

In case any page is missing or questions are misprinted, request your invigilator to provide you with an error-free question paper. 

Before solving the b pharm 6th semester herbal drug technology important questions given here, make sure that the question is according to your university syllabus or not. 

Write your answers following the instructions on the first page of the question paper received in the examination.

Use only as many words as are recommended to write the answer. 

With this, you will be able to give equal time to other questions also. 

Let us solve the Herbal drug Technology important questions given here.

Question Bank For Herbal Drug Technology

Imp Questions Of Herbal Drug Technology Sixth Sem Pharmacy

  • Explain Good agricultural practices in the cultivation of medicinal plants including organic farming.
  • Write a detailed note on the patenting of traditional knowledge and natural products with examples.
  • Write in detailed account of WHO and ICH guidelines for the assessment of herbal drugs.
  • Write a note on the stability testing of herbal drugs.
  • Explain the principle, diagnosis, and methods of treatment in the Siddha, Ayurveda, and Homoeopathy system of Medicine.
  • What are the ideal requirements of Bhasma?
  • What are Nutraceuticals? Discuss the present market scenario and scope of nutraceuticals.
  • Explain various interactions between Herbs and food.
  • What is Biopiracy? Explain the patent case study of Curcuma.
  • Write the health benefits and role of nutraceuticals in CVS Disease
  • What are bioinsecticides? Enlist the various Bioinsecticides and explain any two in detail.
  • Write the name of some fixed oil used in herbal cosmetics.
  • What are probiotics? Differentiate the prebiotics from probiotics.
  • Give the general herbal ingredients of herbal shampoo.
  • Write about regulatory aspects of Pharmaceuticals and bulk drug manufacturing.s.
  • What are the objectives and importance of GMP? Enumerate the components of GMP.
  • Discuss the interactions and side effects of Pepper and Ginseng.
  • Describe the possible side effects and interactions of hypericum and kava-kava.
  • Write ideal properties of Hair colors.
  • Write the name of any two herbal antioxidants and give their biological source.
  • Explain Schedule Z of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act for ASU drugs. Write in detail about ASU-DTAB and ASU- DCC.
  • Write the role of nutraceuticals in healthcare management.
  • Explain the present scope and future prospects of the herbal drug industry.
  • Explain the Ayurvedic medicine system and its standardization.
  • Write a short note on colorants and sweeteners as herbal excipients and their significance.
  • What is the basic principle involved in homeopathy?
  • Write a short answer on the following:- (a) Name any two natural bleaching agents with biological sources (b) Health benefits of Ginger and Chicory (c) Mention the evaluation parameters for herbal syrups. 
  • Write various types of Extracts & their Drying methods.
  • Write the side effects and interaction of Pepper and Ephedra.
  • Define Herb and Herbal medicines.
  • Write quality control tests for Hair Care Products.
  • What is meant by Farmers right?
  • Write the Characteristics of Hair dyes.
  • What are Asava and Arista? Elaborate on the formulation and standardization of Arista and Asava.
  • Write a note on bleaching agents in herbal cosmetics.
  • Write the source and chemical constituents of any one herb used as perfume.
  • Write the short notes on the following:- (a) Mention the significance of Phytosomes (b) Give examples of herbal excipients used as binders.
  • Define bio-fertilizers with examples.
  • What do you mean by breeder’s right?
  • Enlist two nutraceuticals used in gastrointestinal diseases with their active constituents.
  • Write the classification of chemical fertilizers with examples.
  • What is a master formula record?
  • Describe the role of excipients in cosmetics.
  • Explain about infrastructural requirements of the herbal drug industry as per Schedule T.
  • Write the health benefits and role of nutraceuticals in Cancer.
  • Write different methods for processing herbal raw materials and explain the storage of herbal drugs with examples.
  • Define Biopesticides. Classify with examples. Give some examples of plants acting as Pesticides.
  • Write a note on herbal skin care cosmetics.
  • Write the difference between conventional and Organic Farming.
  • Enumerate different pest control methods and explain biological control methods.
  • Write the health benefits of Ashwagandha.
  • Write the source, chemical constituents, and uses of any two natural gums.
  • Define the churn and write the types of churn. 
  • Write the classification of nutraceuticals. Describe in detail any one food used as nutraceuticals.
  • Write the benefits and role of Nutraceuticals in Diabetes.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Herbal Tablets (b) The patent case study of Neem (c) the Classification of Natural colorants.
  • Write the sources and health benefits of Fenugreek.
  • Explain the term Patent.
  • Write the role of Alfa-alfa as a nutraceutical.
  • Define binders. Write the classification of binders.
  • What are viscosity builders?
  • Write the two examples and the role of herbs in dental care.
  • Write the side effects and interaction of Ginkgo Biloba.
  • Define the term IPR.
  • Explain Trigunas in Ayurveda.
  • Write a note on Industry-academia interrelation.
  • Write the health benefits of Amla.
  • Explain the term Biodynamic agriculture.
  • What is the law of similars? 
  • Explain Garlic and Honey as healthy food.

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