Class 6 History Important Questions 2023

History class 6 important questions are being given in this post for 2023. 

You can understand the pattern of Class 6 history question paper 2023 from these questions. 

Many times the repetition of questions is done in the question paper. 

Many of these Class 6 History Questions have been asked in previous exams. 

So solve these questions seriously. History comes under the social science subject for class 6th. 

So, these questions are class 6 social science important questions. 

First of all, write these questions in your notebook. 

After that, understand their meaning by reading the chapter related to the recommended textbook by your school. 

Contact your teacher if you do not understand. 

If these questions are not matching with your syllabus, then use this set as a practice set. 

The number of questions in the class 6 history exam paper may increase or decrease. 

So try to solve as many questions as possible. 

You will find many History Questions for Class 6 in the market in the form of a question bank. 

You can use them too. 

By solving these questions of sixth class history, you can make good notes, which will save you time in revision at the time of examination. 

You try to write the answers to the history questions in your own words. 

With this, you will be able to remember them easily.

Class 6 History Important Questions

  • Define these words - (a) Citadel (b) Seal (c) Sacrifice (d) Neolithic.
  • What cloth did the Harappan traders supply to Egypt?
  • Who was Ravikirti?
  • What information is obtained from Vedic literature?
  • What do you know about the term Veda?
  • Where do the human settlements flourish?
  • What is domestication? 
  • Give the reason - "People are forced to leave their settlements.
  • How do archaeologists know that cloth was used by the people of the Hara civilization?
  • What information do we get from the material sources?
  • Ashoka is known as a unique ruler in the history of the world. Why?
  • Choose the correct alternative and write the complete statement - (1) Kanishka was a famous king of the ____ (Vardhan, Chalukya, Kushanas). (2) _____ a Gupta king, was and expert veena-player (Chandragupta-1, Chandragupta-2, Samudragupta) (3) _______ appointed satraps to administer conquered terriotory. (Seleucus Nicator, Alexander, Daryush)
  • Explain the two distinct features of Mahayana Buddhism. Name any two foreign countries where it became popular.
  • Why did the satraps begin to fight among themselves?
  • Explain the meaning of the term ‘Dhamma’. 
  • Who did Ashoka send to Sri Lanka for the spread of Buddhism?
  • Write any two means adopted by Ashoka to spread Dhamma.
  • Which pillar inscription describes Samudragupta's conquests?
  • Who was the founder of the Mauryan dynasty?
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Emperor Kanishka (b) Means of entertainment and sport of the Maurya period.
  • Write any three facts about Chandragupta-2. Explain the administrative arrangements made by Samudragupta?
  • Name the five vows of Jainism.
  • What were the three parts of the kingdom ruled by Samudragupta? Describe the new features of the army in the Gupta period?
  • Who are Gladiators? & What is Angas?
  • Write one key idea of a democratic government.
  • Why is the Bay of Bengal called Chola Lake?
  • What is the Janpad Panchayat?
  • Who was Mahendravarma?
  • Write the full form of SHO. Explain his duty?
  • Describe Roman numerals.
  • What do you mean by ‘Below Poverty line’ (BPL)?
  • Why is the Gupta period called the Golden Age of ancient India?
  • Who were the poorest in Kalapattu village? What steps can the government take to help them?
  • What made Magadha emerge as the most powerful kingdom?.
  • In what ways a permanent job is different from a casual job? Explain.
  • What do you mean by the term ‘sub-contracting’?
  • Who is Mayor?
  • What was Ganga bai protesting about? What did she do and why?
  • Give two examples of Public property.
  • What do you mean by the term Shreni?

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