M.A. Second Year Sociology Important Questions 2024

In this post m.a. second year sociology important questions have been given for 2024. 

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Read the chapter related to the questions again and again and try to know the answer. 

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You can also get many jobs like - Assistant Professor, subject matter expert, content writer, etc.

Some questions will not match your syllabus. For this, you have to attempt these questions as a practice set. 

This set of m.a part 2 sociology important questions will help you to understand the pattern of questions.

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M.A Second Year Sociology Question Paper

M.A Second Year Imp Questions On Environmental And Society

  • Discuss the idea of Durkheim and Max Weber in the context of Classical Sociological tradition.
  • Critically evaluate the theory of Alienation propounded by Karl Marx.
  • What is environmental sociology? Discuss the rise of environmental Sociology.
  • What do you mean by Environment? Discuss the scope of Environmental Sociology.
  • What do you mean by environmental pollution? Discuss the measures to Prevent it. Discuss its causes.
  • Discuss the impact of Pollution on the Environment.
  • Discuss the environmental issues- water, sanitation and pollution.
  • Discuss the relationship between Environment and Socio-Economic Development.
  • Discuss the relationship between population growth and the environment.
  • What is Displacement? Discuss its consequences and Discuss its causes.
  • What do you mean by Sustainable Development? Discuss its characteristics.
  • Discuss the characteristics of the environmentalism of developed countries.
  • Discuss the types of Pollution Prevailing in India.
  • Discuss the theories of Modernization.
  • What do you mean by Environment-friendly Technology? Discuss its importance in Society.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Sustainable development (b) Malthus's theory of Population
  • (c) Dependency Theory (d) Water Pollution (e) Sanitation (f) Poverty (g) Naturalism.

M.A Second Year Questions On Ethnicity Pluralism And Nation

  • What do you mean by Ethnicity? How does the cultural milieu affect ethnicity?
  • Discuss the causes of Ethnic Conflict.
  • Write an essay on Ethnic Rebellions.
  • Describe major Tribal Movements in India.
  • What is ethnic consciousness? Describe its role from a global perspective.
  • Define Culture. Discuss its characteristics.
  • Describe the features of Multicultural societies.
  • Discuss the relationship between culture and personality.
  • 'Different Societies-Different Cultures'. Explain it.
  • How does ethnicity affect society? Discuss.
  • What is International Migration? Discuss its causes.
  • Define Social Tension. Discuss its causes.
  • Discuss the concept of Nationalism and Ethnicity.
  • Discuss the nature of urbanization and migration in South Africa and Asia.
  • Discuss the characteristics of the Ethnic Movement.
  • Discuss the problems of National building.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Principles of Nationalism (b) Globalization (c) Social Tension (d) National identity (e) Nationalism (f) Colonialism (g) Cultural Diversity (h) Ethnic Assimilation.

M.A. 2nd Year Questions On Culture And Mass Communication

  • What is Popular Culture? Discuss the relationship between popular culture, Mass culture, and folk culture.
  • Discuss the role of Radio as a means of Information Technology.
  • Explain the relationship between popular culture, Leisure, and Recreation.
  • Discuss the role of mass media in Popular Culture.
  • Discuss the impact of Communication Technology on popular culture.
  • Analyze the relationship between popular culture, identity, and community consciousness.
  • What is Globalization? Discuss the role of Global Media as an agency of globalization.
  • Discuss the contributions of the Chicago School in the field of popular culture.
  • Discuss the impact of Global Information on Youth.
  • What is Narrow Parochiacization? Distinguish between Narrow Parochialization and Universalization.
  • What is Mass Media? Discuss its social use and abuse.
  • How does Mass Media affect Global culture? Discuss.
  • Evaluate the role of Mass Media in the dissemination of awareness about social issues.
  • What is Social Movement? Discuss the role of media in Social Movement.
  • What is tradition? Distinguish between little tradition and Great tradition.
  • Discuss the role of Modern Media in the Commercialization of folk culture.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Universalization (b) Community Consciousness (c) Popular Music (d) Social Marketing (e) Commercialization of Folk Culture (f) Pilgrimage (g) Syncretism.

M. A Second Year Imp Questions On Globalisation And Society

  • What is Globalization? Discuss its benefits and disadvantages.
  • Discuss the impact of Globalization on Mass Media.
  • Explain the concepts of Modernity and Modernization.
  • Discuss the process of Globalization as a factor of Social Change.
  • What do you mean by capitalism? Discuss the relationship between capitalism and Globalization.
  • What do you mean by outsourcing? Discuss the gain-loss of India on account of outsourcing.
  • Discuss the impact of Information and communication technology on Globalization.
  • How does capitalism encourage Globalization? Discuss.
  • Discuss corporate social responsibility.
  • 'Globalization encourages consumerism'. How? Explain.
  • What is Religious Fundamentalism? Discuss the role of religion in the process of Globalization.
  • Discuss the ill effects of Globalization on society.
  • Discuss the development of Nationalism in the World.
  • Discuss the role of the World Bank as an agency of Globalization.
  • Evaluate the role of NGOs in Globalization.
  • What is Individualism? Discuss the effects of Globalization on the position of Individualism.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Mass culture (b) Global tourism (c) Outsourcing (d) Fundamental Movement (e) N.G.O. (f) Corporate Social Responsibility (g) Modernization (h) Disparity.

M.A. 2nd Year Questions On Rural Society In India

  • What is Rural Sociology? Discuss its importance and scope.
  • Describe the Peasant Social Structure in India.
  • What are Little Tradition and Great Tradition? Explain its importance in understanding rural culture.
  • What are Land Reforms? Discuss the Land Reforms in Indian Society.
  • What do you mean by Peasant Society? Distinguish between Peasant society and Little community.
  • What do you mean by Indian Village? Discuss its characteristics.
  • What do you mean by joint family? Discuss the factors of change in a joint family.
  • Define Caste. Discuss the recent changes in Caste System.
  • What is the Mode of Production? Discuss the mode of Production in the Indian context.
  • Discuss the nature and characteristics of the Indian Rural Communities.
  • Evaluate the Land Management and agrarian relations in rural India.
  • What do you mean by community development project? Evaluate its success and failure.
  • Critically examine the planned Programmes of Rural Reconstruction in India.
  • Distinguish between Little tradition and Great tradition.
  • Discuss the two Agrarian Movements of India.
  • Discuss the structure and functions of Panchayati Raj.
  • Discuss the impact of Globalization on Indian agriculture.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Sanskritization (b) Migration (c) Poverty (d) Water Resources in India (e) Patent and Globalization (f) Joint Family (g) Jajmani System.

M.A. Second Year Sociology Questions On Urban Society In India

  • Discuss the contributions of Emile Durkheim to urban sociology.
  • Discuss the origin and development of Urban Sociology.
  • 'Urbanism is a way of life'. Examine this statement.
  • Discuss the contributions of George Simmel to urban sociology.
  • Discuss the factors of urbanization in India.
  • Define Urban Society. Distinguish between Urban Society and Rural Society.
  • What is urbanization? Discuss the sociological dimensions of urbanization.
  • Define Slum. Discuss the causes of slum growth in India.
  • Discuss the classification of urban centers.
  • Discuss the role of Industries in the growth of cities.
  • What is a Caste System? Is the caste system changing into a class system?
  • What is urbanization? Discuss the consequences of urbanization in India.
  • What is Migration? Discuss its effects. Discuss the factors of migration in India.
  • Discuss the contributions of Max Weber to Urban Sociology.
  • Discuss the urban Environmental problems and give suggestions to solve them.
  • What is urban poverty? Discuss its causes.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Slum (b) Class structure in modern India (c) Urban Planning (d) Gender.

M.A. Second Year Questions On Sociology Of Religion

  • What is the Sociology of Religion? Discuss its subject matter.
  • Distinguish between religion and magic.
  • Critically discuss the functional theory of the origin of religion.
  • Discuss the concept of ideal type propounded by Max Weber.
  • What is religion? Discuss its functions.
  • Critically discuss the theories of the origin of Religion.
  • Analyze the structuralism of Levi-Strauss.
  • Discuss Weber's theory of Phenomenology.
  • Examine the Marxian concept of Historical Materialism.
  • Write an essay on Dialectical Materialism.
  • Discuss the Fundamental Principles of Islam.
  • Explain the main features of Christianity.
  • What is Hinduism? Discuss its bases.
  • Discuss the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.
  • Discuss the Sacred Personality in the context of Religion.
  • Describe the cardinal Principles of Islam.
  • Discuss the concept and characteristics of communalism. Suggest measures to eradicate it.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Ideal type (b) Arya Samaj (c) Magic & Religion (d) Buddhism (e) Sacred Place (f) Brahm Samaj (g) Secularization.

M.A. Second Year Questions On Education And Society

  • What is the Sociology of Education? Discuss the contribution of different scholars in the Sociology of education.
  • Discuss the theory of Cultural Reproduction given by Pierre Bourdieu and Michael Young.
  • Define Socialization. Discuss Mead's theory of socialization.
  • Define Socialization and discuss its agencies.
  • What is stratification? Discuss the functional theory of stratification.
  • What is Social Stratification? Discuss its Bases.
  • What is School? Discuss the basic material structure of the school.
  • Discuss the importance of language in educational instruction.
  • Discuss the nature and concept of language instruction. Analyze the factors influencing language in instruction.
  • What do you mean by curriculum? Discuss its needs in imparting education.
  • Define Evaluation. Discuss the present evaluation system in education.
  • Discuss Evaluation utility.
  • What do you mean by gender disparity? Discuss its effects in education and employment.
  • Discuss the role of a teacher in education.
  • Discuss the contribution of Basic Education to Social Development.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Information Technology (b) Functionalism (c) Higher Education (d) Conflict (e) Multiculturalism (f) University Grant Commission (g) Skill Development (h) Basic education.

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