M.A 1st Year Public Administration Imp Questions 2023

Through this post m.a 1st year public administration important questions 2023 is being given. 

These questions will be helpful in getting good marks in the upcoming MA exam. 

Therefore, prepare the answers to these questions in your notebook. 

These questions have been compiled on the pattern of public administration last year question paper. 

All the questions asked in this question set have been asked in previous exams and have been repeated many times. 

Therefore, the possibility of their being asked is strong. 

To make public administration notes, write these questions in the copy. After that read the chapter from the textbook. 

Try to clear the concept and write the answer in your own words. 

Answers prepared in this way are easily remembered for a long time. 

MA public administration questions are based on concepts and theories, administrative thinkers, the Indian government, administration development, and financial and social welfare topics. 

Some questions are also being answered here, take a look at them - 

What are the scopes of ma in public administration?

After mastering this subject, you can look at these public administration jobs as a career, such as - labor-management relations and personnel management specialist as well as analyst, teacher, administrative officer, corporate manager, and consultant.

Who is the father of public administration?

The answer is - "The past President of the USA, Woodrow Wilson".

Let's start making notes of m.a public administration subjects.

M.A Public Administration Question Papers

Public Administration Concepts And Theories Questions

  • Define Public Administration and discuss its scope.
  • Discuss the systems approach to the study of Public Administration.
  • Discuss Max Weber's theory of Bureaucracy.
  • Write an essay on New Public Administration.
  • Examine the role of the Chief Executive as a General Manager.
  • Discuss the contribution of Henery Fayol in the study of Public Administration.
  • What is an Independent Regulatory Commission? Describe the salient features of Independent Regulatory commissions.
  • What do you mean by Department? Describe the main bases of Departmental Organization.
  • What do you mean by Decision Making? Discuss the different processes and stages of Decision Making.
  • Why is training important? Discuss the methods employed for providing training to public servants in India.
  • Define Communication and discuss the importance of Communication.
  • "Information technology is the most important tool of good governance". Give your arguments.
  • What do you mean by Leadership? Describe the important theories of Leadership.
  • Critically examine the importance of Promotion.
  • Describe Riggs's views on Development Administration and Administration of Development.
  • Discuss the legislative method of the control of Public Administration.
  • Discuss Employer-Employee relations. How Employer-Employee relations affect the working of an organization.
  • Explain Public Policy in the context of Public Administration.
  • ''Budget is an important tool of exercising Legislative control over Public Finance". Discuss. 

Administrative Thinkers Important Questions

  • Critically explain the Saptang theory or Elements of State presented by Kautilya.
  • Critically examine the Mandal theory of Kautilya.
  • Explain Mahatma Gandhi's concept of Truth and Non-Violence in Administration.
  • "Gandhism is becoming more and more relevant in the present circumstances". Do you agree with this view? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Discuss the contributions of Woodrow Wilson in Public Administration. (Critically explain the ideas of Woodrow Wilson.)
  • Discuss the main contribution of Lyndall Urwick in the classical theory of Organisation.
  • Analyze Luther Gullick's ideas concerning the determination of the scope of Public Administration.
  • "M.P. Follet has given the insight of progressive liberalism to management philosophy" Analyse.
  • Discuss the ideas of M. P. Follet regarding administration.
  • Discuss the Human Relation Theory of Elton Mayo.
  • What do you mean by Developing Countries? Discuss the utility of the Bureaucratic Model in developing countries.
  • Discuss the 'X' and 'Y' theories of Douglas Mcgregor.
  • What are the various theories of motivation? Comment upon the contribution of Hertzberg in this regard.
  • Critically Examine the Need Hierarchy Theory of Abraham Maslow.
  • Critically examine Elton Mayo's theory of Human relations.
  • Discuss the Bureaucratic Theory of Karl Marx.
  • What is Scientific Management theory? Discuss the views of F. W. Taylor regarding Scientific Management.
  • Examine the Contributions of C.I. Barnard in Management.

Indian Government Questions

  • Discuss the various dimensions of the Indian Political System.
  • Discuss the relevance of the Indian Administration in the context of socioeconomic and cultural activities.
  • What are Fundamental Rights? Why are they called Fundamental? Discuss its nature and significance in the context of the Indian Political System.
  • Discuss the nature of Indian Federalism.
  • What do you mean by Directive Principles of State Policy? Discuss its nature and significance.
  • "Indian President is the titular head of the State". In light of this examine the power and position of the Indian President.
  • Describe the organization's Powers and functions of the Union council of Ministers.
  • Examine the position of the Indian Prime Minister as the political executive of administration.
  • What do you mean by Judicial Review? Examine the working of Judicial Review in India? Do you think judicial activism is creating hindrances in the administrative procedure?
  • Discuss the Financial Relations between the Centre and States in India.
  • Discuss the power and functions of the Supreme Court of India.
  • Discuss the role of the Governor in State Administration.
  • Discuss the Administrative relationship between the center and the State.
  • Critically examine the Procedure of Amendment of the Constitution of India.
  • Discuss the main recommendations of the Sakaria Commission.
  • Examine the Special Constitutional Status of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Indian Administration Question Paper

  • Discuss the Administrative System in India during the Rig Vedic period and Post Vedic period.
  • Discuss the Administrative system of India during the Gupta period.
  • Critically examine the Administrative role of the President of India.
  • Discuss the working of the Cabinet Secretariat and the office of the Prime Minister.
  • What are Field Agencies? Discuss the working of Field Agencies in the context of Indian Administration.
  • Discuss the Minister-Secretary relationship in Indian Administrative System.
  • Discuss the role of the District Magistrate in District Administration.
  • What do you mean by Public Sector Undertakings? How does it function in India? Throw light on the management and control system of Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Explain the composition powers and functions of Panchayat Samiti.
  • What do you mean by Personnel Administration? Discuss its importance.
  • Examine the working of Public Sector undertakings in India.
  • What are Administrative Tribunals? Highlight its importance.
  • What do you mean by Recruitment? What are the fundamental principles of a good Recruitment System?
  • Discuss the structure and working of the panchayat system in India.
  • Examine the position powers and functions of the Comptroller and Auditor General in India.
  • Explain the organization, powers, and functions of the Municipal Corporation.
  • Write an essay on O & M (Organization & Method).

Development Administration Questions

  • "Development Administration is concerned with the formation and execution of Public Policies". Discuss this statement.
  • Discuss in brief the different dimensions of Development Administration.
  • "Development Administration is Multi-Dimensional Concept." Discuss this Statement.
  • What do you mean by Developing Country? Describe its important features.
  • Discuss the role of the Development Administration in developing societies with special reference to India.
  • Define Bureaucracy. Discuss the role of Bureaucracy in the field of Development Administration.
  • "Has bureaucracy been successful in achieving the goal of development in Developing Countries"? Discuss.
  • Critically examine the process of Policy formulation.
  • Examine the relationship between Development Administration, Administrative Development, and Administrative capability.
  • What do you mean by Administrative Capability? Discuss the factors responsible for increasing administrative capability.
  • What do you mean by participation? Discuss the supportive and obstructive elements of people's participation.
  • Describe the relationship of Public Administration with the political, social, and economic environment.
  • What is the meaning of Information Technology? Discuss its role in Development Administration.
  • What do you mean by Policy Formulation? Discuss its importance.
  • Discuss the supportive and obstructive elements of people's participation.
  • What do you mean by E-Governance? To what extent it has been successful in India.
  • Discuss the poverty alleviation programs adopted by the Government of India.
  • 'Caste System is a hurdle in the development' Examine this statement.
  • Regionalism slows the pace of Administrative Development. Evaluate.

Financial Administration Questions

  • Describe the concept, nature, and scope of Financial Administration.
  • Describe the framework of Financial Administration in India.
  • Describe the distribution of Revenue between the Union and State in India.
  • Discuss the importance and role of the Finance Ministry in India.
  • Describe the structure and functions of the Finance Commission.
  • Explain the role of Budget in Financial Administration.
  • What do you mean by tax system? What are the merits of a good tax system?
  • Examine the composition powers and function of the Estimates Committee in India.
  • What is Monetary Policy? What are the instruments of Monetary Policy?
  • What is Audit? Discuss its various types.
  • Describe the composition and functions of the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Describe the Characteristics of the tax system in India.
  • What do you mean by Credit Control?
  • What are the main aims of Credit Control? Explain them.
  • Throw light on the role of the Reserve Bank of India as the Banker of the Government.
  • Describe the framework of Financial Administration in India.

Politics And Administration With Special Reference To India Questions

  • Throw light on different approaches to the study of the politics-administration relationship.
  • Discuss the relations between politicians and administrations in the Indian Context.
  • Critically examine David Easton's System Analysis Approach to the study of Political System.
  • Discuss the Behavioural approach to the study of the Political system.
  • Explain the meaning and importance of Comparative Analysis.
  • Evaluate Gabrial Almond's model of structural-functional approach to the study of comparative politics.
  • What do you mean by Political Parties? Write the essential elements of Political Parties.
  • What are the characteristics of pressure groups in Indian Politics?
  • What do you mean by Administrative System? Discuss the interactions between Administrative System and Political System.
  • Explain Rigg's SALA model of administration.
  • Write an essay on the concept of Administration.
  • What do you mean by Administrative Development? Discuss its main elements.
  • Discuss the role of Bureaucracy in political development.
  • What is Development Administration?
  • What do you mean by Administrative State? Discuss the factors contributing to its emergence.
  • Write an essay on the Marxian concept of Bureaucracy.
  • Write an essay on Max Weber's Concept of Bureaucracy.
  • What do you mean by Administrative State? Describe the factors of its emergence.
  • Evaluate the contributions of Riggs in the field of Comparative Public Administration.

Questions On Social Welfare Administration

  • What do you mean by Welfare State? What are its characteristics?
  • Directive Principles of State Policy of the Indian Constitution are important for the establishment of an ideal democracy and welfare state. Discuss.
  • Explain the meaning and scope of the Social Welfare Administration. Do you think that Social Welfare Administration is important in today's World?
  • Write an essay on Social Welfare Policies.
  • Discuss the policies framed by the government in terms of gender at the national level.
  • Describe the composition powers and functions of the National Commission for Women.
  • Discuss the implementation and achievement of Family Welfare programs in India.
  • Discuss the organization and working of the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Government of India.
  • Critically examine the working of the National Commission for backward classes.
  • Discuss the meaning and objectives of Voluntary Organizations. What are their problems?
  • Discuss the main work of social welfare at the district level.
  • Discuss the meaning and importance of Family Welfare Programmes. Highlight the difficulties in the implementation of Family Welfare Programmes.
  • Discuss the organization, functions, and achievements of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  • Describe the structure and working of International Labour Organization.
  • Write short notes on the following- (i) National Commission for Minorities (ii) World Health Organization (iii) National Commission for Children (iv) Social Welfare Policies for Transgender.

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