CBSE Class 10 Music Syllabus 2022-2023 Session

Today you will get the details of the CBSE class 10 music syllabus for the session 2022-2023. 

This syllabus is very useful for you to know, what exactly you have to study in music class. 

The music classes have been divided into two categories. That is Carnatic music class & hindustani music vocal class.

This syllabus consists of both syllabi. 

The best benefits part is for you in the 10th class CBSE music paper is that the marks will be awarded in accordance with the marking scheme. 

It has been directed by the board to the external examiners to ask questions directly related to the syllabus. 

So, questions will not be from outside. 

Another important point is mentioned in CBSE 10th class music syllabus, that external examiners will refer to the distribution of marks while examining you for practical examination.

The predefined time will be given for theory is 2 hours and the total marks you can obtain is 100 (Theory-30, practical-external-50, and practical-internal - 20). 

Class 10 Hindustani Music Vocal syllabus and CBSE class 10 Carnatic music (vocal) syllabus both help you to energize the brain to think positively. 

As you know that musical training develops reasoning as well as language in human beings. 

This is a fact that the left side brain develops very fast with music. 

If you want to make a decent career in this field then you have to focus on the initial phase of learning. 

The basic point of the learning stage starts in class 10. 

So, focus to prepare your class 10 music notes with the help of this music syllabus. 

This syllabus also provides a Carnatic music syllabus for beginners, which helps to improve your interest level in this music. 

Basically, this is the Carnatic music exam syllabus for you.

Music Syllabus Class 10

CBSE Music Hindustani Vocal Syllabus Class 10

Hindustani Music Vocal (2022-23) (Code – 034) Class X

Internal Assessment:

1. Project–File

  • Writing in notation the musical compositions of all Ragas prescribed in the syllabus
  • Identifying the Tala of musical compositions
  • Drawing and labeling the various parts of any percussion instruments
  • Description and writing the notation of all prescribed Talas with Layakaries (Thah, Dugun, Tigun, Chaugun)
  • Identifying and interviewing any neighborhood Artists.

2. Project Work

Suggestive Topics * Interrelationship of the following

  • Music and Religion
  • Music and Cinema
  • Music and Electronic Media
  • Devotional aspects in Music
  • Interrelationship of Arts (Music - Dance or Theatre Visual Arts)

(*Students may choose any one of the above topics or any other topic for the project in consultation with the teacher)

3. Periodic practical Test, restricted to three in an Academic year

  • Average of best two tests to be taken for final marks submission. Each test will examine a candidate for one Raga from the syllabus, one Devotional Song, and two Talas.

Carnatic Music Vocal Syllabus

  • Brief knowledge of Raga classification.
  • Brief knowledge of the scheme of 72 Melakarta.
  • Knowledge of Ragas Prescribed - Suddha Dhanyasi, Sriranjani, Suddha Saveri, Bhairavi Keeravani, Kambhoji, Ananda Bhairavi.
  • Detailed knowledge of Kriti with the explanation of decorative angas, Varnams - Tana Varnam & Pada Varnam.
  • Rudiments of notation & writings of notations of Varnamas and Geetams. (Deleted the numbers Varnams and Geetam into one.)
  • Life and contribution of the following 20th Century Composers:- (a) otisvaraIyer (b) PapanasamSivan (c) G.N.Balasubramaniam

Note: The question paper should contain at least seven questions, out of which candidates are expected to answer five in all. In which questions based on Notation & Ragalakshanas are compulsory. Questions No 1 & 2 are compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

Carnatic Music Practical Syllabus 

  • Singing of Alankaras and Svaravalis in a Raga other than Mayamalavagoula.
  • Rendering of taught Varnams (at least four) in two degrees of speed.
  • Five Kritis in total using Adi tala, Rupaka and Chapu Tala.
  • Anyone out of Devarnama, Tiruppugazh, Patriotic song, and one folk song.
  • Svarajnanam test based on the prescribed ragas and taught compositions.
  • Singing Svarakalpana in first speed for the compositions taught in Suddha Saveri, Keeravani, and Sri Ranjan. (It has been reduced to Singing Svara Kalpana reduced to only one Raga).

Note:- External examiners have to be arranged for 50 marks in the Practical examination.

You will get some information about the music book for class 10 students. 

CBSE Music Book

  • Concepts of Vocal Music - Pandit Satish Chandra Srivastava & Dr. Alpana Khare
  • Concepts of Instrumental Music - Pandit Satish Chandra Srivastava & Rohit Kumar 
  • Hindustani Vocal Music - Jayashree Thatte Bhat.
  • Carnatic Music Book - Suresh Narayan

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