Psychology B.A 1st Year Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

Today you will receive the psychology b.a 1st year syllabus for the session 2023-2024. 

This will help you to know, what you have to study in the new session. 

A proper guideline is important for those students, who were recently admitted to ba part 1 psychology honours.

If you are one of them, then this is for you. 

As you know that every university announces a new syllabus for a new session for ba 1st year psychology.

A syllabus plays a vital role in providing the necessary information to the students like - college courses, the topic of study, tests, quizzes, or exams. 

This will also serve accountability and documentation. 

If your university has issued the new syllabus then focus on that, if they did not then go with this one for note preparation. 

A decent and authentic note preparation will be done if ba first year psychology syllabus is genuine. 

You will get the bifurcated syllabus to understand the subject matter smoothly. 

If the university has issued an amended syllabus for the new session, then you should use them. 

Make them the basis for upcoming exam preparation.

Let's start.

Psychology BA First Year

B.A 1st Year Psychology 1st Paper Syllabus 

Paper-1 (General Psychology)

  • Method - Observation: Advantages and limitations; Experimental: Advantages and limitations.
  • Nervous system - Kinds: Central and Peripheral; Structure and Function of the brain. Methods of studying brain functioning Theories of cortical functioning -localization and mass action.
  • Perception - Characteristics and Determinants. Theories: Gestalt and Behaviouristic. Role of personal and social factors in Perception.
  • Learning - Role of motivation in learning. Theories: Connectionism, Insight, and Conditioning, Classical and Instrumental.
  • Remembering and Forgetting - Nature, Ebbinghaus and Bartlett's viewpoints, factors of retention, Retroactive Inhibition. Nature and theories of forgetting.
  • Thinking - Thinking and related concepts; Problem-solving. Role of set in thinking; Language and thought. Theories - Central and Peripheral; Creative thinking.
  • Emotion - Nature, Bodily changes. Theories - James - Lange; Cannon-Bard and Activation theory.
  • Intelligence - Nature, Theories, Measurement of intelligence, and uses of intelligence tests.
  • Personality - Nature, Type, and Trait approach. Determinants - Biogenic and sociogenic; measurements of personality. 

B.A 1st Year Psychology 2nd Paper Syllabus

Paper-2 (Psychopathology)

  • Different views about abnormality. A brief history of psychopathology.
  • Topographical and dynamic aspects of mind.
  • Psychopathology of everyday life. Mental conflicts and defense mechanisms; psycho-sexual development.
  • Dreams - Dreamwork. Theories: Freud, Jung, and Adler.
  • Neuroses - Difference between Neuroses and Psychoses; Anxiety Neurosis, Obsessive - Compulsive Neurosis, Hysteria - Clinical pictures and etiologies.
  • Psychoses - Paranoia, Manic Depressive, and Schizophrenia - Clinical pictures and etiologies.
  • Psychopathic disorders - Types, Clinical pictures, and dynamics.
  • Psychosomatic disorders - Types, Clinical picture, and dynamics.
  • Therapies - Psychoanalytic, Group, Behavior, and client-centered. Use and aims of psychotherapy.
  • Mental Retardation - Clinical classification, Causes, and rehabilitation. 

You will get information on psychology b.a. 1st year book with the writer's name. 

These books are genuine textbooks. 

You can use it to prepare notes on this subject in detail. 

You should also read the university-recommended psychology ba 1st year book for preparation for the upcoming exam.

BA First Year Psychology Books


  • Psychology- Baron and Mishra
  • Introduction to Psychology - Morgan, King, Robinson and Schopler
  • Introduction to Psychology - Atkinson & Hilgard.
  • Psychology – Ciccarelli and White
  • Advanced General Psychology - Arun Kumar Singh
  • Manovigyan - Visya avam Vyakhya - A . Rahman
  • Samanya Manovigyan - Md. Sulaniman and Dinesh Kumar
  • Adhunik Samanya Manovigyan - Sinha & Mishra


  • The Disorganised Personality - Kisker
  • Abnormal Psychology - Butcher, Hooley, Mineka and Dwivedi
  • Abnormal Psychology - William Ray
  • Abnormal Psychology - Girishbala Mohanty
  • Abnormal Psychology - Davison and Neale
  • Asamanya Manvigyan - Arun Kumar Singh
  • Asamanya Manovigyan - Makhija & Makhija
  • Asamanya Manovigyan - Sinha & Mishra

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