BA Part 1 Psychology Important Questions 2024

Today you will get a decent ba part 1 psychology important questions for the new session 2024.

This is the collection of those questions, which were asked by the exam authority repeatedly in the past papers. 

So, it is important to acknowledge these questions for better preparation for upcoming examinations.

As you know that psychology is the subject, in which scientific studies are done. 

These studies are based on mental and animal processes. 

You will also study human behavior in this subject and things related to child psychology, female-male attraction psychology, modern psychology, education psychology, social psychology, and sports psychology.

You know that Dr. N.N Sengupta is the father of psychology in India and he is very famous today. 

This psychology question bank ba 1st year will help you to understand the pattern of questions and help for better preparation in advance. 

These are the best guess questions for BA 1st year psychology.

The best way to prepare the answer to these ba part 1 psychology question papers is to read the related chapter in your textbook. 

Try to start to write the answers to these questions in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize the answer in a short time and is easiest for revision.

This question set is based on the pattern of b.a. 1st year psychology question paper 2023. 

Let's start to write the answer.

Psychology BA First Year

B.A. 1st Year Psychology 1st Paper Questions

Paper-1 (Basic Psychological Processes)

  • Discuss any two theories of problem-solving.
  • Explain the types of motivation.
  • What are the goals of psychology?
  • What do you mean by introspection?
  • Explain the function of endocrine glands.
  • Define 'Sensation'.
  • Denine 'Learning'.
  • What is thinking?
  • What is motivation?
  • What are emotions?
  • Define psychology. Discuss the statement "Psychology is a science of behavior".
  • Discuss various fields of psychology and explain their application.
  • Explain the structure and function of the ear.
  • Explain the structure and function of the eye.
  • Differentiate between classical and operant conditioning.
  • Discuss and evaluate any two theories of emotion.
  • Discuss factors affecting intelligence.
  • Discuss determinants of personality.
  • Explain experimental and observation methods of psychology.
  • Explain the functions of the central nervous system.
  • Write an essay on STM and LTM.
  • Discuss the role of ANS in emotion and physical changes that take place during emotions.
  • Describe the type approaches of personality.
  • Describe the detail the structure and function of CNS.
  • What is conditioning? Throw light upon Pavlov's conditioning theory.
  • What is memory? Write about long-term memory.
  • Write about the Gestalt theory of Perception.
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of the experimental method.
  • Critically evaluate the James-Lange theory emotion.

B.A 1st Year Psychology 2nd Paper Questions

  • Describe the symptoms and causes of Depression.
  • Elaborate on the symptoms and causes of dissociative hysteria.
  • Who first proposed the term Schizophrenia?
  • What is the main symptom of Psychosis?
  • Explain any one viewpoint of abnormal behavior.
  • Differentiate between conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious.
  • Briefly describe Freud's theory of psychosexual development.
  • Explain the meaning and characteristics of Dream.
  • What is Phobia? Describe its causes.
  • Explain the nature and symptoms of the paranoid disorder.
  • Critically evaluate Roger's client-centered therapy.
  • What are the causes of Alcoholism? How you can treat such persons?
  • Why Schizophrenia is considered the most serious mental disorder? Describe the clinical symptoms and the major subtypes of Schizophrenia.
  • Describe the major symptoms and causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • With the help of an example, describe the steps involved in conducting systematic desensitization therapy.
  • Present a clinical picture of antisocial personality disorder and suggest suitable remedial measures for them.
  • Discuss the procedure of conducting psychoanalytic therapy and explain how resistance is resolved.
  • Describe the symptoms and causes of manic-depressive psychosis.
  • Suggest a program for rehabilitating a drug addict.
  • Who propounded cognitive therapy?

BA Part 1 Psychology Honours Objective Question

  • What will be the individual IQ in mental retardation?
  • Who proposed the concept of a defense mechanism?
  • Which type of memory is more organized and stable?
  • Who proposed the two-factor theory of emotion?
  • What does characterize a drug addict?
  • Who constructed the concept of the "Mental Age"?
  • Whose work is considered a source for the origin of group therapy?

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