BA 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

Today you will get BA 3rd year sociology syllabus for the 2023-2024 session. 

This syllabus provides guidelines to the student.

The best way for you to focus on the syllabus of your university. 

Because the university will be issued the authentic syllabus for the new session. 

The syllabus of sociology ba 3rd year is important for those students, who passed the second year and appeared in the third for the next level of study.

This syllabus contains all the chapters related to the subject very systematically.

Every university authorizes a person to prepare a new syllabus for the right track of learning for the students.

Sometimes they issue the previous year with a new amendment. 

This syllabus is also based on the b.a final year syllabus 2023. 

As you know the syllabus played an important role. 

A syllabus gathers all the vital or necessary information related to your subject. 

If the syllabus is not perfect, then all preparation for the examination will be in vain. 

The main role of the syllabus of sociology ba 3rd year is to provide all the information about your class in one place. 

This will also provide information about the class schedules, due dates, office hours, etc in one sheet.

That means your professor will say to you 'It's on the syllabus.

Let's start.

BA Third Year Sociology Syllabus

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 1st Paper

Paper-1 (Social Demography)

  • Social Demography: (i) Meaning, Nature, and Development of Social Demography (ii) Scope and Importance of Social Demography 
  • Demographic Processes: (i) Fertility (Meaning and Causes) (ii) Mortality (Meaning and Causes); Migration (Meaning and Types)  
  • Population Theories: (i) Malthusian Theory of Population (ii) Theory of Demographic Transition; Theory of Optimum Population 
  • Population Growth and its Impact: (i) Economic (Poverty and Unemployment) and Social (Housing and Slums) Consequences (ii) Environment (Pollution and Depletion of Resources); Population Policy in India

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 2nd Paper

Paper 2 (Theory and Practice of Development)

  • Development: (i) Meaning, Characteristics, and Dimensions of Development (ii) Social Change and Social Progress 
  • Recent Trends in Development: (i) Global Inequalities in Development (Developed, Developing and Under Developed Nations) (ii) Human Development Theory: Growth vs Development.
  • Post Development Theory: (i) Gender and Development (GAD); Public Private Partnership (PPP) (ii) Participatory Development and Role of PRIs
  • Sustainable Development: (i) Meaning, Characteristics and Strategies of Sustainable Development (ii) Environmental Discourse (Ecology, Ecosystem, and Society); UN Earth Charter 1992

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 3rd Paper

Paper 3 (Religion and Society)

  • Understanding Religion: (i) Sociology of Religion: Meaning, Nature and Scope (ii) Sacred and Profane; Functions of Religion
  • Religion in India-I: (i) Hinduism (Meaning, Origin, and Rituals) (ii) Islam (Meaning, Origin, and Rituals)
  • Religion in India-II: (i) Christianity (Meaning, Origin, and Rituals) (ii) Buddhism and Sikhism (Meaning, Origin, and Rituals)
  • Secularism and Communalism: (i) Secularism: Meaning, Characteristics and Factors of Secularism (ii) Communalism: Meaning, Characteristics and
  • Factors of Communalism

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 4th Paper

Paper-4 (Marriage, Family, and Kinship)

  • Kinship: (i) Meaning, Degree, and Types of Kinship (ii) Descent and Alliance
  • Marriage: (i) Meaning, Characteristics, and Significance of Marriage (ii) Types of Marriage
  • Family and Household: (i) Meaning, Characteristics and Types of Family (ii) Family and Household; Reimagining Family (Changing Structures)
  • Contemporary Issues in Marriage, Family and Kinship: (i) Emerging Family and Marriage Patterns in India (ii) Terms and Usages of Kinship and New Trends in Kinship

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 5th Paper

Paper-5 (Social Stratification)

  • Social Stratification: (i) Meaning, Characteristics and Basis of Social Stratification (ii)Social Differentiation, Social Inequality and Hierarchy
  • Forms of Social Stratification: (i) Race and Ethnicity (ii) Caste, Class, and Gender
  • Approaches of Social Stratification: (i) Karl Marx; Max Weber (ii)Talcott Parsons; Kingsley Davis & Wilbert E. Moore
  • Social Mobility: (i) Meaning, Characteristics and Factors of Social Mobility (ii) Types of Social Mobility (Horizontal and Vertical)

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 6th Paper

Paper-6 (Gender and Sexuality)

  • Gendering Sociology: (i) Sociology of Gender; Gender as a Social Construct (ii) Gender and Sex; Gender Roles
  • Gender Differences and Inequalities: (i) Concept of Gender Inequality; Gender-based Division of Labour (ii) Gender and Caste; Gender and Class
  • Gender Discrimination: (i) Meaning, Causes and Consequences (ii) Remedial Measures for Removing Gender Discrimination
  • Gender Equality: (i) Constitutional Provisions for Women; Quest for Gender Equality (ii) Women Empowerment: Meaning, Policies and Programmes for Women Empowerment; Women Movements

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 7th Paper

Paper-7 (Polity and Society in India)

  • Political Sociology: (i) Meaning, Nature and Characteristics of Political Sociology (ii) Scope and Significance of Political Sociology
  • Political Identities: (i) Caste as a Factor of Political Identity (ii) Religion and Ethnicity as Factors of Political Identity
  • Political Processes: (i) Democracy and Bureaucracy (ii) Power and Authority
  • Protest and Resistance in Indian Politics: (i) Pressure and Interest Groups (ii) Farmers, Women and Dalit Movements

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Syllabus 8th Paper

Paper-8 (Economy and Society)

  • Economic Sociology: (i) Sociology of Economic Life (ii) Sociological Aspects of Economic Processes
  • Modes of Production: (i) Domestic and Peasants (ii) Capitalist and Socialist
  • Contemporary Issues: (i) Globalization: Meaning, Characteristics and its Impact on Society (ii) Development: Meaning and Indicators of Development;
  • Global Trends of Development
  • New Economic Sociology: (i) Post Industrial Society; Information, Communication, Technology and Society (ii) Social Security and Alienation
  • You can get the collection of textbooks with the writer's names in this post. These ba final year sociology books are important to make a decent note on this subject. 

BA 3rd Year Sociology Book

B.A 3rd Year Sociology Book 2024

  • Banerjee, D - Health and Family Planning Services in India
  • Bhende, Asha A - Principles of Population Studies
  • Srivastava, O.S - Demography and Population Studies
  • Bose, Ashish - Demographic Diversity in India
  • Hans, Raj.- Fundamentals of Demography: Population Studies with Special Reference to India
  • Choudhary, K - Globalization, Governance Reforms and Development in India
  • Dereze, Jean and Amartya Sen - India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity
  • Harrison, D - The Sociology of Modernization and Development
  • Singh, Yogendra - Culture Change in India: Identity and Globalisation
  • Omvedt, G - Buddhism in India: Challenging Brahmanism and Caste
  • Sharma, U.- ‘Dowry in North India: Its Consequences for Women’, in Patricia Uberoi (ed.): Family, Kinship and Marriage in India
  • Tumin, M M. - Social Stratification
  • Kumar, Radha - ‘From Chipko to Sati: The Contemporary Indian Women’s Movement’, in Nivedita Menon (ed.): Gender and Politics in India
  • Vanaik, A -  ‘The Social Character of the Indian State’, in Z. Hasan (ed.): Politics and the State in India
  • Howes, David (ed.) - Cross-Cultural Consumption: Global Markets and Local Realities

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