B.A 1st Year Important Questions Public Administration 2023

Today you will get the collection of b.a 1st year important questions public administration for the session 2023.

These questions are collected from the question bank and these are repeated several times in past examinations. 

First of all, let us understand What is Public Administration?

A student studies government policy and its various aspects of development and implementation. 

Another definition may be that this is the administration, which is for the benefit of the general public. 

The policy decision announces to the public. 

This subject is very interesting, if you study this subject with concentration then definitely you can make a good career in this. 

So, focus on these b.a. first year public administration question papers.

This will help you to understand the pattern of the questions. 

As well as you can prepare Public Administration BA 1st Year Notes with the help of these questions. 

First of all, read the related chapter in your university-recommended textbook. 

Then start to write the answer in your own words with the help of the textbook. 

This process helps you to memorize the answer smoothly. 

Public administration b.a 1st year is the starting phase of learning, So, study with care. 

If your university syllabus is not matching with below-given syllabus then treat it b.a. public administration model question paper for practice. 

BA 1st Year Public Administration Question Paper

B.A. 1st Year Public Administration 1st Paper Question Paper

Paper-1 (Elements Of Administration)

  • What do you mean by Administration?
  • Define private administration.
  • What do you understand by Social Science?
  • What is the classical approach to Organizational Theories?
  • Define Hierarchy.
  • Denine Decentralization.
  • What is Line Agency?
  • What do you mean by Decision-Making?
  • What is Personnel Administration?
  • What is promotion?
  • Discuss the nature of Public Administration.
  • Explain the importance of Public Administration in Modern Society.
  • Describe the relationship between Public Administration and Political Science.
  • Write a note on Hawthorne Experiments.
  • Evaluate the importance of Informal Organisations. 
  • Explain the techniques of Coordination.
  • Analyze the difference between Line and Stuff Agencies.
  • Describe any four styles of Leadership.
  • Discuss the role of Civil Services in a Developing Society.
  • Explain the merits and demerits of Seniority based promotion.
  • Describe the evolution of the study of Public Administration.
  • Explain the major principles of the Classical Theory of Administration.
  • Discuss the types and advantages of Decentralization.
  • Explain the process and obstacles of the Communication Process.
  • Evaluate the essential elements of Direct Recruitment.
  • “Public Administration and Private Administration are two sides of the same coin.” Comment.
  • Discuss the theory of Scientific Management of organization.
  • What is the role of the Chief Executive in Administration? Discuss the question with special reference to Britain and India.
  • What is Independent Regulatory Commission? Describe the salient features of Independent Regulatory Commissions.
  • What is Administrative Adjudication? Describe its merits and demerits.
  • Explain how employer-employee relations affect the working of an organization.
  • Discuss the various methods of Judicial control over Public Administration? 
  • Comment on parliamentary control over public finance. 
  • What has delegated legislation? For what reasons has it developed? Discuss.
  • What do you understand by Formal Organization?
  • Write any two Hindrances in the way of coordination.
  • Define Supervision.
  • What is direct mail?
  • Write any two sources of Administrative Law.
  • Write any two functions of a Public Corporation.
  • Explain any two defects of the recruitment system from within.
  • Explain the meaning of e-administration, and highlights its features of importance. 
  • Write an essay on Whitley Councils.

B.A. 1st Year Public Administration 2nd Paper Question

Paper-2 (Public Administration In India)

  • State the two important features of the Government of India Act, of 1919.
  • Identify two main features of the British Legacy in the present Indian Administrative system.
  • How the Prime Minister is appointed?
  • Mention any two features of the cabinet secretariat.
  • Define Public Enterprise.
  • Indicate two differences between the Public Corporation and the Government Company.
  • Write two functions of comptroller and auditor general.
  • What do you mean by 'Habeas Corpus'?.
  • What is Rank classification?
  • Define corruption.
  • "The Govt. of India Act of 1935 Laid down the foundation of India's Constitution". Comment.
  • Discuss the salient features of the Indian Administration since Independence.
  • Examine the functions of the cabinet secretariat of the Government of India.
  • Analyze the organization and work of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Describe the main features of a Public corporation.
  • Define the composition and functions of the Parliamentary Committee of Public Undertakings.
  • Describe the organization and functions of the comptroller and Auditor General of India.
  • Analyze the various mechanism of Executive Control over the Indian Administration.
  • Write a critical essay on "Traning system of Indian Administrative Services".
  • Write the main recommendations of 'The Sarkaria Commission.
  • Discuss critically the influence of British Rule over the Indian Administration.
  • Evaluate the powers and position of the Indian President.
  • Discuss the major forms of Public Enterprises in India. Give examples.
  • Define the Budget and describe how the Budget is prepared and passed.
  • Describe the methods of recruitment for All India Services. Give suggestions for their improvement.

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