Sociology BA 2nd Year Important Questions 2023

Today we are giving you sociology ba 2nd year important questions for practice purposes. 

These questions are for the 2022-2023 sessions. 

These questions are likely to be asked in the upcoming examinations. 

These are taken from past question papers. 

These question has already been asked in the past ba 2nd year sociology examination. So, read these questions carefully and try to write the answer in your words.

You can take the help of university textbooks. 

The best way to read the relevant chapter and write the answer in your own words. 

This method helps you to save time during revision. 

Apart from this, you can easily memorize the answer for long period. 

Once you have prepared your notes, then assimilate these questions in less time. 

The way of writing the answer to these b.a 2nd year sociology question papers should be such that anyone can read it at a glance. 

That means your handwriting should be good. 

One thing more, before starting to write the answer to these questions, read the relevant chapter completely. 

If these questions are not matching with your university syllabus, just treat it ba 2nd year sociology model paper.

BA 2nd Year Sociology 1st Paper 

B.A. 2nd Year Sociology 1st Paper Important Questions

(Indian Society Issues And Problems)

  • Write short notes:- Poverty, Gender Inequality, Dowry, Minorities, Old Age, Displacement, Environment, Consumerism, Crime, Corruption
  • Explain in brief the regional minorities and their problems.
  • Explain the main causes of dowry.
  • What do you mean by domestic violence? Explain the main types of domestic violence in India.
  • Explain the main causes of the increasing rate of divorce in India.
  • Explain your views on causes of inter-generation conflict.
  • Explain the main problems of scheduled castes in India.
  • Describe the main causes of environmental pollution in Northern India.
  • Write your views on the necessity of elderly people in changing scenarios.
  • Discuss the various types of cybercrime in India.
  • Write a short note on suicide.
  • What do you mean by white-collar crime? 
  • What is caste?
  • What is Ecology?
  • What is the weaker section?
  • Write the problem of drug addiction in India.
  • Describe the generational conflict in India
  • Discuss the short gender inequality in India.
  • Explain in detail the problem of corruption in Indian social life.

BA Second Year Sociology Paper Second

BA 2nd Year Sociology 2nd Paper Important Questions

(Social Disorganization)

  • Write short notes:- Youth activism, Characteristic features of pathological personality, Casteism and regionalism, Domestic violence, Causes of degeneration in morals.
  • What do you mean by 'Social Disorganization"? Explain its main symptoms and causes.
  • What is Crime? Describe the legal and sociological meaning of crime.
  • Throw light on the different dimensions of intergenerational conflict.
  • What is terrorism? Write an essay on the problem of terrorism.
  • Distinguish between 'Cultural Log' and 'Cultural disorganization'?
  • Explain the various causes of social disorganization in Indian society.
  • What is unemployment? Explain the causes of unemployment among the educated class in India and ways to solve it. 
  • Explain the main causes of prostitution in India.
  • Explain the problem of poverty in India from a sociological point of view.
  • 'Criminals are formed, not made", Explain the statement.
  • What do you mean by Juvenile delinquency? Explain the family causes of Juvenile delinquency in India.

BA Second Year Sociology Paper Important Questions

  • Discuss the approach to the study of Indian Society.
  • Discuss the nature and characteristics of Indian Society.
  • What do you mean by urban community? Discuss its characteristics.
  • What urbanization? Distinguish between urbanization and urbanism.
  • What is the Ashram system? Discuss its importance in Indian Society.
  • Define kinship. Discuss its types.
  • Discuss the constitutional provisions made for minorities.
  • Write notes on the following:- (a) Joint Family (b) Tribe (c) Varna system 
  • What is social research? Distinguish between social research and social survey.
  • Define hypothesis. Discuss the characteristics of a good hypothesis.
  • What is a questionnaire? Discuss its merits and demerits.
  • What do you mean by observation? Discuss its use and limitations in social research.
  • What is the scientific method? Discuss its characteristics.
  • Write short notes on any two of the following:- Interview, Prime data, Stratified sampling
  • Discuss Pareto's theory of the circulation of Elites.
  • Discuss Max Weber's theory of Social Action

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