Philosophy BA 3rd Year Important Questions 2023

You will get philosophy ba 3rd year important questions for the session 2022-2023. 

These questions have been collected from different resources for preparing for the upcoming examination.

You can use these questions for the practice of examinations.

If you are serious about your study then try to solve the questions from the last 3 to 4 years back.

That helps you to understand the pattern of BA philosophy question papers.

It has been observed that the questions, which has been asked in the past exam paper, repeat after some time.

Given questions help you to make perfect and knowledgeable b.a philosophy notes in advance. 

These notes will help you to save time during the revision period.

The best way to write the answer to these questions is with the help of your university-recommended textbook. 

Before writing the answer, read the related chapter in detail. 

Then try to understand the zest of the lesson and write the answer in your own words.

This process helps you to memorize the answer to ba 3rd year philosophy question paper smoothly.

Philosophy is not a tough subject.

Now come to the point.

Philosophy BA 3rd Year

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy 1st Paper Questions

  • Explain the nature of logic in philosophy.
  • Explain the difference between arrival and departure.
  • How many types of affirmation are there? write with example
  • Check the validity of the following argument by Venn diagram lines - 1. All humans are honest 2. Some humans are lazy 3. Therefore some lazy are honest
  • What are examples of decomposition?
  • What is the hypothesis? explain
  • What is the difference between a scientific explanation and vs non-scientific explanation?
  • How many types of estimates are there? explain with example
  • What is the fallacy? Explain
  • Define the following:- Social philosophy, Human nature, Nature of society, Common good, Characteristics of social change, Sarvodaya, Equality, Truth, Characteristics of social progress, and Lumls’s criteria of social progress.
  • What do you understand by the term ‘Social Philosophy’? Explain this concept on the basis of different definitions.
  • What are the three aspects of human life? Explain.
  • What is society? Explain its nature and origin.
  • Explain in brief the conception of the general will.
  • Explain the major factors and patterns of social change.
  • Explain essential features of socialism.
  • Explain 'Non-violence’ and 'Aparigraha’ as the basic principle of social ethics.
  • What is meant by rights and duties? Explain their relationship.
  • Indicate the nature and course of social progress.
  • Evaluate critical Hart's and Devine's criteria of progress.
  • State the nature of social philosophy with reference to its subject matter.
  • Give a critical discussion of social contract theory.
  • Write short notes on the following:- The democratic ideal, The aristocratic ideal
  • Write an essay on the concept of 'Reward and Punishment’.
  • How does Bogardus determine social progress?

B.A. 3rd Year Philosophy 2nd Paper Question

  • Explain the nature of knowledge in the Indian context.
  • Which are the proofs according to Gautama? explain briefly
  • Write a short note on the following - otherwise known, as satanism
  • Write a short essay on Authenticism.
  • Discuss Satyariyavad as a theory of causality
  • Explain the semantics theory of truth
  • What is spiritualism as a metaphysical doctrine? discuss
  • Describe the main features of materialism/materialism
  • Explain rationalism as a means of knowledge
  • What does criticism mean in relation to the sources of knowledge? explain
  • Define the following:- Philosophy, Philosophy of history, Progress, Historical facts, Ontology, Epistemology, Objectivity, Science, Knowledge, Determinism
  • Explain the importance of the philosophy of history.
  • Discuss the nature of historical knowledge. 
  • What is the relationship between history and science?
  • What is the role of morality in the philosophy of history?
  • What is the difference between historical facts and non-historical facts?
  • What is the relationship between society and the individual?
  • How it is possible to make history a full objective?
  • Write an essay on historical explanation.
  • Explain the notion of 'Cleopatra's nose' in history.
  • What do you understand by historical progress?
  • Can we make history objective like science? Explain.
  • Explain the various methods of historical knowledge.
  • How far has a great personal influence the course of events in history? Discuss.
  • "Historian himself is the product of history". How?
  • "Historian ideal with the multiplicity and priority of causes". Explain in detail.

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