B.A Second Year Political Science Syllabus 2023-24

Today we are giving the students b.a second year political science syllabus for the session 2023-24. 

This syllabus is very helpful to those who passed the BA first-year examination last year and moved to the second year. 

This syllabus contains all the chapters on this subject and guides you perfectly.

Every university prepares its own syllabus for the new session. 

So, if you get your new updated BA political science syllabus then focus on it. 

This syllabus is common for all and provides guidelines, on which chapters should be read in this subject for examination purposes.

Political science is a very interesting subject if you read it deeply. 

You will read about the Government System, Indian Politics, and International Politics (Information on the UK, USA, India, Russia, France, and Switzerland).

As well as Philosophical and ideological sources of the Indian Political System.

To understand this subject a perfect ba second year political science syllabus is required. 

This syllabus fulfills the all requirements. 

The 2023 syllabus is based on the ba 2nd year political science syllabus of the previous year. 

Let's start.

Political Science Syllabus BA 2nd Year

Indian political system

1. Philosophical and ideological source of the Indian political system:-

  • Achievements of the Constituent Assembly and Indian Politics.
  • Philosophical, Social, and Economic Elements of the Indian Constitution.
  • Preface
  • Directive Principles, Fundamental Rights, and Duties of the State.

2. Government system – Build and work:-

  • Central Government: Chairperson, Executive, and Judiciary.
  • State Government: Chairperson, Executive, and Judiciary.
  • Constitutional Amendment 
  • Public Service Commission and Election Commission.

3. Indian Politics:

  • Structure and Basics 
  • Basis and Determination: Caste, Religion and Communalism
  • Political parties and pressure groups.
  • Vote behavior 
  • Local Government 
  • Panchayati Raj System 
  • Dalit politics 

4. International Politics

  • Meaning, nature, and scope of international politics
  • Sources of Education in International Politics
  • Important:- (a) India-US Relations (b) India-Russia Relations (c) The End of the Cold War and the Rise of a Multipolar World (d) India-China Relations
  • India's relation with neighboring states especially Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
  • SAARC, ASEAN (ASEAN) and European Union (EC).
  • United Nations Organization – Purpose, Organization and Significance.
  • Non-Aligned Movement – ​​Establishment, Purpose and Relevance.
  • Economic globalization.

BA 2nd Year Political Science Syllabus 2023-24 (General)

Comparative Government and Politics (with special reference to the UK, USA, France, Switzerland and Russia)

Principles of Comparative Governance and Politics

  • Nature and extent
  • Political system and political process
  • Comparative political approach


  • British political traditions
  • Parliamentary Government: Taj, Cabinet and Parliament
  • Rule of law and judicial system
  • Political parties and pressure groups


  • American political traditions
  • Federal system
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Federal Government - President, Congress and Supreme Court
  • Political parties and pressure groups


  • Soviet federal system
  • Fundamental rights and duties
  • Constitutional Structure: Supreme Soviet, Cabinet and Judiciary
  • Marxist party
  • Soviet republic


  • Political traditions of France
  • Important Features of the Fifth Republic
  • Executive, President and Cabinet
  • Legislature
  • Political parties and pressure groups


  • Swiss political traditions
  • Federal system
  • Federal council
  • Federal legislature
  • Federal Judiciary
  • Direct democracy

Different Approaches to the Study of Comparative Politics - Traditional and Behaviouralist, Definitions of Comparative Politics.

Today we are providing names of some good BA second-year political science books for the students.

These books are textbooks and very helpful in the preparation for upcoming examinations.

You can recommend these ba 2nd year political science books to your friends. 

You can get information about books with their writer's name. You can easily purchase it from the market.

B.A 2nd Year Political Science Book

  • Comparative Politics - Virkeshwar Prasad Singh
  • Comparative Politics - Gandhiji Rai
  • Comparative Politics - Prabhudutt Sharma
  • Comparative Politics - Paramatma Sharan
  • Comparative Politics - R B.L. Fadia
  • Modern Indian Political Thought - Awasthi & Awasthi
  • Great Political Thinkers East and West - R.C Gupta
  • Political Thought Plato to Marx - R.M Bhagat
  • Representative Political Thinkers and Isms - Dr.Pukraj Jain
  • Western Political Though - Prabhu Dutt Sharma
  • A History of Political Theory - George H Sabine & Thomas L Thorson
  • World Constitutions - Vishnoo Bhagwan & Vidhya Bhushan
  • Select Constitution - A.C Kapur & K.K Mishra
  • World Constitution - Dr. S.C Singhal

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