BA 2nd Year Psychology Syllabus 2023-2024 Session

We are providing ba 2nd year psychology syllabus 2023-2024 session for the students. 

Who is in the second year?

This syllabus contains all the chapters and provides the right path to knowing this subject with a better understanding.

Every university has its own syllabus and they introduce it to students in amended form. 

If your university has issued then you should continue with that. 

This b.a 2nd year psychology syllabus helps those students, who passed their part 1 exam and entered ba part 2. 

This syllabus contains Educational and Systems of Psychology. 

Paper three contains educational and paper four contains systems of psychology. 

Both papers are important in ba second year psychology syllabus.

We have recommended some textbooks related to this subject with the writer's name. 

This will help you to write the answer to the question with authenticity. 

Let's start.

B.A. 2nd Year Psychology Syllabus

B.A. 2nd Year Psychology Syllabus Paper 3rd

  • Definition; Difference between Education and Educational Psychology.
  • Methods – Rating and Raking, Case Study and Interview.
  • Measurement of Intelligence, Aptitude and Achievement.
  • Learning – Programmed learning. Formal and Distant Education. Role of motivation in learning.
  • Examination: Essay Type and objective Type: Merits and Demerits
  • Education of special types of Children – Physically Handicapped, Mentally Handicapped and Problems Children.
  • Guidance and Counselling – Meaning Uses and Methods.

B.A 2nd Year Psychology Syllabus Paper 4th

  • Structuralism: Wundt's Systematic Psychology and Titchener's Structural Psychology
  • Functionalism: Antecedents of Functionalism, Functionalism as a System, Chicago Functional Psychology- Dewey, Angell and Carr, Columbia Functional
  • Psychology-J-M. Cattel and E. L Thorndike
  • Behaviourism: Early Behaviourism – Antecedents, Watsonian Behaviourism as a system. Later Behaviourism: Contribution of Guthrie, Hull, Skinner and Tolman
  • The distinction between Early and Later Behaviourism.
  • Psychoanalytic Schools Contribution of Freud, Jung and Adler to Psychology.
  • Neo–Freudians: Contributions of Kardiner, Horney and Ruth Benedict.
  • Gestalt Psychology: Gestalt Psychology as a System, Experimental Contribution of Gestalt Psychology. Criticisms and Present States of Gestalt Psychology.
  • Humanistic Psychology: Basic tenants, Antecedents; Contributions of Roger's Self Theory and Maslow's Self-actualization Theory, Criticism of Humanistic Psychology.

Here we are providing some psychology ba 2nd year books for paper 3rd and paper 4th. 

Writer names are also mentioned in books.

BA 2nd Year Psychology Book

Paper 3 (Educational Psychology)

  • Skinner - Educational Psychology.
  • Sorenson - Psychology of Education.
  • Cronbach - Educational Psychology.
  • Lindgren - Educational Psychology.
  • Suleiman and Sinha - Adhunik Shiksha Manovigyan.
  • Mathur - Shiksha Manovigyan
  • Jsmuar , K . K - Shiksha aur Manovigyan
  • Pnadey, J. - Shiksha aur Manovigyan

Paper-4 (Systems of Psychology)

  • Woodworth and Schlosberg - Contemporary School of Psychology.
  • Heidbreder - Seven Psychologies.
  • Shultz - History of Psychology.
  • Murphy Gardner - Historical Introduction to Modern Psychology.
  • Ram Nath Sharma - Manovigyan ka Itihas.
  • Arun Kumar Singh - A Comprehensive History of Psychology
  • Arun Kumar Singh - Manovigyan Ka Samgra Itihas

Conclusion of the syllabus: The syllabus provides a systematic presentation of the subjects and their sub-topics. 

This is the best way to know about the learning material for the university and schools. You can also be called "curriculum". 

In simple words, you can say that all activities that come into the life of teachers, children and their parents are called the "curriculum". 

This curriculum means syllabus includes the all schools or university environments like contacts, readings, activities and subjects. 

So this helps to run the daily routine in the right direction.

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