B.A. 2nd Year Geography Important Question 2022-2023

Today, you will get b.a. 2nd year geography important question for the session 2022-23. 

These questions have already been asked in the past examination paper. 

These are repeated several times in the past and are very important for upcoming examinations. 

As you know that Indian geography is divided into three parts. 

First is Physical Geography, second is Economic Geography and Third is Social Geography. 

These all are important and have sub-topics like - Vegetation, Natural Resources, Climate, Drainage, and Physio-graphic divisions. 

Geography is a very interesting subject, you can travel the whole world with the help of Atlas. 

Atlas is a collection of Maps that provide the place location diagram. 

You can get information about the geographical location of the world easily. 

This gives accurate information about the related area. 

Atlases are made for planets other than the Earth. 

Now come to the point. 

You read these questions carefully and write in the ba 2nd year geography notes book.

Now read the related chapters from your textbook. Understand the meaning of the lesson. 

Start to write the answer to these ba 2nd year geography important questions in your own words. 

If you have any confusion, then consult the college professor to clarify the concept. 

You will get some questions from ba 2nd year geography previous year question paper too. 

Geography BA 2nd Year

B.A. 2nd Year Geography 1st Paper Questions

(Economic Geography)

  • Write short notes on Primary Activities, Land Uses, Mica, Coffee, Suez canal, EFTA, Petroleum Resources, ASEAN, Isodapen, Marine Resources
  • Describe the scope of Economic Geography.
  • What do you mean by tertiary Activities? 
  • Define the Soil and Soil types.
  • Describe the robber production and world distribution.
  • Explain the world distribution of Bauxite.
  • Describe the Marine Resources.
  • Describe the industrial locational theory of Webers. 
  • Discuss the industrial regions of the U.S.A.
  • Describe the major Air routes of the world.
  • Explain the aims of OPEC.
  • Explain the major industrial regions of Japan. 
  • Discuss the changing pattern of International Trade.
  • Explain the world distribution and trade of Copper.
  • Explain the major Agricultural regions of Whittlesey.
  • Discuss the classification of resources.
  • Write short notes on- Resource Conservation, Problems of Soils, Fisheries, The world's Major Sea Waterways, W.T.O (World Trade Organization)
  • What is the concept of resource? Submit a classification of resources.
  • What are the factors affecting agriculture? Describe the agricultural types of the world.
  • Describe the localization factors of cotton textiles. Explain its production and distribution. 
  • Critically evaluate the agricultural regions of the world given by D. Whitlessey.
  • Discuss the production and distribution pattern of Rice or Maize in the world.
  • Discuss the production and distribution of Coal or Petroleum in the world. 
  • Describe the factors affecting international trade. 
  • Describe the major rail route of the world.
  • Describe the industrial regions of the United States of America or Russia.
  • Describe the iron and steel industry of India.

B.A. 2nd Year Geography 2nd Paper Questions

(Geography Of India)

  • Write short notes on- the Green Revolution, Poverty In India, the La Nina effect, Types of soil, Population explosion, Western disturbances, Flood prone areas, Tehri Dam, Monsoon In India, and Forest conservation.
  • Explain Irrigation facilities in India.
  • Describe the problem of soil erosion in India.
  • Discuss the Narmada river valley project.
  • Analyze the production of Iron-ore in India.
  • Examine population problems in India.
  • What are the Major ports of India?
  • What are the different types of Farming in India?
  • Describe the Paper Industry of India.
  • Discuss Trends of urbanization in India.
  • Explain Atomic power in India.
  • Divide India into main physical regions and discuss in detail any one of them. 
  • Divide India into main climatic regions and discuss in detail any one of them.
  • Describe Geographical factors for agriculture development in Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Divide India into Industrial regions and describe the salient features of any one of them.
  • Explain tribal development planning in India.
  • Divide India into physiographic regions and discuss the main features of anyone.
  • Explain the origin and mechanism of the Indian monsoon on the basis of the Jet Stream concept.
  • Write a short note on the population problem in India, its causes, and solutions.
  • Evaluate the factors affecting the iron and steel industry in India.
  • Write a short note on the geographical features of the Middle Ganga Plain.

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