Bsc 2nd Year Maths Important Questions 2024

Today, we discuss Bsc 2nd Year Maths Important Questions 2024 for upcoming examinations.

These questions are set to provide the exact pattern of a math paper. 

You can use these questions as a maths bsc 2nd year model paper. 

These questions are best practices. 

As you know that math subject is tough. 

You learn algebra, statistics, probability, statistical analysis, etc deeply. 

You work on the math subject on daily basis to solve the questions of different lessons. 

Through this post, we are going to put bsc maths 2nd year questionnaire in front of you. 

Except for all these questions, we are providing Bsc 2nd year maths 1st paper, Bsc 2nd Year math 2nd paper & maybe Bsc 2nd year math 3rd paper too. 

All these questions will be in English.

If you want to convert it into Hindi then use google translator for your convenience. 

These Bsc 2nd year math 1st paper, 2nd paper, and 3rd paper questions have been asked in the past paper.

But still exist for the upcoming examinations.

We suggest you memorize the maths formula before starting to solve these degree 2nd year maths imp questions. 

So you must concentrate on maths formulas and then try to solve the following questions.

Although Mathematics is a slightly difficult subject, the difficulty depends on the method of solving the maths question.  

If you solve the questions by understanding the question and keeping all the math formulas in mind, then you can answer.

These questions are already asked in Bsc 2nd year Maths previous year question paper. 

So, focus on these bsc 2 year maths question paper patterns set for better preparation for the exam.

Let us tell you that the word mathematics is derived from the Greek word mathema, which means "to learn". 

Mathematics includes the study of subjects such as numbers (arithmetic and number theory), formulas and related structures (algebra), the shapes and spaces in which they are contained (geometry), as well as quantities and their transformations (calculus and analysis).

Now coming to the main points, you should first write these second year math important questions in the math notebook, after that read the chapter related to the question, and then solve the questions given below. 

Try to answer these math questions again and again by writing them on a separate copy, so that they can be assimilated with you.

Let's Start. 2nd Year Maths Important Questions

Bsc 2nd Year Math 1st Paper Important Questions (Bsc Second Year Math First Paper)

  • Write the different types of discontinuity of the function f(x).
  • Write the definition of differentiability for the function f(x) at the point x=a.
  • Define envelope for a curve.
  • Write the statement of Gauss's Divergence Theorem.
  • Prove that if the function f(x) is continuous in the interval [a,b] then it must accept its high and low at least once in that interval.
  • Find the maximum value - u=sin x sin y sin(x+y)
  • Prove that the vector f = (sin y + z)i + (x cos y - z)j + (x-y)k is torque.
  • Prove that - div (a x b) = b.curl a - a.curl b
  • (a) State and prove the fundamental theorem of classical analysis, (b) State and prove a theorem of least upper bound.
  • (a) State and prove the theorem of the greatest lower bound, (b) Show that any nonempty open set is the union of open internals.
  • (a) Define a closed set. Prove that the intersection of any number of closed sets is closed, (b) Prove that between two distinct real numbers, there lie an infinity of irrationals and rationals. 
  • (a) Define a convergent sequence and show that it is bounded, (b) Show that a bounded monotonic increasing sequence tends to its least upper bound.
  • (a) Let V be a vector space and W1 and W2 are finite-dimensional subspaces of V. Then show that W1 + W2 is finite-dimensional and dim .W1 + dim. W2 = dim (W1 ∩ W2) + dim (W1 + W2), (b) Prove that any two bases of a finite-dimensional vector space have the same number of elements.

Bsc 2nd Year Math 2nd Paper Important Questions

  • Write the standard form of the complete differential equation and also write the necessary and sufficient conditions for its integrability.
  • Write the standard form of a second-order linear differential equation. Also, write the condition for finding the complement function when y=x is a part of the complement function.
  • Solve - yzp + zxq = xy
  • Solve - log s = x+y
  • Write the characteristic equation of the first-order partial differential equation f(x,y,z,p,q) = 0.
  • Define initial value problem (प्रारंभिक मान समस्या).
  • What is the drawback of the Euler method?
  • Solve - p+3q = 5z + tan(y-3x)
  • Find the complete integral using the Charpit method - px + qy = pq
  • Solve the following equation by Monge's method - pt - qs = q3
  • Define linear differential equation.
  • Find the differential equation for all the circles whose center is on the letter x.
  • Question - Solve the differential equation r-t+p-q = 0.
  • Question: Write the Dirichlet's condition for the Fourier transform.

Bsc 2nd Year Math 3rd Paper Important Questions

  • If three coplanar forces acting on a rigid body keep it in equilibrium, then they Answer this
  • Write the relation between the angle of friction and the coefficient of friction.
  • If the projectile path is a parabola, then write the equation of its focus and directivity.
  • Write the principle of conservation of momentum.
  • Write the relation between angular velocity and linear velocity.
  • Define the amplitude of simple harmonic motion and write the time period of simple harmonic motion.
  • What do you understand by resistive medium?
  • The motion of a particle that is thrown from the lowest point of a smooth vertical circle of radius a with velocity u where 2ag<u2<5ag then write the equation of the parabolic path.
  • What do you understand by absolute pressure on a plane surface?
  • Define the center of pressure.
  • Find the loss of kinetic energy by the direct collision of two smooth and elastic spheres.
  • A particle slides down the arc of a smooth cycloid whose axis is vertical and the top is lowest. If the particle moves from rest to ambiance, then prove that the time taken for the first half of the path to its top will be two third of the time to reach the top.
  • An ellipse is completely immersed in a liquid in such a way that its minor axis is horizontal and at depth h. Find the position of the center of pressure.
  • A uniform 30 cm long rod is suspended from a fixed point by two ropes which are tied at the ends of the rods and the lengths of the ropes are 18 cm and 24 cm. If in equilibrium the rod makes theta angle with the vertical, then prove that - 25 sin theta = 24
  • The speed of a particle of mass m falls from rest under gravity through a medium whose resistance is proportional to its velocity. Discuss the motion of the particle. 


Question - What are the subjects in B.Sc maths?

Answer - Set Theory & Trigonometry, Matrices, Linear Programming, Theory of Equations, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Analytical Geometry Of 2 Dimensions, Analytical Geometry Of 3 Dimension, Real Analysis, Infinite Series, Algebra, Vector Calculus, Differential Equations, Statics (Via-Vector), Dynamics, Real Analysis II, Group Theory, Ring, Linear Algebra, Mechanics, Attraction and Potential, Hydrostatics, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Spherical Trigonometry, and Astronomy, Number Theory, Probability Theory. These subjects are Part-1, Part-2, and Part-3.

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