Class 10 Painting Important Questions 2024

Today you will get the class 10 painting important questions 2024 important questions. 

These questions are very important for the upcoming class 10 painting paper. 

You will get the right information about the pattern of the questions in the class 10 exam. 

The best way for you to get good marks in the examination is to practice the question answers on regular basis. 

That process reduces your hesitation and afraid of the exam. 

Because practice makes a man perfect. Some instructions are mentioned on the question paper of the subject. 

You have to follow the instruction and should be checked these points seriously. 

You must write the code on the title page of the answer book. 

Check every page of the question paper. 

You have to mention the code number on the title page of the answer book. 

Write down the serial number of the question before attempting it. 

You have to read the question paper in the allotted 15 minutes. 

Now come to the point.

Before starting to prepare the answer to these class 10 painting question papers, read the related chapter from your textbook. 

Start to write the answer to these questions in your own words. 

This process will help you to memorize the answer to the painting paper in a very short span of time as well as help you to make decent Class 10 Painting notes for examinations. 

Painting is an art subject and it totally depends on the creation of your painting ideas. 

Several types of painting are active in this field with different names like - canvas painting, watercolor painting, simple painting, Madhubani painting, etc. 

The below questions are based on the pattern of the painting previous year question paper.

Class 10 Painting
Class 10 Painting Sample Paper

Painting Sample Paper Class 10 2024

Class 10 Painting Important Questions

Class 10 Painting Theory Questions

  • In which cave no. is the painting 'Bodhisattva Padmapani' found?
  • The lion capital of Sarnath is a specimen of the art of which dynasty?
  • Madhubani Art is a style of painting practiced in which state? What kind of colors are used in Madhubani Art?
  • Write two differences between Warli art and Madhubani art?
  • What do warli artists traditionally use as the backdrop for their paintings? What theme is mainly depicted in Warli's Art?
  • What is so important about the Kailashnath temple? Explain in short.
  • On the basis of fundamentals of art, evaluate a world-renowned Ajanta painting "Bodhisattva Padmapani".
  • Write a brief note on "Lion Capital Of Sarnath"
  • What is the specialty of Madhubani Art which makes it different from other art forms? Mention the names of five distinctive styles used in Madhubani art.
  • What is space in terms of art?
  • Define the following:- (a) value (b) Texture.
  • What do you understand by shape and form?
  • Define complementary and analogous colors. 
  • What do you understand by value? Explain in detail.
  • Explain the concept of color, Why do we see the color of any object. 
  • How can we create texture in a painting? Which material is your favorite to create texture?
  • Which medium is used in the tempera technique?
  • What raw material is used in a normal pencil?
  • How was Kailashnatha Temple made?
  • Explain these elements of Art in your own words: - point, line, shape, color, tone, texture, space.
  • What is the difference between the watercolors and the poster colors? 
  • Write down the colors in VIBGYOR?
  • What do you understand by a pigment and binder? What role do they play in any art medium?
  • Which types of pencils are used in drawing and shading?
  • What do you understand by emphasis and Focal point? Explain the concept in detail. 
  • Write a short note on Watercolour.
  • On the basis of the fundamentals of painting, evaluate the painting 'Moter Teresa' done by M.F. Hussain.
  • Write short notes on the following:- (a) Bodhisattva head made in the Kushan period (b) Seated Buddha-Katra Mound, Mathura style made during the Kushan Period.
  • Name any three surfaces for Paintings? Which surface would you prefer and why?
  • In a still life, what are the elements and principles which need to be taken care of?
  • Write a short essay on the following:- (a) The Chola Bronze of 'Natraj' (Dancing Shiva) (b) Inlay work in the Taj Mahal.
  • On the basis of the Fundamentals of Painting, evaluate the world-renowned painting from Ajanta ‘Padmapani-Bodhisattava’ or the ‘Ashokan Lion Capital’ from the Mauryan Period?
  • Mention the names of any four ‘Elements’ and any four ‘Principles’ of Painting?
  • Write a short essay on any one of the following:- (a) Kailashnatha Temple (b) Ashokan Lion Capital

Class 10 Painting Sample Paper
Class 10 Painting Guess Questions

Long Question On Painting

(1) Make a painting composition on any of the following subjects in any medium (water/tempera/pastel colors) of your choice, on a drawing sheet about 38cmx28cm in size, either horizontally or vertically. Weightage will be given to a well-composed drawing, effective use of media, proper emphasis on the subject matter, and utilization of full space. Include only those forms which are relevant to the subject chosen for the purpose, and recall some of the shapes from life and nature, which you have observed or studied through sketches.


  1. A happy family
  2. Any cultural program in the school
  3. An episode of any popular T.V.Serial
  4. Any national or global problem

Class 10 Painting Book

  • An Introduction To Painting - Renuka Kripalani
  • Exploring the World of Painting - Nidhi Choudhary
  • Mastering the Art Of Painting - Asha Puri
  • Art and Painting - Jyoti Patel
  • Art and Craft: A Guide To Painting - Gopalakrishnan
  • Painting: Techniques and Practice - Sujata Sahay

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