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Bsc 3rd Year Botany Model Questions 2024

In this post, Bsc 3rd year botany model questions are being given for 2024. 

By solving these questions sequentially, you can prepare for yourself an excellent Botany Notes for Third Year. 

These questions have been compiled with the help of previous question papers and the Botany Question Bank. 

Many of these questions have been asked repeatedly in the previous examination and there is a possibility of them being asked in the upcoming examination also. 

It is not that these same questions will be asked in the examination. 

These can also be twisted and asked in the question paper. 

Therefore, prepare for them seriously. 

For accurate and detailed answers to these questions, read the textbook issued by the university carefully. Clear your concept on the topic. 

Now read the BSc 3rd year Botany question paper given below and try to write its answers in your own words. 

You will remember the answers written in your own words and they will remain in your mind for a long time. 

You will be able to revise them in less time before the exam. 

In this post, important questions of B.Sc 3rd Year Botany 1st paper, 2nd paper, and 3rd paper are given. 

When you get the question paper in the examination hall, read the guidelines given on its first page carefully and answer the questions accordingly. 

Try to express your views in as many words as you have been asked to answer. 

Bsc 3rd Year Botany
Bsc 3rd Year Botany Sample Questions

Bsc 3rd Year Botany Important Questions

Bsc 3rd Year Botany 1st Paper Important Question

  • What is a seed?
  • Define suspended life in seeds.
  • Give examples of two endocrine tissues.
  • What is meant by bark?
  • Name two plants in which Valcuti convection pools are found.
  • The curved embryo is found in the?
  • Who is called Anirthokori?
  • What is the tissue system called?
  • What is a leaf configuration called?
  • What are the outer appendages called?
  • In what type of habitat are insectivorous plants found?
  • Who presented the Uttakjan case?
  • What type of convection pools are found in wheat?
  • How is the age of a tree determined in tree chronology?
  • What is found in a lepto-centric convection pool?
  • What is the filling tissue in the leaves called?
  • What are the xylem pools in the vascular system of the root?
  • Give an example of the Ekalakshi branch.
  • What is the difference between cargo and conveyance?
  • What is the chemical nature of the disorder?
  • Which is the hormone related to fruit ripening?
  • Which is essential for the transport of sugar?
  • What is an optical reaction and what is its site?
  • Full name of IAA i.e. full form.
  • Write Comment – ​​Formula of chlorophyll, the end product of respiration in yeast,
  • Write the advantages of Basantisation.
  • Tell us about the bacterium related to BT cotton.

Bsc 3rd Year Botany 2nd Paper Important Question

  • Explain the difference between cell culture and proto-plasm culture.
  • Explain the difference between centriole and heteronuclear.
  • Briefly describe cell culture for the production of secondary metabolites
  • Explain the methods of disinfection with a brief description.
  • What do you understand by the in-vitro culture technique?
  • Write a short note - induced parthenocarpy, another culture, the purpose of morphogenesis, cemetery, standard deviation
  • Explain the measures of central tendency. Explain the mode and state its importance.
  • Define symmetry, and highlight its different types.
  • Explain the general principles of the in-vitro culture technique.
  • What is somatic hybridization? Explain its types and importance in detail.
  • Briefly explain these - Sexual dysfunctions or sexual dysfunction, the importance of morphology
  • Explain in detail about Murasige and Skuggs medium.
  • The oxygen usage of six fish was recorded at 32,34,35,36,30,28,40 and 42 cc/100 ml/hour. Calculate the median from the given data.

Bsc 3rd Year Botany Important Questions
Bsc 3rd Year Botany Guess Questions

Bsc 3rd Year Botany 3rd Paper Important Question

  • Write an explanatory note on recombinant DNA technology.
  • Write short notes on Vitamins and Hormones.
  • Explain "Laws of Thermodynamics".
  • Write an explanatory note on the structure and properties of proteins.
  • Describe briefly the techniques of plant tissue culture and discuss their significance.
  • Describe the semi-conservative mode of DNA replication.
  • What is genetic code? Give any three properties of the genetic code.
  • What is biotechnology? Give its application in various fields.
  • Write a brief account of the regulation of protein.
  • Describe the experiments that established that DNA is the genetic material.
  • What do you understand by transgenic plants? Give a brief account of their biotechnological importance.
  • Describe the following - Gene Expression the recent concept of genes.
  • Distinguish between the following - Purines and Pyrimidines, Transcriptases and Ligases
  • Chain initiation and chain termination codons.
  • Give an account of gene replacement therapy. 

You can convert these questions in PDF form.