Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Model Questions 2024

In this post, you will find bsc 2nd year zoology model questions 2024. 

These questions can be asked in the examination of B.Sc 2nd Year Zoology. 

It is not that these questions will appear in the examination question paper, they can also be asked by twisting them. 

For accurate answers to these questions, you can use the Zoology textbook issued by your university. 

For Zoology 2nd year important questions and answers, you can use the notes of this subject given here. 

In the Zoology notes given here, an attempt has been made to give the answers to the previous question paper.

You can also use this for revision. 

You should not depend only on these quizzes. 

Pay equal attention to all the topics related to this subject and read the lessons given in the textbook carefully. 

Here the important questions of B.Sc second year zoology first paper, second paper, and third paper are given in order. 

Use your own words to answer these questions. 

You can easily remember the answers written in this way and can also revise them in less time before the exam. 

Share this set of BSC 2nd year zoology questions among your friends, so that they can also benefit from it. 

If you want these zoology 2nd year important questions in Hindi then you can get it by using Google translator. 

The exam of this subject is of 3 hours and its total marks are 50. 

According to the university, they vary. 

After receiving the question paper in the examination hall, read the guidelines given on the first page and follow them literally. 

With this, you will be able to allocate equal time to all the questions and take attempts. 

Bsc 2nd year zoology notes pdf in English is attached, which you can download.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology
Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Important Questions 2nd Year Zoology Important Questions 2nd Year Zoology 1st Paper Important Question

  • How many alveoli are in the lungs of birds? write their names
  • Name the different types of scales present in fish.
  • Where is the glenoid cavity found?
  • Name the different modes or activities of respiration in frogs.
  • Write the full form of the ECG
  • A short comment on starfish
  • State the main functions of the skin
  • Explain the water circulation system
  • Explain the digestive glands in vertebrates.
  • Explain movement and cord foot structure
  • Draw and explain the heart in mammals
  • Explain coral skeletal structure in full
  • Describe the functions of the Endoskeleton.
  • Write a note - thorns and cotyledons of the saicon
  • Describe the functions of the brain in mammals.
  • Name the hormones secreted by the adenohypophysis
  • Explain the difference between the open and closed circulatory system
  • Describe the organization and functions of gastric juice
  • What is a sphygmomanometer? explain
  • Asexual reproduction and paramecium explain asexual reproduction
  • Describe the regulation of osmosis in amphibians
  • Describe reflex action
  • Write a note on metamorphosis in insects and an essay on the social formation of bee
  • Describe aquatic respiration in snails
  • Give a comparative description of the skin structure of amphibia and reptiles.
  • Explain the respiratory mechanism of amphibia
  • Explain the placental system found in sponges
  • Describe the posterior bones in vertebrates
  • Describe the evolution of aortic arches in vertebrates
  • Explain the brain lobes (brain lobes) in vertebrates.
  • Comparative description of female reproductive organs in birds and mammals
  • Write the regulation of heart rate or flutter
  • Explain glycolysis
  • Describe the physiology of osmoregulation
  • Write the principle of muscular contraction.
  • Give an account of the distribution, characters, and affinities of Prototheria. 

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology 2nd Paper Important Question

  • What is the main function of the relaxin hormone?
  • What structure surrounds the embryo?
  • What is the main feature of Lamarckism?
  • What do you understand by social behavior?
  • What type of climate is suitable for trout fish
  • Describe the hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex.
  • Write a short note on hormone receptors
  • Explain the importance of corpus luteum
  • Write a short note on the delivery
  • Write a short note on homologous organs
  • Explain Neo-Darwinism
  • Explain the concept of motivation
  • Describe Persuasion and Appeasement
  • Write a short note on shrimp farming
  • Write about the indigenous method of beekeeping
  • What is a hormone? Describe the chemical and physical properties of hormones
  • Describe the biosynthesis and secretion of adrenomedullary hormones 
  • Write an essay on lactation
  • Describe hormonal control in gametogenesis
  • Explain the modern synthetic theory of evolution
  • Define chromosomal aberrations. Explain deletion and duplication give importance
  • Describe natural behavior with examples. describe coping system
  • Describe cultivars and their species
  • Describe chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic phosphate insecticides.

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Important Questions
Bsc 2nd Year Zoology Model Questions

Bsc 2nd Year Zoology 3rd Paper Important Questions

  • What is an epitope?
  • Which is the most abundant antibody?
  • Write the functions of macrophage cells.
  • What is Hybridoma?
  • What is natural immunity?
  • What are haptens?
  • Which immunoglobulin is found in saliva, milk and mucus?
  • Write the functions of mesosome.
  • What is hematopoiesis?
  • Where does the maturation of lymphocytes take place?
  • What are tap cells?
  • Who invented the technology of hinges?
  • What are plasmids?
  • Name the bacteria causing tetanus and diphtheria.
  • What is Cosmid Factor?
  • Write the names of two gram-receptor pathogenic bacteria.
  • Which type of antibodies are usually found in the blood?
  • State the main symptoms of tuberculosis.
  • What is transformation?
  • What are monoclonal antibodies?
  • Comment on - Digestion of food, Nerve cells, Nitrogen waste, Respiratory process of mammals, Blood coagulation. Significance of kidney, muscular tissue, or muscle in urine formation.
  • Explain how carbohydrates, proteins and fats are digested.
  • Explain the structure of the thyroid gland of mammals.
  • Write Comment - Pituitary gland, menstrual cycle, the importance of hormones.
  • What is an enzyme, explain its properties, working mechanism, and nature in brief.
  • Explain in detail the chemical organization and molecular structure of carbohydrates.
  • What is BMR? explain
  • Explain what is a respiratory pigment?
  • Explain chloride shift and Bohr effect.
  • Explain the difference between the exocrine gland and the endocrine gland.
  • Explain in detail the working mechanism of the electrocardiogram.
  • Comment - Corey cycle, sodium pump, pancreas, adrenal gland, lock key theory, induced feet theory.
  • Explain what is Hepatitis-B.
  • Write a short note on the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Write an essay on AIDS and Leprosy.
  • Explain prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells in detail.
  • Describe in detail the different carriers of gene transfer.
  • Define recombinant DNA.
  • Write Comment - Trans Biological Animals, PCR
  • Describing cloning, in brief, gives information about its advantages and disadvantages.


Question- How can I study BSc zoology?

Answer - When you pass the 12th exam, take physics, chemistry, and biology and if your interest is in biology then you can study it in a BSC course. After completing graduation in zoology, you can also do a master's in this subject. This means that you will get good knowledge and you can also make your career in it.

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