Bsc 2nd Year Botany Model Questions 2024

In this post, I am going to put Bsc 2nd year botany model questions 2024 in front of you. 

These questions have been asked in the previous examinations. 

These are still important for the upcoming exam too. 

These are the best collection of questions from the past Botany examination paper. 

You will get the paper-wise questions here. 

First of all, bsc 2nd year botany 1st paper important question has been placed. 

This paper contains questions from Angiosperms Development and Reproduction. 

After that bsc 2nd year botany 2nd paper important question is from plant physiology and biochemistry. 

Next BSc 2nd year botany 3rd paper important question is given from pteridophytes, gymnosperms & paleobotany. 

Now come to the point. 

Write down the questions in your notebook. 

Read the related chapter from your university-recommended textbook. 

Understand the meaning of the lesson and clear your concept too. 

Now start to write the answer by using your own words and views. 

Try to memorize all the answers by writing in separate copies again and again. 

This process will help you to write the answer to 2nd year botany important questions in the examination hall. Let's Start.

Bsc 2nd Year Botany
Bsc 2nd Year Botany Sample Paper

Botany 2nd Year Important Questions

Bsc 2nd Year Botany 1st Paper Important Question

  • Define Simple and Aggregate fruit. 
  • Define Apogamy and Apospory.
  • Differentiate between Anthophore and Androphore 
  • Define Adnate and Versatile condition 
  • Differentiate Hermaphrodite and Monoecious Give the full form of the following - (a) IAPT (b) APG 
  • Define Rhijome and Corn 
  • Define Cladode and Phyllodes 
  • Define Herbarium Sheet 
  • Define Raceme and Compound Raceme 
  • Describe the different methods of Angiosperm Classification 
  • Describe the methods of fertilization in plants and subsequent changes in Ovules after fertilization 
  • Distinguish between the following - (a) Androecium of Ranunculaceae and Malvaceae (b) Corolla of Brassicaceae and Leguminoceae 
  • What is Cambium? Discuss its function and anomalies in the stem. 
  • Write short notes - (a) Stylopodium (b) Embryosac Types (c) Only Floral diagram of families Liliaceae and Poaceae (d) Typification 
  • Give the main features of the classification of Bentham and Hookers. Discuss the merits and demerits of classification. 
  • Describe the preparation, preservation, and importance of the Herbarium, and what will contribute to it in the taxonomy.
  • What are tissues? Describe complex and permanent tissue. 
  • What is meristem? Discuss the different theories regarding the organization of stem meristem. 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Polyembryony (b) Triple fusion (c) Hesperidium fruits (d) Hypanthodium

Bsc 2nd Year Botany 1st paper 2nd Set Questions

  • What is a Promoter? 
  • TRNA What are the functions of ________?
  • Differentiating between translation and transcription? 
  • What is the genetic code? 
  • State one feature of C-DNA. 
  • Which virus contains the reverse transcriptase enzyme? 
  • What is golden rice? 
  • Write the definition of Biotechnology. 
  • What is the function of the P-site (pedal site) of the ribosome? 
  • What is a termination codon or a non-sans codon? 
  • Define absolute power. 
  • Write the advantages of callus augmentation. 
  • Who explained the circular flow of genetic information? 
  • Who told the principle of absolute power? 
  • What is splicing? 
  • Define micro-amplification. 
  • Define PCR. 
  • Name the natural genetic engineering bacteria of plants. 
  • State two essential characteristics of a carrier. 
  • Classify the enveloped seed plants and also describe the structure of the conducting tissue. 
  • What is simple tissue and write the structure of developmental functions of the embryo sac? 
  • Explain the classification and principle of flowering plants by Hutchinson. 
  • Explain the method of preparation of the Herbarium and also tell its importance. 
  • Explain the classification of Bentham and Hooker. 
  • Explain the different tissue systems in plants. 
  • Describe the meristems in the stems of plants and describe their characteristics. 
  • Write Comment - Anomalous secondary growth, cambium, binomial system. 
  • Explain the anomalous secondary growth in the stem of Borhavia and describe microspore genesis as well as describe in detail the fertilization in angiosperm plants. 
  • What is a beehive inflorescence? 
  • Explain the working of an axis in covered BG. 
  • Write Comment - Periderm, Metamorphosis of Stem, Petroleum, Psyllabic column. 
  • Explain in detail the development of the dicot embryo and endosperm chushang. 
  • Write Comment - Genea and Metagenia, Significance of Binary Fertilization, Parthenogenetic Function.
  • Differentiate between a monoecious and a biphasic stamen. 
  • What is extinction? 
  • Define recurrent and non-recurrent non-conjunction disjunction. 
  • Explain in detail how many types of bijand are there. 
  • Explain the difference between pollination and cross-pollination. 
  • Write a short note on the structure of DNA. 
  • Explain the primary, second, third, and fourth structures of DNA. 
  • Comment on Watson and Crick's model of DNA. 
  • Explain the structure of DNA with the help of Watson Crick's model. 
  • Who coined the term molecular biology? 
  • In which bacterium was bacterial transformation discovered? 
  • Define Primer. Define Intron. 
  • Write in detail on mRNA processing. 
  • What is the basic medium? 
  • Write the composition and method of culture medium used in the culture of higher plants. 
  • Write Comment - Techniques of sterile conditions, Virus-free plants. 
  • Write a short note - Restriction enzyme, artificial chromosome. 
  • Define callus. 
  • What is the size of the pore in a HEPA filter? 
  • Define hybrid. 
  • What is the source of tech polymerase? 
  • What are palindromes? 
  • Write Comment - DNA-protein interaction, DNA damage and repair, Reverse transcriptase and its applications, Attenuation.

Bsc 2nd Year Botany Important Questions
Bsc 2nd Year Botany Guess Questions

Bsc 2nd Year Botany 2nd Paper Important Question

  • How do plants absorb minerals? 
  • What is the main function of phloem?
  • How do plants increase transpiration? 
  • What is the water potential of pure water? 
  • What is the way to control the opening and closing of stomata in plants?  
  • What is the function of photosystems in plants? 
  • What are electron carrier proteins? 
  • Who received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the tricarboxylic acid cycle? 
  • Where does the photophosphorylation occur in a plant cell? 
  • What is lactic acid fermentation? 
  • Do plants have glycoproteins? 
  • Which are the components of secondary structure in proteins? 
  • What is the role of the peptide bond in protein? 
  • Which was the first discovered enzyme? 
  • Why does pH affect enzyme activity? 
  • Write the name of any four secondary metabolites. 
  • What are fatty acids used for? 
  • What is the definition of Saturated fats? 
  • Describe the various factors affecting transpiration and guttation. 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Hydroponics (b) Essential micro and macronutrients 
  • Explain the following - (a) Light reaction of photosynthesis (b) Photophosphorylation 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Respiration (b) Fermentation 
  • Describe the following - (a) Classification of sugars (b) Regulation of enzyme activity 
  • Describe the Chemical and physical properties of proteins. 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Seed dormancy (b) Plant movement 
  • What is photoperiodism? Describe the role of Auxin and Cytokinins in plant growth.

Bsc 2nd Year Botany 3rd Paper Important Question

  • In which Pteridophyta allelopathy is found
  • Which elements are absent in the vascular system of Pteridophyta?
  • Write short answers to the following -
  • Write the name of one aquatic genre of Pteridophyta. 
  • Name a fern in which mixed sorus is found 
  • Marsilea belongs to which sub-division of Pteridophyta? 
  • Which Pteridophyta is known as water fern? 
  • Which type of stele is found in the rhizosphere of selaginella?
  • Write the systematic position of the Psilotum 
  • In which order of gymnosperms bitegmic ovule occur? 
  • The Pollen grains in cycas are how many-celled at the time of dispersal? 
  • How are the vascular bundles arranged in the rachis of cycas 
  • Members of which order are commonly known as seed ferns? 
  • At what age of female cone of Pinus is able to release mature seeds? 
  • Write the systematic position of cycas 
  • From which gymnosperm Canada balsam is prepared? 
  • What name was assigned to Williamsonia by Williamson? 
  • Write the name of two species of Rhynia. 
  • Write the systematic position of Calamites Describe the different types of steles present in various members of Pteridophytes 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Apogamy (b) Eusporangiate type of Sporangia development 
  • Describe the distinguishing features of Gymnosperms 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Development of Archegonia in Equisetum (b) Rhizome of Equisetum With the help of suitable diagrams, describe the development of male gametophytes in Ephedra. 
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) T.S of the leaflet of Cycus (b) T.S needle of Pinus 
  • What is fossilization? 
  • Describe the techniques employed in the study of fossils. Write short notes on the following - (a) Williamsonia (b) Lepidodendron


Question - What are the topics in BSc 1st year Botany?

Answer - The topics are - Cryptogams (Algae, Fungi, Lichen), Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Fossils, Microbiology and Plant Pathology (History, Techniques of isolation, bacterial cell, TMV and Bacteriophage, Role of microbes), Role of Toxins and Enzymes in Plant Diseases, Transmission of Plant viruses and control measures, Practical Paper (Cryptogams & Microbiology).

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