Bsc 1st Year Botany Model Questions 2024

In this post, BSc 1st year Botany model questions are being given for 2024. 

In this, it is told what type of questions are asked in Botany subject. 

BSc 1st year Botany previous year question papers have been made the basis. 

Which will help in understanding the pattern of questions. 

This can also be seen as Botany's important question and answer, a note has also been attached here which contains the answers to these questions. 

You can also write the answers to these questions in your own words using your textbook. 

For this, your concept should be clear on the topics of this subject. 

If you do not be able to understand the topic of the subject, then contact your professor to solve your problems. 

Before writing accurate answers to these questions, you must read the syllabus issued by the university carefully. 

If these questions differ from the topics given in that syllabus, give importance to your syllabus. 

Use these as practice sets. 

BSc 1st year botany notes pdf has been provided here, which you can download and use for yourself. In these notes, an attempt has been made to provide answers to all the questions in brief. 

So that you can at least know the outline. 

When you get the question paper in the examination hall, before writing the answers to the questions, it is necessary to read the guidelines written on the question paper. 

So that you can attempt all the questions in the stipulated time.

Bsc 1st Year Botany
Bsc 1st Year Botany Sample Questions

BSc 1st Year Botany Important Questions

Bsc 1st Year Botany 1st Paper Important Question

  • Describe the Ultrastructure of a Cynophycean cell studied by you.
  • Describe the different methods of reproduction in Volvox
  • Describe the structure and reproduction of Peziza?
  • What are Autoecious and Heteroecious rust? Describe the life cycle of Puccinia on wheat.
  • What are the characteristic features of Bryophytes? Give its classification up to the level of order.
  • Describe the sporophyte of Marchantia?
  • Give an account of the stellar structure of Lycopodium?
  • Describe the life cycle and evolutionary significance of Psilotum
  • Describe the structure and reproduction of the Lichen.
  • Write short notes on any four of the following - (a) Palmella stage (b) Gemma cup (c) Cleistothecium (d) Obligate Parasite (e) Elaters and Elaterophore (f) Strobilus of Selaginella
  • Describe life-cycle of Ectocarpus
  • Describe life-cycle of Oedogonium
  • Write notes on the following - (a) Sex organs of Chara (b) Ascocarp
  • Explain the following - (a) Crustose Lichen (b) Fruticose Lichen (c) Basidium 
  • Describe the life cycle of Erysiphe.
  • Describe the reproductive organs of Chara.

Bsc 1st Year Botany 2nd Paper Important Question

  • Describe the development of the female gametophyte of Pinus.
  • Give an account of the development of the Male gametophyte of Gnetum
  • Describe different methods of fossilization and types of fossils.
  • Describe the seed of Lyginopteris. What is its Phylogenetic significance?
  • Describe the life cycle of a fossil found in Bihar and Jharkhand.
  • Write the floral characters of the following family along with the floral formula and floral diagram - (a) Labiatac (b) Rananculaceac
  • Write about the modem system of classification of Angiosperms.
  • Describe the fructification of fossil Calamites
  • Write short notes on any two of the following: - (a) Hypanthodium (b) Sporophyte of Rhynia (c) Cyathium (d) Verticillaster.
  • Write briefly about the following - (a) International code of Botanical nomenclature (b) Four plants of economic importance (Botanical name and Family.) 
  • Write notes on the following - (a) Loose smut of wheat (b) Citrus Canker (c) Tobacco Mosaic Virus (d) Little leaf of Brinjal
  • Write down the role of enzymes in plant diseases 
  • Explain the transmission and control of plant virus 
  • Write a brief history of microbiology and its importance.
  • Write short notes - (a) Prions (b) Industrial Importance of Fungi (c) TMV (d) Plasmids (e) Toxins
  • Describe the fructification of Calamites.

Bsc 1st Year Botany Important Questions
Bsc 1st Year Botany Guess Questions 1st Year Botany Important Questions (Additional Important Questions)

  • What are the characteristic features of Viruses? Describe the ultrastructure of a Bacteriophage.
  • Describe the structure and reproduction of Chlamydomonas.
  • Describe the life cycle of Albugo.
  • Give an account of the sporophyte of Sphagnum. How it differs from Marchantia.
  • Describe the strobilus of Selaginella. What is its significance?
  • Describe any four of the following - (a) Syncarpous (b) Syngenesious (c) Cyathium (d) Verticillaster (e) Free central placentation (f) Floral diagram. (g) Anatropous oval
  • Describe floral characters floral formula and floral diagram of the family Lamiaceae. Name two plants of economic importance.
  • Describe the Characteristic feature of a gymnosperm studied by you.
  • Mention briefly the important features of the Bentham and Hooker system of classification.
  • Assign the following plants to their family along with botanical names - (a) Mango (b) Wheat (c) Rice (d) Potato

Bsc 1st Year Botany Objective Questions

  • Explain the life cycle of Nephrolepis.
  • What are the general characteristics, characteristics of pteridophytes? Explain in detail
  • Explain the life cycle of Lycopodium and Pinus.
  • Name the algae found on snowy hills.
  • Mention the name of the pathogens that cause "red worm disease of tea".
  • Explain the life cycle of Selaginella, as well as explain in detail the nature of the seed and also tell about its quality.
  • Name any one algae of prokaryotic cell holder.
  • Describe the internal structure of the Marsilea rhizome.
  • Which is the photosynthetic pigment found in all algae?
  • What is rhynia? Explain the length of the sporophyte of rhynia?
  • Explain in detail the characteristics, classification, and importance of angiosperm plants.
  • Explain in detail the internal structure of reproductive parts.
  • Name one such alga from which agar-agar is obtained.
  • Write Comment - Narshank of Cycas, Bullvilles 
  • What is a fossil? Explain in detail the economic importance of gymnosperm angiosperms.
  • Write Comment - Protokarma, heterozygosity, multiple embryos, sporophyte of Nephrolepis.
  • Explain the importance of the science of botany.
  • Define the Geology timetable.
  • In which algae is the "plakea stage" found?
  • Define male and female flowers of ephedra and explain their importance.
  • "Harmogonia" is found in which algae?
  • Explain the reproductive function (sexual and asexual reproduction) in Paramecium.
  • How many tubule cells are found in the nucleolus of the cara?
  • What is the name of Kara's male genitalia?
  • Explain the spores of Vaucheria.
  • Explain in detail the method of nutritional action, disease, and movement process in the symptoms of protozoa.
  • What are the inactive spores called? Tell |
  • Who is called the "Father of Bryophyte Science in India"?
  • What type of division takes place during the formation of spores from the spore mother cell in Bryophyta?
  • What are the major stages in the life cycle of Bryophyta? And what is the number of ovule cells in Bryophyta always?
  • What is the protective covering formed by the egg around the embryo called?
  • Name the aquatic species of Riccia?
  • Name any one bryophyte whose chloroplast contains pyrenoids.
  • Do you know which algae are called 'rolling algae'?
  • Can you tell which pigments are found in the Phaeophyceae class?


Question- Is BSc Botany tough?

Answer - BSC Botany is not tough. If you keep your concept clear about the subject and read it with interest. In this, you can also make your career and get a good job. You should start teaching this subject from a basic level.

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