B.ed 1st Year Model Questions 2024

You will get B.ed 1st year model questions 2024 in this post for examinations. 

You can prepare b.ed first year notes in English for yourself by solving the questions of the b.ed question paper given in this post. 

These questions have been collected from the questions asked in the previous exam. 

For this, the help of Bed Question Bank has been taken. 

These questions have already been asked many times in the examination, so there is a strong possibility that they will be asked in the upcoming examination. 

Therefore, you can make them the basis for the preparation of the bed first year.

The pattern of these questions has been prepared based on b.ed previous year question paper so that you can get comfortable in your preparation. 

First of all, write these questions in your notebook. 

Now read the lesson related to these questions in your textbook. 

Try to write their answers in your own words. 

Through this process, you will remember the answers easily and for a long time. 

Studying B.Ed course has become expensive in today's time, and the time period for completing the course has also been increased to five years. 

There is a possibility of change in the pattern of questions in the coming time. 

Therefore, take these questions as B.Ed practice set and try to solve as many questions as possible.

This set will be a set of learning and teaching b.ed important questions for you. 

Let's start.

B.ed 1st Year
B.ed 1st Year Sample Questions

Bed First Year Question Paper

Childhood And Growing Up B.ed 1st Year Important Questions

  • What is attitude? What is the nature of attitude?
  • What do you understand by growth and development? Explain. (What are the principles of development?)
  • What is the role of a teacher in the socio-emotional development of students?
  • Describe the role of Socio-Economic background in the development of learners.
  • What is the meaning of concept development? Describe some common concepts of children.
  • Describe the different factors influencing the development of a Child.
  • Describe the role of the teacher and school in the development of students.
  • Explain the Psycho-social development theory of Erickson.
  • Define adolescence. Describe the social characteristics during early and late adolescence.
  • What do you understand by language development? Describe different stages of language development.
  • Describe the emotional development in early childhood.
  • What is creativity? What are the steps of the creative process?
  • Discuss the major challenges of adolescence.
  • Explain the meaning of exceptional child. Describe the types of exceptional children.
  • Mention the developmental tasks during the adolescence period.
  • Describe the stages of social development of children.
  • What do you understand by individual differences? Describe the causes of individual differences.
  • Write notes on the following- (a) the Role of nutrition in the development of the child (b) Concepts of Piaget's theory of cognitive development (c) Emotional Intelligence (d) Hearing and speech-impaired children (e) Creativity (f) Backward Child (g) Gifted Child (h) Ability Grouping.

Contemporary India And Education Important Questions

  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Main features of RTE (b) Objectives of N.C.F (2005) (c) Merits of Distance Education (d) Principles of Democracy.
  • Describe the social diversities in Indian Society based on religion and language.
  • Give the argument in favor and against of concurrent list of education.
  • What do you know about the Sargent Report (1944)? What is the contribution of the Sargent Report to the Indian system of education?
  • 'Education Commission (1964-66) is the encyclopedia of education. Evaluate the commission in light of this statement.
  • What are the schemes opted for by the govt? of India to achieve the target of universalization of elementary education. Explain two of them in detail.
  • What is the importance of the vocationalization of education? How can it fulfill the present needs of our country?
  • Describe the relationship between education and economic reforms. 
  • Discuss the inequalities in ancient and modern education.

Learning And Teaching Important Questions

  • Describe the characteristics of the learner.
  • Define active learning and explain its characteristics.
  • Describe the role of the teacher in facilitating meaningful learning.
  • Define Learning. Describe the laws of learning.
  • Explain the meaning and concept of motivation.
  • Define Motivation. Describe the role of motivation in learning.
  • Discuss Gagne's categories of learning.
  • Describe Pavlov's classical condition theory.
  • Describe the characteristics of Skinner's operant conditional theory.
  • Describe Piaget's theory of cognitive development.
  • Analyze the theoretical structure of the social constructivism of Vygotsky.
  • What is the place of the learner in education? Discuss.
  • Describe the types of grouping.
  • Define observation. How will you motivate, learners in classroom learning? Illustrate your answer with examples.
  • How does teaching help in empowering learners? Discuss.
  • Discuss the strategies of the teacher.
  • Describe the principle of professional teachers.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Learner-Centered Paradigm (b) Strategies of Teachers (c) Conventional Learning (d) e-learning (e) Nature of Teaching (f) Primary Teacher Training Institutions (g) Characteristics of Professional Teachers (h) Student Progress Monitoring.

b.ed 1st year important questions
B.ed 1st Year Important Questions

Language Across The Curriculum B.ed 1st Year Important Questions

  • Discuss the meaning, need, and benefits of the LAC approach.
  • Discuss the role of language in developing the culture of a nation
  • Explain the relationship between language mastery and ‘subject mastery.
  • Discuss the place of mother tongue in the classroom instructions.
  • Explain the theories of language.
  • Discuss the challenges of teaching language in a multicultural classroom.
  • Describe the ways of developing writing skills.
  • Describe the factors related to poor reading comprehension.
  • Write short notes on the following - (a) Multi-cultural awareness (b) Linkages between reading and writing.
  • Describe the role of questioning and discussions in Indian classrooms.
  • Explain, in detail, about scanning, skimming, and extracting relevant information from the books. 
  • Explain the following - (a) Learning and speaking to interact (b) Respond to the style, tone, and registers of language.

Understanding Disciplines And Subjects Important Questions

  • What is the difference between disciplines and subjects?
  • What role does CBSE play in shaping school curricula?
  • Discuss the meaning, characteristics, and emergences of disciplines and subjects in a philosophical context.
  • What criteria would you follow while selecting different teaching methodologies for the teaching of Sciences?
  • Discuss briefly the paradigm shift in the nature of sciences and social sciences during the 21st century.
  • What criteria would you follow while developing a textbook in social sciences for 8th-grade students?
  • Suggest ways for a teacher to reflect on the importance of disciplines in the curriculum.
  • Development of knowledge in social content is essential for a teacher of science in the present scenario-Justify.
  • How does the culture influence the achievement of students? 
  • Describe the factors related to poor reading comprehension.
  • Discuss the challenges of teaching language in a multicultural classroom.
  • Describe the ways of developing writing skills. 

Gender School And Society B.ed Important Questions

  • Discuss the gender biases in Indian society based on economic disparities.
  • Write short notes on the following- (a) Socialization theory (b) Extended family.
  • Write any two objectives of women's empowerment.
  • Discuss the role of school in Gender Socialization.
  • Define gender equality.
  • Explain the term 'Patriarchy'. What are the characteristics of the 'Patriarchal' system?.
  • What is gender socialization?
  • What do you mean by 'Parenting Style'? Describe the different parenting styles and their impact on the family.
  • Define gender bias.
  • What is meant by 'Values'? How does it differ from 'facts' and 'reality'?.
  • Should there be discrimination on the basis of gender?.
  • Write how to correct gender disparity in the Indian context with the help of the curriculum.
  • What is feminism? Discuss the status of women in Bihar.
  • Discuss the role of the teacher in creating gender equal classroom.

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